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Could you do a fic about the team's reactions after episode 6 in season 4 of voltron? Maybe have Keith be angsty and say he doesn't have a family? Maybe klance? If you want to that is.

*fingerguns away*

Lance’s cheering brings him back.

Keith snaps his eyes open, blinking in surprise because he hadn’t even realized he had closed them. He looks around the room, the team reunited for the moment and enjoying each other’s company after the battle; hugs and pats shared between them casually with a heavy air of relief hanging above them.

Keith stands on the back, though, body half turned from the openly show of affection and something in his stomach flips when he sees his fami -


‘Not attachments’, Kolivan had said, ‘There’s only the mission.’

God, then why were his last thoughts about these people? Why were Hunk’s booming laugh and Pidge’s cheeky smile in his head as purple took over his vision? Why were Allura’s warmth from her hugs and Shiro’s playful ruffles on the back of his mind while screams had filled his ears? Why was Coran’s praise and caring words playing like a broken record as he had dived down straight towards the barrier?

Why had Lance’s blue eyes had been the only thing he saw in the darkness as he waited for what he thought was sealed?

He shakes his head, throwing his head up in hopes to maintain the wetness he feels on the edge of his eyes back, trying to keep them from falling.

It works, for maybe a tick, and he’s ready to leave the room, slip away unnoticed because he knows he’s not strong enough to look at them in the eye, not after what he almost pulled, there’s no way -


He stops mid-step, looking behind his shoulder to meet Matt’s eyes, unnerving and steady. Keith sighs internally before he turns back to face him fully.

“We gotta talk,” Matt says quietly, keeping his voice low and Keith sees his intentions, and while he appreciate them, he doesn’t need them.

He needs to leave.

“About what?” Keith says instead, hardening his eyes when Matt takes a step forward.

“About what happened back there,” Matt says somberly.

There it is.

“There’s nothing to talk about.”

Matt sighs, hand running through his hair. “Keith, you were about to -”

God, hasn’t he heard the start of that lecture so many times already. “I did what I had to do -”

This time, Matt scowls. His gaze turns into an outraged glare and Keith sees a small glimpse of Shiro whenever Keith had surpassed his patience. “By diving straight to a death sentence - ¡?”

Keith groans, eyebrows furrowed now irritated because Matt’s raising his voice means awareness and that’s something he can’t afford. “You don’t understand - ”

“It wouldn’t have worked, Keith! You trying to take down the barrier with your own ship wouldn’t have worked and you would be dead right now! Why can’t you see - ?”

“You tried what.”

Both men freeze at the third voice. Keith sees Matt turning his head back to where the team stand from the corner of the eye, but he keeps his eyes down, lump on his throat growing by the second.

Shiro’s voice reappears not even a tick later, losing its leader tone and turning into a confused and concerned older brother, fearing for the answer he already knows.

“Keith, answer me.”

God, he can’t. He can’t.

There’s a heavy sudden silence above them and there’s not enough air to fill his lungs but his feet stay frozen in the spot, hands turned into fists but unable to stop their shaking.

“That’s…that’s not true, it can’t be, hah, right?” Pidge chuckles weakly after a few ticks, glasses missing from her face as she turns her head to her side to catch her brother’s eyes, “Matt? Matt, come on, tell me the truth, he wasn’t - Keith did not…”

She trails off, the deep sigh leaving Matt’s lips being enough answer for the fifteen year old before she sucks in a sharp sob.

“K-Keith?” She asks quietly, voice breaking at the beginning and Keith’s heart follows suit.

Keith swallows down the lump on his throat, knowing full well it was useless but he had to try. “Pidge, I -”

“What were you thinking?” Lance whispers then, cutting him off, looking almost horrified as he shakes his head in disbelief, voice raising by each step he takes forward, “What - What were you thinking ¡?”

‘You’, Keith answers by instinct inside his head, ‘All of you.’

He doesn’t voices his thoughts and it’s not like he would have been able to, because before he knows it, there’s a hard pull on his wrist and then he’s falling towards a blue and white chest plate, face against the crook of Lance’s neck and Keith’s breath hitches.

“L-Lance -”

“God, Keith, what do I have to do to make you understand?” Lance whispers, face buried in Keith’s hair as he tries to control his sniffles, “Just tell me. Tell me what I have to do to make you believe me.”

“Believe -?”

“That you’re family,” Hunk answers him instead, his strong and comforting presence hugging them both from behind, “You’ve always been family.”

They are just words, simple word that shouldn’t mean nothing but God, does it feel like there’s a weight off his shoulders as soon as he hears them.

He dares to hope. He dares to hope that maybe these people who he consider family also think that way of him and Keith’s heart make a sharp tug.

“We will have a talk later,” Shiro says quietly as he steps forward and wraps his arms around the small group, “But that can wait for now…I’m just glad you are okay.”

“Don’t you ever pull that stunt again,” Allura whispers, joining the hug from the side as resting her head against Hunk’s bicep, staring right into Keith’s eyes with a concern edge on them.

Pidge sniffles, squeezing her way until she’s between Lance and Keith, arms wrapped against Keith’s was it and burying her face in his chest. “Asshole.”

Keith laughs wetly in response, hand passing through her hair soothingly before he turns his head to the side, meeting Lance’s blue eyes.

The brunet offers a small smile, bumping his forehead against Keith’s playfully and sighing contently, lips moving in a promise of a future talk but for now, they just hold each other.

He dares to hope one more time.

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Can I just say your expressions for Pansy are so perfect, I love your version of her so much well done! xx

(( OOC: Fun fact, for Pansy I literally stuffed cotton wool underneath my top lip in order to give her a permanent sneer, and a bigger mouth than I had. Which worked really well, but also made it impossible for me to say my lines. So I have a lot of bloopers like this…

…..The things I do for you, @asktheboywholived. ))

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Would any of y’all be interested in screenshot commissions like this?

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So i saw this ask lurking deep inside my inbox while i was trying to clean it, and i was like, why not!

lets make a guest update by @spooksmoose !