ChocolateMuffinTop’s Elixer Hair Recolored by SugarellaSims

Here is one of my favorite hairs by one of my favorite creators recolored in one of my favorite palettes!  

   ✿ 55 New Swatches (Thank you to @wildlyminiaturesandwich for the actions!)

   ✿ You need the mesh by @chocolatemuffintop for it to work, grab it here!

   ✿ Made with Sims4Studio

   ✿ This is my first published recolor so please let me know if you have any issues! 

SFS Download 

I have such a strong love-hate relationship towards MM:

• I love how well-rounded the characters are and make me believe that they actually care about me.
• I hate how I’m reminded of how lonely I am for not having people like them IRL.
• I love how real the characters can get and just resonate with me with their struggles and worries.
• I hate how the game hits way too close to home and draws lots of gross sobbing from me.
• I love how the game is set-up in real-time to make it more immersive.
• I hate how the chats are set up at odd hours, thus ruining my sleep schedule even more.
• I love the text and call features.
• I hate how those are the only texts/calls I’ll ever receive.
• I love how the game breaks the fourth wall sometimes.
• I hate how I’m reminded that it’s just a game, and they’re not real.
• I love this game.
• I hate how much I love this game.