16.12.08 PON Interview - Aiba Masaki [English translation]

(Aoki announcer came into the room singing “Hello Goodbye”)

Masaki: This is my solo song, the audience probably don’t know this song.

Aoki: You went to the Kumamoto do make a surprise of mobile zoo for the upcoming episode of “Tensai! Shimura Doubutsuen”.

Masaki: Yes, when the kids are moved to the temporary houses they have no opportunity to get in touch with animals, many kids can’t live with their pets, I want to, even little bit, give some fun to them. As a Christmas present, I brought many animals to the school. Really they reacted to each animal by each and were purely joyful about this, it was great that we did this.

Aoki: So year-end is coming, for Aiba-san’s year-end, there is work on concert and TV program and I think you are very busy, though it may be early to think so, what plan do you have on Christmas Eve?

Masaki: Christmas Eve right?

Aoki: Christmas Eve is your Birthday right?

Masaki: Right. Thank you. (Stretch his hand)

Aoki: Oh?!

Masaki: It’s my Birthday…

Aoki: Right…

Masaki: Since you raised this topic, I expected if I’d get a Birthday present from you.

Aoki: (Tap his pockets, showing there is nothing with him)

Masaki: Hahaha, so today, it’s not yet Christmas right?

Aoki: I have my favourite Arashi DVD, I give it to you later.

Masaki: I have it! I am Arashi. But, every year there are various music programs in this period, Arashi members and staff surely give me blessings.

Aoki: What is the most impressive present you have ever received?

Masaki: When I was 20 years old, I received a song as present, the four other members of Arashi sang this, and made it into a CD, that was very impressive.

Aoki: It is so precious that it will not be even taken out of your house right?

Masaki: Right, it is a song that there is no chance that I’ll bring it out.

Aoki: It is surely so.

Masaki: Right.

Aoki: Please give us some exclusive news which has not been disclosed on TV before.

Masaki: Right, it’s PON-san, right. Speaking of PON it’s the exclusive news.

Aoki: To pinpoint the topic, during Jr. time, you went home together with Ninomiya-san with the same train right?

Masaki: Right.

Aoki: Any episode during that time?

Masaki: Soubusen combination right?

Aoki: Right!

Masaki: Can I not talk about the past episode but talk about something recent?

Aoki: Sure.

Masaki: Our Leader’s birthday was on 26 November, I and Nino bought the DVDs of the whole series of an overseas TV drama which we both like a lot and thought that it was interesting. We gave them to Leader as present. We agreed to share the cost. We gave the DVDs to Leader safely and took photo, and said it’s good to gift them to Leader. And one week is past, I haven’t got the share [from Nino]. It’s difficult to mention [it to him], really difficult to mention. [Nino] is the para-regular of PON right? When you meet him please mention it to him.

Aoki: When this is on-air he may be aware of it.

Masaki: Really so?

Aoki: Ninomiya-san, I think it’s good for you to pay the share.

Masaki: I wait for you🎵



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16.12.08 グッと!スポーツ Gutto-Sports Update - Aiba Masaki [English translation]

12/8 Updated! Today is about Master in the episode “Boxing Player Inoue Naoya”.

Today’s update will be focused on Master Aiba.
At first he showed a bit shy smile during OP…
What is it… I’m completely defeated by this smile…

How was the Master rolling the champion belts??
When being made fun with tsukkomi “what a tiny champion”
watching Master being so happy like a teenager we also felt fortunate and satisfied.
I also wanted to put on those belts…

As for Player Yaegashi to came to do the commentary,
Master asked frankly “Are you after a contest? Your face is swollen?”
Because Master and Player Yaegashi have co-performed in the program [VS Arashi] of another broadcaster, Master could ask this question,
a question which a person who first met Yaegashi-san may be concerned about .

The sparring only lasted for one minute but Master has tried his very best.
He had to shorten the distance in order to hit the punch.
However, he was not able to do it because of fear. Experiencing the fear he expressed it.
Lastly, bluffing “it’s so-so strong” is also Master-like right??

The part about “carelessness”,
Before reading the message of Player Inoue’s wife, Master acted a small play of handing the tissue paper to Player Inoue.
It was totally Master’s ad-libs!
This was the groundwork for the subsequent part, and the studio was getting more excited.
The letters being read in this program have been delivering a “gentle” feeling thus far, this time it was different.
Master worked hard to make the studio atmosphere high.
Though it was a small act, I am truly grateful about such act which was the spice of the program.

When we add the essence of Master into the director’s plan, the studio will get more exciting.
We also hope to produce various performance in this program.
And I look forward to what flavors of performance Master would be able to do in this program.

As I have talked days ago, when they had contest in the boxing ring, they put on the headgears.
It was a bit pity that the hairstyle collapsed…
But still, as Master said in the episode of Player Okuhara Nozomi “My face is my life!”,
For safety, they had to put on the headgears.
We shall continue assuring the safety so that everyone would be happy with the program with no injury!

