Cast 3 Albus and Scorpius are so, so full of character. I think I love their facial characteristics the most out of all the Albuses and Scorpiuses we’ve seen - it might be because they fit the images I’ve had in my head. Amazing how just a few portrait images can whip up a tornado of art inspiration!

“don’t break the chain” they said ;–;

I’M HORRIBLE AT ANSWERING THESE KINDS OF MSGS BUT ilyyy and thank you sm and you’re all awesome and i’m sorry i broke the chain, i’m the weak link ( 。•_• 。) if you’ve ever sent me something like this just know i did read it and cried and i appreciate you sm ♡

reputayswift  asked:

I’m so sorry you’ve been dealing with some tough feelings lately! You’re a lovely person and what always helps me is remembering that there’s a future version of yourself that’s gotten past this 💕

taylor, you’re an angel! i’m genuinely at a loss for words!! this message is so wholesome, cute and beautiful, thank you for being so pure.

i‘ve been feeling down/lonely, so i will hold on to your incredible sentiments! it truly makes me feel less alone knowing i have sweet people like you on my side (i’m here for you too) ♡

i hope the next few days are magical and super calm for you! sending a big hug your way xx


guess who finally got their shit together and watched legally blonde @faiyx

this is the first time i tried to draw her and im pretty happy with how it turned out, i love her and i love pink and this was really fun!!!

(click on them for better quality?)