… coming to Neverland, being greeted by the Lost Boys and Peter, and staying the night… Pan staying awake to guard you.
The next day before the boys go hunt for dinner, they ask you if you need to bathe in the spring nearby, reassuring and promising you they will not follow. You say yes, and as you’re walking away, Peter can’t help but watch you go. Felix says to Peter: “when are you going to ask her?” Peter makes this face:

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As Ame runs away from her homework, Pearl runs away from personal life responsibilites. I read in the tag you were having a bad day meltdown, it's different with each people, to me it happenes quite often but lasts in short period. I don't know how it goes for you, but I hope with all my heart that you will get better and meet positive people or just wake up on the right side! Take a break or simply have fun, and I hope it will pass. Have a great day! <3

what a lovely person you are anony ♥ i’m the kind that runs away from stressful situations hehe and yeah i’m kinda the same as you, at least its short ones…

im in a kind of a stressful place, that i thought i never have to go back to, so i’m freaking out here and there. but i feel better today already so thats good~

thank you! have a great day yourself you lovely thing you!!~ ♥♥♥