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This is what happens when you let a loser like me use Photoshop…

I’ve just been laughing at the last skit in Sonic Shorts - Volume 6 for a while, and I wanted to use what I know about Photoshop to make my own picture of Zero the Artificial Hedgehog. I spent about two hours making this fanart of this “original” Sonic fan character, and I think it was two hours well spent. (It would have taken me less time, but it took forever to find good images and I had to start over about 30 minutes into making the picture.)

Now you may be thinking, “Jouska, why would you waste two hours of your life to make this?” and the answer to that is really easy! …Because I can! 

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Also, did you ever saw "Levi drunk antics" video? 😂 How do you manage Levi, Mike and Hange when the four of you got out for the eve? Who gets to more drunk? Who prevents the others from doing stupid things? Who ends up in recovery position in the gutter? Or are you all responsible and well grounded as always? ^-^


Let’s see… whenever I treat the vets out for a drink at night, I always have to  remind myself that either I, or Mike, has to be sober enough to make sure everyone gets back safely.  The first one to get drunk is Hanji.  She can take at least 5 shots by the time we’re done with one.  And let me just tell you that she goes off the walls screaming, laughing, yelling, singing, wailing, you name it.  As much as I try to prevent her from doing stupid things, she still ends up hurting herself most of the time by running into various sorts of things.  The wall is the most common, since she’s always wanting to go beyond the Walls to see Titans.

Levi prefers to drink wine occasionally.  But when he does, he drinks a lot… like a lot.  And of course, he gets drunk real bad.  Sometimes he’d be arguing nonstop at Hanji to stop spitting everywhere or yelling at her to shut up as she’s wailing about Bean and Sonny.  Sometimes he’d even stand up on the table and pretend he’s playing the electric guitar like a hardcore rockstar while making high pitched guitar sounds.  Or better yet, he’d start dancing.  He thinks he’s break dancing but he’s actually just doing the chicken dance.

As for Mike, he likes to drink beer in large, glass beer mugs with the foam overflowing at the top.  He has the most endurance out of all of us, but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t get drunk.  When he’s drunk, everyone knows that they cannot bring a mirror to his face or else there’ll be a riot.  You see, his nose gets especially red after some drinks, and because he uses his nose a lot, he thinks he can’t use his nose for anything anymore.  Even.for.breathing.  Once he sees that bright, red nose of his, he’ll immediately freak out, cry, and stop breathing, and faint.  So yeah, no mirrors for him. 

I don’t really remember much about what I do when I’m drunk.  But I’ve heard that I would sometimes join Levi when he’s performing on top of the table.  Yup.  I’ve been told that I would pretend I’m playing the drums but then Levi would notice that I’m with him halfway through and decide to push me off the table.  He didn’t like it when I stole his spotlight.  Or sometimes I’d be laughing non-stop with Mike while giving him lots of hugs and never letting him go.  Or I’d be crying like a maniac whenever Hanji was.  

Ah, drinking with the vets is sure an adventure.

Dragon Age Demons According to Tom Haverford

Terror Demon: screamy green bean

Despair Demon: frosty artichoke

Desire Demon: titty tassels 

Envy Demon: DDDAAAMMMNNN nobody wanna see those ass cheeks

Rage Demon: hot pudding

Pride Demon: sizzle mcfizzle

It’s three freaking am, I can’t sleep, I’m eating a chocolate egg out of gratitude.

The toy has a warning: Warning: It’s a toy.

I find it hilarious.

It’s three freaking am.

Okay... here is a thing

Just because I happened to make a GIF (because … well… I have no life) in which there happens to be Miley Cyrus in the background doesn’t mean that this here has become a Miley Cyrus fan blog, right? Just wanted to clarify that.
Nevertheless: Hellooooo to all the new Miley-fan followers of this blog. Welcome! No Miley shaming from my side. I actually don’t even know anything about her. I’m unbiased. And as tough as it is for me to admit: Because I don’t know anything, I can’t even make fun of her.
And you youngsters, you will be ENJOYING your stay here. And you will get to know A LOT new old and AWESOME music (Spoiler: not Miley). 

