took a short trip today in a quiet area and while i was smoking my cigar on the edge of the lake, immersed in the daisy field, `come as you are` started whispering in my ear. the area is deserted for miles so i had to ask `you hear that?` and he said `yes … maybe it`s from your mood … and shirt`. so i took some flowers and make that pic inside this, then came home and this aes happened …

Say Me (Live in St. Louis July 2017)
David Archuleta
Say Me (Live in St. Louis July 2017)

i recorded this audio of david singing say me at his show in st. louis but i haven’t listened back to the full thing until tonight. i am just. 

i am just trying to figure out how he sings like this. just david and a piano. that tone and ridiculous ability to stay in tune even while changing keys. the emotion in his delivery. the honesty in the words he wrote. 

slay more archuleta, i dare you.

(watch out for that one note especially. you’ll know it when you hear it.)