Abelle Voice Demo
Abelle Voice Demo

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Okay, I know I said I was gonna take a break from voice acting, but after seeing this post that @the-vampire-inside-me made earlier of Abel’s genderbent form, I had to do a quick voice demo for her.  And honestly, this was very fun to do.  The remaining lines I read were from this comic here, inspired by my good friend, @jamesdijit, who voices Abel on his channel (he’s my canon voice for Abel, by the way, lol).

Hope you like this, Vampire!  Thanks for giving me an excuse to make a female voice for Abel!  XD

Bendy and the Ink Machine © theMeatly
Abel the Rebel Angel © @the-vampire-inside-me
“Abelle” © Vampire and @zenoxfurryman (Can’t tag you for some reason.  Sorry dude.  :/)
Thumbnail © Vampire

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