μ's go→go! lovelive! 2015

μ's Go→Go! LoveLive! 2015 ~Dream Sensation! day 2 report

I didn’t win any tickets for the venue but I managed to get one for the live viewing. 

I apologize if the post is rather messy. I’m really tired now.
I’m pretty sure I’ll forget everything except kotori’s hair if I wrote this report tomorrow instead.

I wore my usual maki shirt. I also brought 3 lightsticks, 1 blue 1 pink and a king’s blade. I brought the pink and blue lightsticks along because it would make my life a lot easier when I needed the colors for nicomaki + kotoumi. 

And then I hung both kotori and umi on my bag. 

on my way to the venue, two girls who came out from a gamecenter went “kotoumi is so cute” when they saw it. lol. 

Ticket + message card

Back of the message card


I’m just glad I wrote memos during the breaks because I couldn’t remember most things when the concert ended. my mind was full of ucchi’s hair (kotori’s seiyuu). 

Some of the other seiyuus did dye their hair to match their characters too, but Kotori’s was perfect. At least as perfect as real hair can be, almost better or equal to kotori’s wig. 

It started with three songs, with season 2 OP costume. 
sore wa bokutachi no kiseki. (season 2 OP) 
bokura no live kimi to no life
natsuiro egao de 1,2,jump 

they aired videos of the characters during the break. it was like a drama cd + mini clip? 
honoka was being too excited and everyone was trying to calm her down. eri suggested she write the kanji for hito, 人 on her palm and eat it, but honoka was too nervous and wrote the hiragana and katakana instead. Then nozomi tried hypnosis and put honoka to sleep. 

There was also a MC with a nicomaki bit. 
nico’s seiyuu and maki’s seiyuu were talking about roasted sweet potatoes (recall anime season 2) 
eri’s seiyuu sulked. (probably because she recalled that both of them were busy being in their own world lololol) and she asked for her share of sweet potato too. 

they sung another three songs in yume no tobira’s costume. 
yume no tobira
shangri-la shower. 

another miniclip. 
they couldn’t find honoka even though honoka was supposed to sing her solo next. nico insisted that she could go but everyone ignored her. lol.

Honoka’s solo from season2 BD1. 

And nicomaki appeared. (season2 BD2)

ずるいよmagnetic today!!!!!!!!

I exploded. 

They had two moving stages and they stood on one each. It had Nico and Maki on it, that resembled the North and south poles of a magnet. it was really cool. the two stages “repelled” and “attracted” each other. 

Rin’s solo from season2 BD3. 

And then I exploded again. Because the next song was Umieri duet.
Storm in Lover season2 BD4. 
For the ending pose, Eri was kneeling with her palm held out, holding Umi’s hand. 

kotori and hanayo duet BD5.
they had 2 moving stages again this time, like the ones for nicomaki, except it was decorated with kitchen goods, and a rice cooker with rice in it for hanayo. As well as 2 plushies for kotori’s stage. a pig and a bird. 
the frying pan from kotori’s stage fell off halfway during the song. lol. 

Nozomi’s solo BD6. The stage was pretty and she did some ballet. I think. It looked like ballet to me. 

2nd year students - susume tomorrow. 

Love wing bell. 
They re-enacted out the scene from the anime. Rin had a white dress, while everyone else was in tuxedos. There was the touching rinpana scene and everyone in the crowd went ooooooohhhhh. while waving green + yellow lightsticks. It was really cute. 

another miniclip. 
this time they couldn’t find their outfits. nozomi had some weird outfits but most of the members didn’t want to wear them. it turned out that honoka took their outfits and did some extra touching up on them without telling anyone. 

They sang three songs, in dancing stars on me costume. 
dancing stars on me
> surprise cake for nozomi. 
It was kassun’s (nozomi’s seiyuu) birthday today. they brought up a cake and sung happy birthday. kassun was so surprised she cried. quite a bit. she was practically crying for the entire surprise. ;_;
happy birthday!! 
mogyutto “love" 
Soshite saigo no peiji ni wa

they aired each single, followed by a comment from a seiyuu on that single. It was quite fast so I didn’t have the time to remember everything. 

however! I did remember what the comment was for anemone heart(kotoumi duet season1 BD2). ←
ことりとうみちゃんのめくるめくの世界 (iirc)
the dazzling world of kotori and umi. lol. 

2 songs in snow halation costume. 
Snow halation
wonderful rush. 

part 2 of the single + commentary. 

2 songs in kirakira sensation costume. 
no brand girls.
kirakira sensation. 

1st encore. 
2 songs in bokura wa ima no naka de costume. 
bokura wa ima no naka de (season 1 OP) 
sentimental steps

2nd encore
happy maker
love and peace
dreamin’ go! go!! 
aishiteru banzai
donna toki mo zutto 

It was fun.
I spent half my time switching between a red lightstick for maki, as well as blue + white lightsticks for kotoumi. 

Looking forward to the movie in June. 
As well as the next live, scheduled next winter. 
hopefully I’ll be able to win tickets at the venue instead this time. ._. 

Have a kotoumi. (・ 8 ・)




Kussun birthday surprise

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