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Hi! I was wondering if you had any specific place (other than actual broadway) to watch broadway musicals? Because I would love to watch shows like Rent and Spring Awakening and more but I have no access because I live in western Canada and am unable to travel all the way over there. Thanks!

*crack knuckles* I GOT YOU HOMIE! 
Ok, so welcome to the world of bootlegs. AKA illegally taken video of the show. It’s far from perfect, but hey, it’s a part of fandom life, and it’s also how I used to get my Broadway fix before I moved to New York for school. 
However, sometimes shows are recorded legally and professionally, like Hamilton was. You can watch Rent on Broadway with the closing cast that way here:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lo8CmwIKiDw   

However, I strongly recommend also watching the movie version, (It stars 6/8 of the original cast!! and i like it equally with the filmed live version, but for different reasons.) it’s is on Netflix here in the US (but i dunno if it’s the same for Canada) in any case, you can probably find it somewhere else on the internet, or buy it.  

Here’s a link to the 5th anniversary concert with the OBC: http://stagedork.com/pages/watch.php?id=14&vidid=78 

And an opening night video here: http://stagedork.com/pages/watch.php?id=14&vidid=18  this is probably the lowest quality one, since it’s from the 90′s.  

Spring Awakening!!! 

OK, so there’s a lot of bootlegs of this one. Here are the top 2:  
OBC: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0FBmg9lRnEg (it stars Jonathan Groff and pre-Glee Lea Michelle)  
Deaf West Broadway 2015: http://stagedork.com/pages/watch.php?id=29&vidid=114  (Personally, I love this one more, the added ASL and Deaf/HOH actors is so beautiful)  

Now, there is a way to watch more proshot videos, you just gotta look for them, composers like God Stephen Sondheim have gotten most of his shows proshot in some way or another, like Into The Woods (don’t watch the disney movie it sucks in comparison), Passion, A Little Night Music, and Sweeney Todd. u can find them all here: http://isthisagoodurlforme.tumblr.com/post/113832615784/stephen-sondheim-youtube-pro-shots  
Andrew Lloyd Webber is doing the same thing with his shows; Phantom of the Opera, (don’t watch the movie, if u have for get it exists) it’s sequel Love Never Dies (we don’t talk about this), Cats (we also don’t talk about this) Jesus Christ Superstar, and more! Start googling!! I can give you recs!
Live From Lincoln Center: Also proshot, Broadway productions, like South Pacific (which was on my list!) and a LOT of great plays, this is usually more classic stuff, but still really good.
BroadwayHD: basically Broadway Netflix, except it’s more expensive, you can pay for a membership, or for individual shows. 
Bootlegs: (Ahhhh the bread and butter of this fandom)  here are places to watch bootlegs, since it’s hard to scour YouTube when you don’t know what or looking for or if it even exists.  
Stagedork.com: http://stagedork.com/ (mostly newer stuff) 
Tumblr users: @musical-treasures @bootleqs 

And there you go!!! hope this helps, and have fun with your slow spiral into musical hell!!!!! 

Frank and Bridgette convo:

Bridgette to Frank: Have you ever been to…..this place(didn’t catch the name she said)

Frank to Bridgette: No I don’t like trees.

Bridgette to Frank: Yes you do!

Like girl homie said he didn’t like trees …..😂😂😂😂 I can’t with Fridgette convos.

It’s just something like a creepy uncle and a little kid vibe or something.

Whenever you need me, whenever want me
you know you can call me, I’ll be there shortly.
Don’t care what your friends say, ‘cause they don’t know me
I can be your best friend and you be my homie.
—  Wiz Khalifa - Roll up

Gohan was voted most likely to succeed in DBZ and been chilling, making beats for five summers in his mom’s basement. I’m talking “Damn homie, (LITERALLY) in high school/Dragon Ball Z you was the man, homie… the fuck happened to you?” Now if you gonna try and say “oh he got a wife and kid now. He’s a family man.” That ain’t no excuse. He couldn’t dust off the NordicTrack? My man couldn’t hop on Groupon to get a discount at a Bikram yoga class? You mean to tell me couldn’t hope on the anti-gravity Bowflex at all (is anyone even getting these references)?

 I don’t wanna hear y’all blaming his mom Chi-Chi for trying to make him a scholar either. Chi-Chi wanted him to get a good job, which he did, but she ain’t want ’em to be a lame. Chi-Chi knew it was downhill once he started that Saiyaman phase and began to train Goten immediately. The fandom’s also so quick to be like, “Well Goku wasn’t around,” “Goku was training all the time. Died. Stayed dead. Came back–” Lemme cut you the fuck off right there.

How many times did Goku save Earth’s ass? How many times did homie die for Earth? Then he went and trained his son to take over and fucking died when Gohan got cocky with Cell. Bruh, we ain’t blaming that man’s Pops for shit. If my daddy had to train all the time cause Earth was always in danger from ‘roided up rando aliens trying to run the natural resources, I’m not crying about his ass not being there for me, ’cause he’d say, “Oh you wanna pull the my-daddy-wasn’t-there-to-toss-a-football-with-me card? That’s ’cause I was making sure you had a damn atmosphere over your head to even toss the damn thing.”

No, sir. I’m doing push ups ’cause I’m gonna be damn sure able to windmill the rock when he gets knocked and passes it to me. Not Gohan though… this guy legit went from child prodigy to State Farm customer service agent. Look at ya mans now… LOOK AT YOUR MANS AND DEM!

…Man, y’all know why we here. Let’s put this horse out to pasture.

*Sets timer*


“Let Nas Down” should be playing anytime Gohan appears onscreen.

Gohan the dude at work by the water cooler talking ’bout how much he benched in high school.
Gohan the dude at work by the copy printer going through a mid-life crisis.
Gohan the dude at work washing ayebody else’s dishes.
Gohan the dude at work that gets his stapler ran daily.
Gohan the dude at work saying, “Did you try holding Ctrl + Alt + Delete?”

And I know just what the fuck you thinking, “oooh but he still has the mystic power level and–“

Mystic Gohan ain’t do a COT damn thing.
Mystic Gohan is the softest soft drink on Earth as far as I am concerned.
Mystic Gohan is an alternate costume “L” for Gohan to rock.
Mystic Gohan is the fucking Frank Ocean of DBZ and we still waiting on that new power level to show up.
Mystic Gohan is straight up Michael Jordan’s Secret Stuff for the Toon Squad in Space Jam.

Gohan is like blueberries, he’s trash in everything except waffles (the Namek Saga) and muffins (Cell Saga).
Gohan’ll have one good round at Taboo and then chokes each turn afterwards.
Gohan’ll be the only dude coming into work on Saturdays.
Gohan’ll have Tobey McGuire playing him in the live action film.

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          “Wooah, alot of you suddenly decided to follow me. Well I don’t don’t blame 
            you, I am an up and coming Clairvoyant in this industry. I’m sure you all 
            want your fortunes told, well it’s going to cost you 100,000 yen each. 
            With an accuracy rating of 33% it would economically insane to charge any less.” 

                    Like this for a STARTER~!!! 


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