And right now I am wondering if that was hip enough for the Miley-generation. Do you kids still use the word “awesome”? Or is it more like “spiffing” and “swell” like we used to?

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(Actually I am a bit afraid, because I once made fun of Justin Bieber and then the “Holy Church Of Bieber” started following my blog. And I still don’t know if they are serious. So… yeah… no jokes about teeny idols from my side)

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Yes! I am so glad you understand! The guy is freaking hilarious. Everytime I tell people I'm not a fan of him at all, but then also say how I think he is funny as shit, they never understand.

I’ve actually been in the same situation, specially when I say that to my family (they all love him). Remember the promo with The Miz and AJ Styles before Elimination Chamber where AJ and Miz were insulting each other and Cena was like “Oh, Snap” and “Are you going to let him talk to you and your wife like that?” That was HILARIOUS.

1. Writes things like “wistfully chains us to fictive ideals” and then just??? Leaves me to flounder in pain??? Until each new update??? I’m dying here, bro???

2. Additionally: wrote an Atlantis: The Lost Empire AU??? What sorcery???

3. York has ADHD confirmed.

4. Is freaking. hilarious.

5. Apparently loves me??? I AM SHOOKETH.

6. Is so pretty, looked amazing in their prom pics

7. Also extremely Relatable™, I wanna reblog ALL OF THE POSTS

8. Is 100% That Random Civilian in a superpowered city that all the superheroes and supervillains are lowkey terrified of because they will Fuck Your Superpowered Shit Up and I think that’s beautiful

9. Has made me cry several times with their writing, how very much dare???

10. Fellow Leverage fan, ‘nuff said

A bit of my PasCon experience ...

Holy crap, PasCon!

Honestly, I don’t even know where to begin—this con was so very different from my last, but just as amazing … maybe even more so.

My last convention I spent a lot of time trying to record every moment. I maybe looked through a lens more than my actual eyes that weekend, but this time around, I was sort of determined not to do that.

I wasn’t as prepared for this convention either. When I got there, I didn’t have any photo ops yet, I wasn’t even sure if I would be able to get any; and overall, it made me unsure of what to expect—so I didn’t really expect much. Looking back now, I would recommend anyone going to a convention look at it this way. Since I wasn’t riding in on a wave of expectations, I ended up getting pleasantly surprised by everything.

One of my first surprises was running into some of my followers. @perfjensen and @boundbyfeathers were both there and said hey to me, and are both amazingly sweet. Also @perfjensen was my eyes for the front row and let me in on the good stuff—like how Vicki was there for Misha’s panel and looked at him with all the love in the world.

I also ended up meeting a bunch of new and amazing people, like @666-you-reached-crowley and @smilelikeyourdying. I am over the moon that I got to sit next to them all and experience the fun of the con with like-minded, crazy, hilarious individuals. I also got to meet my friend from Australia for the first time … @spn-familyfandom Her and I have been speaking for the past year—she found me when I began writing “The Plot”, and now I finally got to hug her in person—and take photos with her, which brings me to the meat and potatoes of this tale.

When I got to the convention, I was looking through all their proffered photo ops and I finally decided on which ones to get. I was a little sad because Kim Rhodes wasn’t going to be there as well as a few others, like Sebastian and Felecia—so there were less options all around. Also … they added a Clif photo to the schedule, but no Cockles photo … and that just irked me some. But in any event, I made a decision and went with a “Ladies of Supernatural” op and a “Castiel” op. I will post those photos later, but let me just tell ya … not a good photo-weekend for me. My face was just … ick. But, overall I really don’t care because I had so many amazing moments throughout the weekend—a couple double chins or creepy expressions won’t ruin it.

