Oi mozinhos, só estou aqui porque consegui um tempinho, mas estou avisando que estou me “hiatus” e que nao sei quando volto, pois estou sem photoshop… me perdoem! Além do mais estou sem ânimo nenhum pra cá, só vim mesmo postar os icons no rascunho e reblogar uns antigos. Se cuidem, ta? Qualquer dia tô aqui de volta, não desistam de mim. 

Com amor, Ellen! ♥

A letter uploaded at dawn with a truly beautiful moon. 

First of all, I would like to bow down to say I am sorry for breaking such bad news to many BABYz who have been treasuring and loving B.A.P until now. Everyone’s heart I feel that those hearts are my own heavy responsibility. They are so very big and precious to me. Please think of my feelings like that. 

It is hard to explain how big of a strength B.A.P members and BABYz have become to me from debut until now. Looking back, I think I was a young and lacking person, but I feel that I owe a big debt to the members and fans for making me into a big and wonderful artist I will carve my gratitude deep within my heart and will not forget.

Thank you for the excessive love, support and encouragement. 

Please continue protecting B.A.P members and the B.A.P that are the most precious to me in the future. 

And I am going to continue making music and devoting myself as B.A.P’s leader Bang Yongguk always and wherever. Please look after me. 

I always love and respect you. 

Bang Yongguk updated.

trans by KathyMyon ; take out with full credit


And this time, shipping of the original artwork is included!

Personal issues led me to have a lot of sudden financial problems these past months, so I really need money for my rent! 

Please make sure to thoroughly read the Conditions! And please keep in mind that there is very limited spots and I will prioritize the bigger commissions!

Thank you for reading! ♥