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Could you make a tutorial on how to draw shoulders? I struggle so much with them. Thank you so much! <3

of course! Shoulders are really just two balls attached to the collar bones with logs sticking out of them (arm).

shoulders are hard and can be confusing, but observe your own shoulder in the mirror from different angles and you will understand it much more!

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Uhhh...Is no one going to mention that after their first pose for photos on the red carpet, as they break away to walk further down, Sam checks out Cait's ass?? I mean who missed that??? 👀👀


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you perfectly match up with dan (ex: you're a furry, etc.) Emily is dan???? confirmed????

can you believe i’m dan and i just have a very close female friend who has kindly been letting me use her pictures to portray an entirely different persona on tumblr so i could finally run a phan blog

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Your thoughts on Taylor tweeting but not marching? Your thoughts on Karlie not saying anything about the march?

Ahhh, I’ve been waiting for this type of ask since yesterday. *cracks knuckles* *inserts here_are_my_thoughts_on_the_bullshit.jpg*

Taylor Swift could make it rain 100,000 checks at the Women’s March, chop off both her tittys, offer them as a sacrifice to Gloria Steinem, and take a shit on Trump’s new front porch, and people would still be calling her a “white feminist” or that she was doing it “for publicity.” The girl can’t win. Does this negate all her white feminist offenses of the past? Absolutely not. Do I think if she had spoken up and said something in favor of Hilary during the election that our white savior Taylor Allison Becky Swift would’ve saved us all? Also absolutely not. The girl can literally never say the right thing, no matter what position she takes/speaks up about. If she had marched, that particular march, wherever she attended, would’ve probably become all about Taylor, and not what it was actually about, so I’m honestly okay with her not going, but I think it’s nice she did say something. 

Which brings me to Karlie. Do I wish she had tweeted or gone to a march? Yes, that would’ve been nice. Do I think she is the devil incarnate because she didn’t? Or that she’s unsupportive? No. This whole narrative in the fandom (looking at the Kaylors, particularly) of “Taylor versus Karlie” “Karlie did something problematic! All hail Taylor” and “Taylor was problematic! Protect Karlie my sinless child!” is gross, and ironically, not even close to the feminist behavior standard ya’ll wanna hold these two to 24/7. Karlie is in Paris, I’m assuming for work, so calm the fuck down and live your life, which brings me to my final, and most important point.


I would genuinely like to know how many of you who I’ve seen criticizing Taylor Swift and/or Karlie Kloss got off your asses and went and marched yesterday? The people I’m seeing drag these two people (and other celebs) to hell and back on the internet, where did you march? Did you make a donation to the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, or other organization that is in danger under Trump? Stop worrying about what people like Taylor and Karlie are doing, and worry about what YOU are doing. At the end of the day, if you’re relying on celebrities to be the only ones out trying to make a change with their voices, instead of getting out there yourself, then let’s be real, the issues you stay whining about them not representing enough must not be all that important to you.

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Kind of mad with the way season 3 played out. I thought Isak and Emma were cute together

y’know…… i almost didnt answer this???? bc im all for shipping who u ship but honestly???????? shipping isak with any girl ever is gross and its crossing a line that im just…… not ok with

isak valtersen is gay !!!!!!!!!!! he likes dick !!!!!!!!! he likes it up the ass !!!!!!!!!!!

isak is GAY


please keep ur weird heterosexual tunnel vision away from the sweet gay angel that is isak valtersen

& dont message me again becky

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your asthetic is not artsy though in any way. Just girls with braids in adidas jackets and random girls and guys in clubs

I’m crying. I know ur BSing and hating because of the fact that I just went through my blog and didn’t see even one girl in braids or even anyone wearing an adidas jacket. “Random girls and guys in clubs” your roast game is weak AS FUCK 😭😂 if you thought ur irrelevant opinion was gonna affect me in anyway ur tripping. Nice try tho better luck next time 💖

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What was that other anon talking about people forcing Arin to come out? Do you have more information on that situation? This is the first time I'm hearing about it.

I don’t think any of it is around anymore? I mean, I think you can google it maybe? But it was all happening right when I joined in the fandom/lurked so quite awhile ago. 

But a fan was adamant that Arin was in the closet and transgender and I think they had other people believing it too. They assumed a lot based on Arin’s attitude towards gender roles and masculinity and they had a list of theories on why they thought Arin was transgender. 

There were two big pieces I remember: 

1. This person/people thought that Arin was not a cis male and that he just didn’t realize it because he didn’t know the terms for it or that the terms existed. They believed if they explained the terms to him he would find one that he identified as and come out. 

2. The other is they were sure he was just in the closet and needed to come out but was afraid, they were wanting him to be a source of representation to the community. 

This came to a head when someone emailed Arin and asked him about bisexuality. Arin answered and said he was supportive but he was not bisexual. 

The fan repeatedly emailed Arin and berated him trying to get him to admit to being bisexual, to come out of the closet, that it was important that they have a voice in someone like him and he could be a representative. 

Arin kindly explained several times over that while he was supportive he was straight. 

The fan just would not accept his answers for what they were. 

Really, it was all disrespectful and clearly it has bothered Arin as he has brought it up at least 3 times since it happened a few years ago. I’d say since then no one else has really crossed a line like that and I hope no one ever does. 

Also this is all from memory and reading posts that are pretty old but I believe the facts are pretty straight. If someone has more to add or remembers something else or has the screencaps that had gone around feel free to add it or whatever! 

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Hiii, I'm a new studyblr and I was wondering if you could give me any advice !

Hi babe! I love your icon, and welcome!

My tips for new studyblrs:

  • Have a url that makes it clear you’re a studyblr so that others can find you! (yours fits the bill for sure)
  • Create an about page so people can learn more about you
  • Reach out to other studyblrs (like you’re doing!) for advice or just to chat. You can make some great friends here x
  • Post original content to get your name out there - share tips for studying, pictures of how you study, etc
  • Don’t feel pressured to buy certain supplies bc of posts on here! Use what works for you – if it’s the ‘aesthetic’ pens you’ll see a lot here, go for it, but if it’s some other kind of supplies that’s just as good. Usefulness > style
  • Follow lots of studyblrs to find lots of different content to read/reblog
  • Creating a tagging system makes posts easier to find later (ie, tag study tips “study tips” and then search them later on your blog by going to /tagged/study-tips)
  • In general just have fun and make your blog useful for you!