So first off, Ruth Connell, Sam Smith and Briana Buckmaster are all freaking amazing, hilarious and gorgeous. I am so glad I ended up getting a photo with them because I feel like a better woman for meeting it. They are just too wonderful for words. I laughed so hard during their panels and then they each gave out gifts! Briana gave out Twizzlers to every person asking a question, and Sam gave cookies—Ruth had her toiletries which was funny as hell, and overall, they were just sweethearts. Damnit, I love them,  and I want to keep them in my pocket so I can smile on my sad days. Pure sunshine—all three.

I missed Travis Aarron Wade’s panel because we were checking into our hotel, but from what I heard, I didn’t miss much. Then of course, Osric, Kathryn (who also gave out gifts … my little pony toys and cat socks) were adorable and hilarious too; and Mark as always, was an ass to all the people asking questions which was perfect and just so fitting for him. I had some wonderful moments with him too—he walked around the entire room as he spoke, of course and he came down our aisle a lot. I had an aisle seat so I just got to watch him. He’s so charming in all his fuckery. Anyway, some sweet ladies were across the aisle from me—one who happened to be in a wheelchair. During Mark’s panel, she came in a little late and passed him in the aisle to get to her seat, but he was kind of in her way so he said “I feel like we’re dancing, you and I” when he realized that she was there. After that, she tried to get to her spot, but there was another seat there, and since she’s in a wheelchair, she needed the seat to be moved so she could slide in. So I quickly jumped up and grabbed the chair so she could roll into her spot. Then I had to bring the chair around to the side of the room, but at that point—Mark was in my way. When he finally turned around (all this is happening while people are asking him questions, mind you … this is during his panel) he looked at me all confused and pulled the mic away from his face and was like “What are you doing?” so I whispered “Moving the chair.” And then he asked why, so I said “She had to get to her spot—she’s in a wheelchair.” He looked back over to the woman and thought a moment, before nodding assertively and then finally moved to let me pass. I just got to say—I never thought I’d have such a normal little conversation with the King of Hell … but I’m glad I did. I actually ended up running into him several times during the convention and said “Hi Mark” or “Hi my king” each time and he always gave me a jolly “hi” back … so I felt special. He really is a sweet man, and so intelligent and on point with my line of thinking. I’d suggest watching the videos of his panels when they get posted—not only are they funny, but there’s a lot of wise things he touches on.

Speaking of running into people, I also ran into Kathryn, Ruth, Osric, Briana and Misha … fucking amazing. Osric, I physically ran into. I was rushing back to the parking structure to get something from my car and I ran right into his shoulder, and when I turned around to apologize, I just saw his adorable face staring back at me, so I yelped “Hi, Osric!” and then giggled like a chipmunk on drugs until things got awkward … I’m smooth like that. Kathryn, I almost physically ran into but her handler kind of caught me before I could. She is so pretty and her skin is freaking perfect … it isn’t fair but is at the same time. Ugh! Ruth and Briana were passing by after the Saturday night concert and I thanked them and said hi and that they were both beautiful; and they grinned and waved and thanked me back. Damnit, they’re too cute!

When I ran into Misha, it was already the end of the convention. He was doing his last minute autographs and wasn’t going to be there long, but he walked up the aisle that I was in and I yelled out “Hi Misha” and he turned around a bit and waved. Then, after he was finished with signing, he stuck around a little while to talk with a fan. I was super proud of my friend @smilelikeyourdying, because she was very brave and managed to walk up there just before Misha left. I didn’t know she had some things she wanted to say to him, but she got her chance and she cried, and he pulled her close and comforted her. It was such a sweet moment, and once he finally let go and was being ushered away, he turned back as I went over to hug her (she was still crying) and I thanked him for being so sweet. He smiled at me and nodded … it was just wonderful.

