i’ll never get over how taylor introduces herself every night of tour. despite being one of the biggest artists in the world, she never lets her success go to her head or assumes that anyone knows her name. her humility is unmatched and it makes me so proud to say that i support this woman.

homemade detox water

💌 if you don’t know, detox water is infused water that helps flush your system of toxins and helps to improve your health. they’re also delicious and refreshing!

💌 for all of the following recipes, drop the ingredients in the bottom of a pitcher or a fruit infuser bottle, then fill it about ½ with ice and then fill the bottle to the top with water. place the detox water in the fridge for 1 hour before serving/drinking.

💌 apple cinnamon water — 1 thinly sliced apple and 1 cinnamon stick.

💌 slim down detox water — ½ a gallon of purified water, ½ of a sliced lemon, ½ of a sliced grapefruit and 1 sliced cucumber.

💌 watermelon and strawberry mint detox water — 4 cups of watermelon cubes, ½ a pint of sliced strawberries, 6 sprigs of mint.

💌 raspberry orange detox water — 1 thinly sliced orange and 1 pint of lightly crushed strawberries.

💌 lemon berry detox water — ½ a cup of blueberries, ½ a cup of raspberries and 1 sliced lemon.

💌 citrus cucumber detox water — 2 sliced oranges, 1 sliced lemon, ½ of a sliced cucumber and 1 handful of fresh mint.

good self-care apps

💌 happify — this is an app that allows you set mental health and well-being goals, like building confidence and reducing stress. once you’ve set those goals, it gives you quick activities that help you reach those goals.

💌 daylio — daylio is a diary on your phone that allows you to track your moods and daily activities. as you use it, you start getting feedback reports that reveal trends which can help you identify the connection between what activities you do when you feel great, and what’s happening in your life when you have bad days.

💌 headspace — this is a meditation app that aims to help you get more from your day, through mindfulness. it has a range of meditation themes, from falling asleep, to fundamental techniques of meditation. the first 10 sessions on the app are free, and a subscription starts at £7.99 after that.

💌 myfitnesspal — this is an app that allows you to log your weight, workouts, food and fitness goals. it works as a social network app, so you can connect with friends, encourage and challenge each other.

💌 the breathing zone — this is an app that is mainly for defusing stress. it’s a simple app that helps you slow your breathing rhythm when you need to calm down and relax.

💌 sleepfulness — this is an app that helps you to sleep better. it provides tracks to encourage you to be more mindful of your sleeping habits. you can choose tracks to listen to before you sleep,  to start your day and for during your day. the tracks range from 5 to 20 minutes, which is great because you can find a track that works for whatever your situation is.


So today is Asriel’s @paimania and Kitty’s @jordanthecat11 wedding and I finally got down the event’s outfit for Dove, including the gift for the sweet couple ♡

Dove made a homemade basket with spa stuff, made out of flowers and herbs from her home garden.

♡Soaps, essences, perfumes, and homemade shampoos ♡

I hope you guys like it :3 and congrats to Asriel and Kitty ♡