Inktober Day 16

It seems that μ’s story in School Idol Festival (SIF) has ended…
SIF was my entry point to this school idol madness, and after almost 2 years playing my scouting luck is still as terrible as ever orz…
But I’ve grown to love the characters, the casts behind their voices, the overall project’s journey until their Final Live…
I guess μ’s fans just have to move on lol ;w;

~μ’sic forever~

Bokutachi wa Hitotsu no Hikari
Bokutachi wa Hitotsu no Hikari

Bokutachi wa Hitotsu no Hikari | μ’s

The little bird’s wings have finally grown large
It’s a day to take flight
The wide sea’s warm color beckons in the distance
It’s painful, just like a painting drawn within a dream
Would you like to try winding back time?
No no no, this moment is the greatest!
After all, after all, this moment is the greatest!


 Owaranai PA-TI hajimeyou!!   

μ’s - Music S.T.A.R.T!!


[4.1.16] μ’s Final LoveLive!μ'sic Forever♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪~

Bye bye!

One last time.  

Remember this scene where it looks like Chika is running towards μ’s ?

I’ve been wondering, why does Eli (probably the one standing next to Nozomi) looks like she has short hair, and they all seems rather…tall as compared to the  μ’s that we know.

Now that it has been confirmed that Love Live! Sunshine!! happens 4 or 5 years later, when all members of μ’s have graduated from high school.

(Word on the magazine: Love Live! 5th Anniversary)

I am quite sure that it is the grown-up, college μ’s appearing in the opening, and Eli probably changed her hairstyle.

But why does college μ’s appear in the opening. They even look like they are on stage ready to perform. Does that mean they will appear in Love Live! Sunshine!! ? I’d say very likely considering the more than frequent reference to μ’s in the anime. In an interview Nanchan had recently, she also said that μ’s wanted to participate in a certain something but she can’t say anything about it for now (lol).

Hopefully we will really get a cameo. What I can see happening is Aqours winning this year’s Love Live, after which, μ’s will surprise everyone appearing on stage for a one-off performance to celebrate Love Live! 5th Anniversary. The two group will perform together for the anime’s final scene, which is probably that scene that we have in the opening (can totally see them singing Snow Halation together).

This would be the stuff of dream if it happens for real.