I ran into him a couple more times after that, when I was waiting for my Castiel photo ops to finish, which was going to take until about eleven o’clock at night. I didn’t realize that Misha, Jared and Jensen were all waiting in the building where they were doing photo ops, so when I was standing there in the aisle, here comes Misha heading to the bathroom. I said hi again and thanked him for coming. He gave me the biggest grin and winked at me. That wink will stay in my heart forever—let me tell ya. After that, I watched as all three of them left and we all said goodbye for the last time. It was sad to see them go … but watching Jensen bow-leg himself down some stairs is such a beautiful thing, I can’t even be upset. I waved at him and did the “I love you” sign and he waved back and blew kisses. I may die now … I’m just so happy.

Those were all just the little moments though. Of course, I had the autographs and the photos and my infamous question that I was lucky enough to ask Misha, but I think I will put all that in a later post because I have to drive home now.

In any case, I just want to thank the wonderful people I met there, the wonderful friends I got to see again from SFcon and all the creation and SPN cast and crew, because I really felt like part of the family this time around, and that I just such an awesome feeling to have.

I love you all!

idk man obviously artists can do what they want, but when people get rid of Mario’s tummy to make him more ‘attractive’ i get a little pissy?

He is canoncially a chubby man who overeats and has a gut. Like that’s just his personality. It’s mentioned numerous times how despite his adventures he is still a man of very average stature.

He is not a muscular character, he’s a soft boy and i think that’s one of reasons he works so well. He doesn’t look like a hero but his acts have made him one. I don’t get why artists want to remove that trait so much.

5SOS Preference- The Other Boys Dare Him To Touch Your Boobs While You’re Asleep (His P.O.V)

A/N: So I decided to only write Malum for now, so just let me know if you want me to do Lashton. The way this came about is I randomly thought about a 1D preference with this theme that I read like 2 years ago and I decided to write a 5sos version! Since i read the preference this is inspired on over 2 years ago, I don’t remember who wrote it or if it was even on tumblr, so sorry about not that, i wish i could find it again and link it here but i can’t :( also, just in case you’re unsure, P.O.V stands for point of view, it took me a while to figure that out so I just wanted to clarify in case anyone also was confused :) Sorry I got kinda carried away with Michael’s part. P.S. I know in Calum’s part it kinda sounds like Michael is just a sex-obsessed pig, but I wrote it this way for the sake of the plotline and I do not think this irl.


Michael- “Alright… Michael, truth or dare?” Calum asked raising an eyebrow at me during one of our infamous rounds of the classic game “truth-or-dare”. “Dare.” I said without thinking. Knowing Calum it would probably be something stupid like chug a whole beer or do a keek singing a stupid kid song or something, but what he actually said, I did not expect at all. “Go into Y/N’s room and touch her boobs while she’s sleeping.” He said trying his hardest not to laugh, and failing. Luke and Ashton bust up laughing and Calum joins them, my three idiot band mates now rolling around in fits of laughter. “Fine.” I said simply before standing. Y/N is my best friend and she’s currently on tour with us. The boys know I have a giant crush on her, that’s the reason they all find this dare absolutely hilarious. I, on the other hand, am freaking out as I walk the few steps to the door of her hotel room. This could go one of three ways, 1. She wakes up, enjoys it, and I end up fucking the girl of my dreams 2. She wakes up, is repulsed by the feeling of my hand on her and never talks to me again, or 3. She doesn’t wake up and never knows of this. I take a deep breathe before swiping the extra room key she gave me and opening the door. I open it slowly, trying to not make a peep so she won’t wake up, I can hear the boys giggling in the hallway and i just hope they don’t wake her up. As I make my way into her room I see her fast asleep on the bed. I notice she’s wearing a familiar t-shirt and I smile as it’s one of mine that I let her borrow because she forgot to bring something to sleep in. I tip-toe over to her bed and carefully lift her shirt. Once i have the shirt bunched up high enough to the point where her I can see her breasts, I found out all too late that Y/N was not wearing a bra, not that I mind of course. I suck in a breathe and bring my hands to her exposed breasts. The laughter from the hallway grows louder and I can hear Luke telling Ash and Cal to shut up. I leave my hands there for a minute or so before deciding it been long enough. As I’m retracting my hands, I hear someone mumble something incoherent. I hold my breathe and look down at Y/N, hoping it wasn’t her who made the noise, but low-and-behold, there she is, staring wide-eyed up at me. “Uh… I can explain…” I stuttered, fully retracting my hands and pulling her shirt down. “I’m listening.” she said, but not in a condescending, mad way, in a more, trying (and succeeding) to create sexual tension kinda way. “The boys dared me to touch your boobs while you slept because they know what a massive crush I have on you.” I said faking a laugh to make it sound like no big deal, but then it sunk in to me what I had just said. I just admitted to having a crush on her. Fuck. My. Life. I guess I didn’t consider a fourth option, I make a total fool of myself and she laughs in my face. I’m now just waiting on the laughing, but it never came. She just smiled and bit her lip. I go to say something else, but before I can, she leans forward and presses her lips to mine. I immediately kiss her back and before I know it, she has me on top of her, and well let’s just say, I didn’t make it back to that game with the boys and Y/N was now more than just a friend.


