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is it true that in the first drafts of fma ed was +18 years old and and al didnt exist so his father was the one who lost his body during the transmutation and it wasnt a armor he was trapped in but something else?? idk what it was maybe a bird? or was that just a bizarre dream i had

ASDFGHJKLFGSJFALFLS YES YES YES THIS IS ALL TRUE AND I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS ISN’T A FEVER DREAM OR S/T. So yeah, FMA was originally about Ed and his father rather than Al, and get this. Instead of being bound to a suit of armor, his dad was bound to a flying squirrel. A FLYING SQUIRREL. I couldn’t make this up if I tried. Arakawa even drew this pic of ed after fma took off as a shout out to her original idea lol

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Are there someplace to read all those extra chapters? I only remember the one with birds making a nest in Al's old helmet (I also remember crying)

Yeah! Here is the entire manga, extras included. Go to the bottom of the page and click on the scroll bar and all the extra chapters end with a “.5″ or say “gaiden” or “omake” It even has the FMA Prototype, which is really cool to see! (my fav extra story is the Elric Family Omake, everyone pls read it if you haven’t before)

The one with birds nesting in al’s helmet is the very last chapter of the manga (and for some reason wasn’t in the link above *side eyes*), and can be found here!! I also cry every time I read it…..or think about it………

You can also check out this blog, they’ve posted tons of the bonus manga content!