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Your last post... what happend?😱

People keep taking pictures of the actors (especially Henrik, him having a job where he’s in public and all) without asking. I honestly feel like you should not even ask for a photo if you see him at work because he is working??? But at the very least ASK?! Don’t take photos of people without their consent. That’s disgusting. And I will never every support such behavior. I’m disappointed and I’m disgusted by those who take those pictures from afar. Honestly.

I said I’d make a post if needed, and, well, it’s needed.

I’m going back to France, it’s official and non-negotiable, sadly. My departure should be on the 19th or 20th of December, and I need a little financial help, if you feel like it or have a few coins to spare.

All that is a lot of money (around $2500), and my savings can barely cover my bills and my rent for December (still gotta pay it). I have some commissions to finish, but I don’t have time to take more to get enough money in time.

(Before I go home: in the next 2 weeks, I’ll warn you before starting the spam!)


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If nothing works, my paypal email is:

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