Lastly. Last night Master performed in a music program [FNS] of another broadcaster.
I stared into his performance.
Master showing on TV was really a super idol,
I strongly felt that this is not a person whom you can freely talk to.
But still, he himself is really friendly and easy-going. With this, “I fall in love with him!!”

Tomorrow I shall disclose the comments of Player Inoue after filming!
The next episode will be on 27 December (Tuesday) 19:30~ which will be the year-end special “Player Nishikori Kei and Pitcher Maeda Kenta”!
Gutto Sports / NHK
Weekly Tuesday 22:25 JPT
Re-broadcast Weekly Tuesday 0:55 JPT

How do you sleep?

sleeping posture

ねぞう が わるい
to sleep in a weird position/to sleep funny

けさ おきて、 くび が いたかった よ。 ねぞう が わるかった かな。
My neck hurt when I woke up this morning. Maybe I slept funny.

I actually found a website devoted to waking up with a stiff neck. The address is 朝起きると首が痛い.com - Whenyouwakeupandyourneckhurts.com

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Nana, Yuki
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As people are wondering how do they control the penlights, EACH of the 55,000 seats (or how many tens of thousands per dome) has a tech-sticker pasted on them and all the fans just needed to do was sync your penlight with your seat - this is for the fans who bought the penlight and not using an older model.

Arashi doesn’t just create a concert onstage and leave it as such. But they bring it to our seats as well from the moving stages, the tall stands, the catwalks, the middle stage, the back stage, the small, medium and large carts that goes around - all lit up so that fans can spot them anywhere in the dome or whatever-sized building they occupy and the result is a visually & OVERALL stunning experience.

However, not all songs are remotely controlled and when a song that they hijacked the lights is over, your penlight will revert to whichever colour you set it on (blue, red, yellow, green or purple).

But what impresses me the most was during those moments when they are not controlling our penlights like at the ending aisatsu. The majority of the crowd would still be in the same colour - why?

Because the fans themselves will MANUALLY switch their penlights to whoever is on stage giving their closing speech. To me, that kind of awareness is what makes the experience even more heartwarming and one of the most respectful thing an Arashi fan can do even when it isn’t your bias.

Also you should read this translated review of『Japonism』 (done by my lovely amy) from a website that is more focused on rock music, detailing the amount of thought and planning that went into the production.

The fact that their “Japonism” album was extremely conceptual with themes of “Japan as seen from the rest of the world” and “Back to their roots” played an important role in this. By having a clear-cut concept in their album, they were able to extend that by default to their concerts as well, the entirety of which was deeply imbued with the intent and ideology of Arashi as the creators of said concept.

There was a keen sense that whoever came up with this flow and this production was a genius, but what truly floored me was the fact that the genius behind it were the idols standing up on stage themselves.

Link to original review here.

P/S I edited slightly to make the post more coherent.

MORE 2017 Jan: MORE journalist Yoshirei talked about Arashi

- When taking photograph, the photographer requested a pose like “Please come over here!” Then Matsumoto-kun made a post of stretching out his hand and said “Like this?” and performed in high tension, of course other members burst into laughter seeing his performance.

- Matsumoto-kun responded to the requests from the editorial with extra playfulness, no matter in solo interview or group discussion. He always veils his tenderness with playfulness, I think he is loved by the staff of drama and movie.

- Sakurai-kun always supports the moderator casually. As a member, he takes initiative to talk about good episodes. Sakurai-kun took lead to give summarising comments as well as rare episodes and his true thoughts. What a broad-mindedness! The “power of brother-ness” which progresses year by year! The suit for solo photograph also suits him so much, and he took photos with full gear of brother-ness.

- I have memory that Nino and Ohno-kun sit together most of the time during group discussion, this was the case that day too. Ohno-kun’s frank and daring utterance and casual behavior calmed everyone as well as surprised everyone, and was frequently used as punch lines…… Besides, it was Nino who took lead to make teasing jokes. The two having fun with each other was just like a dual comedian group. Right after other members talked something seriously, Nino and Ohno-kun group gave a boke-tsukkomi play which changes the atmosphere at once. Such unexpected development was the real charm of Arashi’s group discussion.

- Talking about unexpected development being the real charm is for sure Aiba-kun! That day, I truly felt that Aiba-kun’s “destroying power” was amazing in various ways. Although there was many unexpectedly touching and purely serious utterance during interview, on the other hand, there were also charming and unique ideas and remarks that make ladies’ hearts throb! The group discussion was about “What is Arashi’s 2016 memory?” and he suddenly talked about very interesting episode……! Despite being the moderator of the group discussion, I just couldn’t help but laugh to my utmost. Such multi-dimension is shown so naturally, Aiba-kun is really a super idol right?

Source: http://more.hpplus.jp/blogs/yoshirei/17326?page=1