Calum- “I’m heading to bed.” Y/N said to the us before walking over to me and giving me a quick peck and walking into the part of the tour bus with the bunks. Y/N has been my girlfriend for quite a while now, and she was currently on tour with us. I couldn’t ask for more. “So Calum, how is she?” Michael randomly asked and I shot him a glare, knowing exactly what he means by that. “C’mon, Mike, don’t be a dick.” Luke said defending me. Luke is the only who knows that me and Y/N haven’t actually had sex yet. She wanted to make sure she was “in love with me” before she actually “made love with me”, which is completely understandable. “I just asked a simple question.” Mike defended himself. “Well maybe the answer is a little more complicated than that.” I snapped at him and he gave me an apologetic look, that soon replaced itself with a knowing smirk. “Ohhh, I get it now! You two haven’t had sex yet, have you?” he laughed and I was very pleased to see he was the only one. “There’s more to life than just sex, Michael!” I snapped again but my statement did nothing but fuel his laughter more. “How far have you gone?” he said between fits of laughter. “Just like making-out.” I said quietly and Mike’s laughter eventually came to a stop, with a few giggles erupting now and again. “You haven’t even touched her boobs?” Michael said, his laughter picking up again. I shook my head, expecting Ash or Luke to chime in with a subject-change or telling Mike to quit being a dick, but they did no such thing. “Well why don’t you?” He smirked again and I vigorously shook my head, “No, she’ll kill me!” he laughed again and I want to just leave and lay down and forget this happened, but unfortunately, I can’t, they would never let me off the hook like that easily. “Dude, just do it, right now, while she’s asleep. I dare you.” Michael smirked as he sat back in his seat. He knows I’d never turn down a dare. “Whatever.” I mumbled before walking into the bunk area and seeing my beautiful Y/N asleep in my bunk. I mumbled cuss words, completely directed towards the fluffy-haired boy behind this, as I shuffled towards the bunk. I moved a few hairs off her face before lifting her sweater and laying my hands on her bra covered breasts. “You know… this might be more effective if you take my bra off.” I heard her whisper and I jumped a little. I looked at her perfect face to see she was smiling and very much awake. “I-I thought you were sleeping…” I stuttered and she  giggled, “Do you always touch my boobs when I’m asleep?” I chuckled before explaining the situation. She smiled before looking up at me, “Well maybe, we can change that.” She bit her lip before leaning up and kissing me. Needless to say, nobody really slept that night ;)

A/N: I really hope you like this! I know it’s not the best but I tried! I haven’t wrote a preference in a really long time so I thought, why not! I hope to improve with this stuff cause I enjoy doing it for you! Please Request preferences or imagines or blurbs or whatever, i enjoy writing things you guys suggest! P.S. I take requests asked anonymously or not.