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Glanni trying to teach Iþro how to walk in heels

“Glanni,” Ithro sighed, kicking his legs, which dangled off the edge of the kitchen counter that he was seated atop of. “I don’t have TIME for this.” 

The elf glanced at his boyfriend, making a point of rolling his eyes and shaking his head at the taller man, who only rolled his eyes back, as he brought out a small cardboard box. 

“Suck it up, I don’t want to hear ANY of it,” Glanni told him, ignoring his protest as he knelt before the elf sitting at the edge of the countertop. “Besides, you made me a promise. If I go three weeks without causing any trouble, YOU let me teach you how to walk in heels. And guess what? We struck that deal three Sundays ago, so guess whose trying THESE bad boys on?” Out from the box, Glanni pulled out a pair of black leather laced-up boots, with heels that were 4 inches high. “Foot, please.” 

Although begrudgingly, Ithro extended his right leg out towards him, wishing that someday, he’d live a life where he didn’t have to make crazy bribes with his lover in order to prevent him from breaking the fucking law. 

“Thank you.” The other’s pink-coated lips curled into a smirk, as he slipped the boot onto the elf’s leg, pleased that it fit like a glove. 

Ithro watched as Glanni skillfully began to lace up the boot, his fingers tapping against the countertop meanwhile. “I don’t know why you want me to do this so badly,” he told him. “It doesn’t really seem that important of a skill.” 

“Oh, you’ll figure out why soon enough,” Glanni told him, tying the laces up into a nice rabbit bow before beginning to work on putting the second boot on his other leg. “I don’t see why you’re so upset over the idea of trying to walk in these for a couple minutes. …What? Are you afraid that I’ve finally found a physical feat that I’m better at than you?” He accused, pulling the laces to tighter as he continued to smirk up at him. “I didn’t know your ego was THAT sensitive-” 

“It’s NOT. Believe me, Glanni, if you ever turned out to be better than me at something physical, I’d jump for JOY before anything else,” he snorted. “I’d just be happy you’re moving at all.” 

“Well. SOMEONE’S a bit feisty today. I would watch my words if I were you hon, I’m in a position to cut off blood circulation-” And to prove his point, he tugged the laces of the boots HARD, earning a couple of elvish curses to escape from Ithro’s lips. When the elf huffed and pouted down at him, the criminal simply laughed, sticking his tongue out at him, not being the least bit surprised when the other stuck his tongue back out at him. He may try to seem all serious and orderly while he was doing his job, but Glanni knew that Ithro had a childish side.  

“You’re almost finished?” 

“Yes, I’m done.” Glanni smiled softly as he finished up tying the other boot’s laces into a bow, then scooted back a bit to admire his work. Ah, it was just as he had hoped; those tight leather boots really did look good, clinging onto the elf’s muscular calves in such a way that made the curve of the back of his leg look more pronounced. They came up to his knees and they made his legs look longer, and Glanni had to do all he could to hold a pleased noise back in his throat. He grabbed onto a leg, his hand grazing over the back of a leather-covered calf before he brought his foot up and kissed the very tip of the boot. “Beautiful.” 

“…You couldn’t have picked something a little SHORTER?” Ithro began to criticize the shoes, quickly glancing away from the man kneeling at his feet, but the complaints did not make his reddening cheeks go unnoticed by Glanni as he had hoped. 

“They’re ONLY 4 inches, Álfur. They aren’t even that long.” he gave his leg one last affectionate pat, chuckling a bit to himself at the other’s flustered appearance before he stood back up, offering up both hands for him to take. “Come on then, if you’re so worried. I’ll help you with the first few steps.” 

The elf looked down at the other’s hands, but only pushed those hands away. “I don’t NEED you to help me make baby steps, I’m pretty sure I can do it myself.” He scooted off the edge of the counter, feet touching the ground now as he held onto the counter for support. “Besides,” he added with a smug look. “I’m confident that I’ll be stepping on YOU by the end of the day-” 

…What? …WHAT? 

Glanni blinked in surprise, shocked that that statement just came out of the other’s mouth. …HOLY SHIT. 

Ithro just chuckled at his dumbstruck face. That’s what you get for thinking you could out-fluster him, Glanni. He’s NOT a man to be outdone. Feeling somewhat proud of himself, he let go of the counter and took a brisk step, 

…and immediately found himself dropping hard onto the kitchen tile. 


HAVE SOME OVERDUE GLANNI SELFIES AND PROPS AND CAKE (and my Sportasparkle) FROM MY PARTY LIKE A WEEK AGO ((i am selfie trash im sorryrryryyy))


also trying to get a hold of the pics n vids my friends took.

Lazytown Characters As Stuff I’ve Done

Sportacus: sounded out the onomatopoeia “crunch” because the celery I bit didn’t make the noise on its own

Robbie Rotten: made a fort out of gym mats to get some peace and quiet during PE

Stephanie: spent an entire canoe trip singing a horrendous mixture of opera and hip hop because my friend said those were the worst music genres

Stingy: tracked down my father because I thought he stole two (2) quarters from my money jar (he did not)

Pixel: invited people over only to play Yandere Simulator in silence

Ziggy: ate an entire bag of mini reese’s peanut butter cups to get the energy to go out

Trixie: hid silly bands in the wheel compartments of my heelies to do some black market trading

Mayor Meanswell: spent a good sum of money to see my friend in a play only to find out that they didn’t even make it in and i had duped myself into believing otherwise


Glanni Glaepur: broke one of my fake nails trying to peel off a wrapper and went on to scream “THIS IS DISCRIMINATION”