Journey from Kargil to Leh, India on Flickr.

Kargil is the midway of the Srinagar-Leh highway, NH1-D. It is suggested halt for the night before reaching Leh for altitude aclimatisation. Our bus left Kargil at around 4 AM. Just as we were getting out of Kargil, we were greeted with this beautiful sky.

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Stone houses around Zanskar valley on Flickr.

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This is a slightly modified version of the exposed stone houses in the Zanskar and Ladakh regions. They are coated with a layer which is a mixture of local mud, cattle dung and other things.

The terrace on the top is part of every house. This is where wood, dung, grass and any other source of fuel is set to dry for use in the winter months.

The straw basket on the stone wall is hung by women around their heads and left at the back. This gives them both their hands free to do other tasks while carrying everything from mud, plants, sheep or their babies in these baskets.

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