For my Ice Queen @argentoheart :3
Yep, you’re definitely the ethereal writer that enthralls your readers with perfect descriptions and so many emotions with elegance, and you did this in my native language, that’s why I find you even more special. White and silver are your colors, they express elegance and beauty like your words, but there’s also chromed lights, like little sparks of soft snowflakes. A light shimmer eyeshadow, a coat of black mascara with a hint of crystals inside, like the little tears that your stories gonna give in your writes eyelashes. Instead of picking a blush and an highlighter, I choose two a soft snow highligher in powder, and a soft cream matte hightlighter, because you’re bright as your feelings. Glitter and mermaid sparkles for the lips, because they can tell stories filled with sparkling fantasy.

Like what I did? Send me an “ ❤ “ in my message box and I’m gonna give you an aesthetic with images based on a make-up that I think it could fit your writer/artist’s personality!