2016 Lake Yamanaka winter Fuji by Shinichiro Saka
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山中湖 平野 2016:01:02 07:31:30 2016年1月の撮影です。


Nikkei end of the year under-25 ranking Yamada Ryosuke tied for 2nd place with 72 points. Nakajima Yuto with 64 points! also talks about the future attraction even in 16 years ~ so this ranking goes beyond this year but also for the future.

1993 is a golden year! look at the High school classmates in here Nomura, Yamada, Nakajima, Kamiki all went to the same school in the same class.

considering Yama-chana and Yuto are idols too~ this is amazing! 

what does this mean? Yamada he has 82.2万 (822k) everyone else is on the 20万 mark what’s that number for? anyone knows

— edit—

@aizawanikka just told me it’s beside media, so it could be the payment for media appearance(822k seriously!). Not only that Yamada Ryosuke with only 3 movies under his name was ranked no.5 in the rank of Japan’s most paid actor for 2015-2016. (not including the movies yet to be released)

or it could be the number of SNS discussion like twitter I dunno (can they explain stuff)


MARQUEE(マーキー)Vol.118 12/10発売!欅坂46 22P大特集その2:FIVE CARDS(上村+長沢+土生+渡辺+渡邉)の「僕たちの戦争」MV撮影現場に密着!多数写真とインタビュー交えて。べりか絶叫マジ卒倒でした


Before the “Fullmetal Alchemist” live action film hits the big screen in Winter December 2017, Yamada fans can look forward to another movie. Hey! Say! JUMP’s Yamada Ryosuke co-stars with Nishida Toshiyuki in the film adaptation of Higashino Keigo’s original novel “Namiya Zakkaten no Kiseki”(Miracles of the Namiya General Store). It tells the story of two people living in different eras (1980 and 2012) which will be connected by a letter, a story depicting human bonds and miracles.

The movie is set to be released in Autumn 2017. This is the first time for Yamada and Nishida to work together and to appear in Higashino’s work. The movie will be directed by Ryuichi Hiroki. Filming starts January 2017.

In the year 2012, three delinquents including Atsuya (Yamada) discover that their hideout, a run-off-the-mill general store, was owned by an elderly man who gave free advice to worried people through letters. Something weird happens during late hours of the night asnd Atsuya realizes that a letter will be thrown into the mailbox at midnight. It is a letter asking for advice addressed to the Namiya General Store written by a person 32 years ago. Incredibly, the mailbox was connected to the past, in the year 1980. While confused, Atsuya writes a reply in place of the shopkeeper. The group keeps replying as another letter is sent, then another.

As the structure of the story is complicated, Higashino points out that “It is possible in a novel, but it will be a challenge creatively. I am looking forward to seeing how it will turn out”. Director Ryuichi Hiroki comments “It’s a challenge for me as to how far I can draw the fantasy elements from the original work.”

ALIVE Official Twitter: 29 March 2015

translated by kodawarii @ tsukipro-en

When I Woke Up, It was Already Nighttime ☆

Sora: Oh no! I spent my precious rest day just sleeping~!
Soshi: …You don’t have to call and tell me that
Sora: No, I mean, at this rate all I did was “sleep” and that’s it! I at least want to say that I talked with a friend over the phone!
Soshi: I don’t care *click*

Soshi-sama Was Looking ☆

Morihito: Ahaha, looks like you slept a lot
Sora: I did. I feel like I slept for 12 hours…. Ah~ Thanks for talking to me Mori - now my rest day has some meaning to it. Okay, bye!


Sora: Phew~… Mori is as gentlemanly as ever… hm, a message?

Soshi】 “Don’t bother Mori okay?”


It Was Scary Because There Was No Comment ☆

Mamoru: I - I broke another plate… Now to tell the others…

Mamoru】 Sorry, I accidentally broke a plate (´;ω;`)
Kensuke】 Agaaain!
Koki】Did you hurt yourself? I’ll clean it up later so just leave it

Mamoru: Kou-kun is so kind…!

Ryota】 (*‘∀‘)σ)゜З゜)∵:.∴. 


Give Him A Break ☆

Ryota】 (*‘∀‘)σ)゜З゜)∵:.∴.
Ryota】 (*‘∀‘)σ)゜З゜)∵:.∴.
Ryota】 (*‘∀‘)σ)゜З゜)∵:.∴.
Ryota】 (*‘∀‘)σ)゜З゜)∵:.∴.
Kensuke】 Ryou, give him a break, he’s going to cry

That’s how Ryota teases others (laughs)

Ryota: We bought plastic plates so you won’t break them anymore
Mamoru: Ryo-Ryota-kun is such a tsun-dere-san! (shaking)

Translation notes:
1 - Not sure if Sora’s playing around with words here (”It’s So(shi) Cool”) (lol) but he really does say “It’s So Cool” Japanese so… 


夕暮れ by deco (film)
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Airesflex Automat Nikkor Q 75mm F3.5 Kodak portra160


SQ Official Twitter: 1 April 2015

translated by kodawarii @ tsukipro-en

Shiki: Good morning. Today we’ll be having a recording session at the studio.

Shiki: I was supposed to meet up with Tsubasa at the studio, but apparently there was a medical emergency at the Sky Tree Line that inter-runs with the Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line, so I’ll be late

Shiki: Tsubasa, sorry. I’ll be late. ✌(-_-✌ )三✌(-_-)✌三( ✌-_-)✌

Shiki: The fact that he’s not replying is a good sign

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