Catching your fish sleeping is weird because the first few times it happens you shit yourself thinking they’re dead but after a while you just walk in and turn on the light and see them lying in some strange ass position, staring into space and dreaming of god knows what, and you just sigh and go, ‘alright weirdo, time to get the fuck up’

God whenever I look at fish tanks on gumtree this little voice just goes through my head like:

🎵Lustin’ after second-hand fish tanks online is what I like to do 🎵 Ya can’t stop me lookin’ even though I ain’t buyin’ 🎵 Shit look at that tank it’s fuckin’ massive 🎵 Aw ye gimmie that tank I’m gonna put a betta in it 🎵

Man, it really annoys me that there are people in our community like That Blog and that nasty anon just now. This place is supposed to be safe, a place where we share pics, videos, information, etc and where we feel we can go to each other when we need help. People like That Blog and that anon make other people feel unsafe. They make them worry about asking for help, because they’re afraid they’ll be attacked. If people need help, but are too afraid to ask, what do you think will happen to their animals? Living creatures will suffer because of people like that. That’s not acceptable.

I should socialise and drink more because inevitably I’ll get into a bar fight and before it starts I’ll be able to go, ‘You think you’re hard, mate? I got bitten three times by my betta fish last night and I STILL finished the scape’ and they’ll run off screaming

LaSalle’s filter keeps coming off the tank 😠 I’ve scrubbed the sides, wiped down the suction cups, but it just won’t stay on for more than ten minutes. What do

Mini announcement & questions

I’ve decided I’m definitely going to have another go at a planted tank. I’m going to plant the Fluval Spec. This is what I’m looking at putting in there to start:

  • Echinodorus bleheri
  • Microsorum pteropus
  • Hygrophila corymbosa stricta
  • Anubias barteri nana

What do you guys think? There’s also java moss in there that I stole from LaSalle’s tank. I was also wondering whether I do need to dose with ferts at all. I’m getting clay peat balls – is that enough? Do I need to be using liquid ferts too? If so, can anyone point me in the direction of a shrimp/snail safe one? 

Thinking of covering the back of LaSalle’s tank with static cling film to give it the frosted look. I need to hide those cables but every fucking background I have makes him flare. Anyone tried static cling film on here? 

Also my aqascaping tools and other stuff arrived today. It’s an awesome little set and I highly recommend them:

You can get them here. They’re usually £41.99 and they’re now down to £12.99 (£2 less than I paid! God). I’m guessing they’re that cheap because they’re getting rid of their stock so I don’t know how long they’ll be available for. If you want a set then now’s the time to grab one!

Oh man I made the video to send to the store that sent me the shitty air pump. I couldn’t bring myself to talk in it, so I just explained visually (I showed myself turning the air pump on, and then showed that the air stone wasn’t producing any bubbles at all). LaSalle got in the fucking way, because obviously he wants to be the star of the show. I also bumped the camera on the tank edge so there’s a big ‘whack’ noise near the end. Not my finest work 😐