Photographies de Robert Doisneau

Robert Doisneau (né le 14 avril 1912 à Gentilly – mort le 1er avril 1994 à Montrouge) est un photographe français, parmi les plus populaires d’après-guerre.
Il fut, aux côtés de Willy Ronis, d’Édouard Boubat, d’Izis, d’Émile Savitry et d’Yvette Troispoux, l’un des principaux représentants du courant de la photographie humaniste française.

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Education Part 1 : School Life : La vie scolaire

the school year : l’année scolaire

a term : un trimestre

a school day : une journée de cours

schooldays : les années d’école

a timetable / a schedule : un emploi du temps

a period / a class : un cours

a free period : une heure de permanence

a break / a recess : une pause

the lunch break : la pause déjeuner

a school holiday / a school vacation : les vacances scolaires

half-term holiday : des petites vacances

the winter break : les vacances d’hiver

the spring break : les vacances de printemps

attend school / uni : fréquenter l’école / l’université

go to school : aller à l’école

have a (maths…) class : avoir cours de (maths…)

take a break : faire une pause

be on holiday / on vacation : être en vacances


Auguste Rodin (1840-1917)

Born in 1850, Parisian sculptor Auguste Rodin would eventually become known as a sort of father figure to modern art. Rodin began his interest in art at a young age, however he was, essentially, completely self-taught in his methods. While he wished to attend the prestigious École des Beaux-Arts (School of Fine Arts), he was unfortunately rejected. Thankfully this experience did not discourage him from continuing with art. Instead, with the death of his sister and a trip to visit the works of Michelangelo, Rodin became inspired to pursue his artistic wishes.

Many disliked Rodin’s works, as they stepped away from traditional sculpture. He received much criticism as his work was the sculptural equivalent of gestural painting. Rodin wished to rebel against classical forms and instead portray nature as its truest form. In fact, his work (such as the ‘Mask of the Man with the Broken Nose,’ completed in 1864) was rejected for this very reason. His sculptures depicted the faces of real local people instead of mythological beauties. His technique was very unique as Rodin kept the evidence of his process. He would leave them evident with the marks of his tools. Regardless of his rejection of idealised characters, his works held their own magic. He has been described to create “a universe of great passion and tragedy, a world of imagination that exceeded the mundane reality of everyday existence.”

Above: The Kiss, 1889, by Auguste Rodin (1840-1917). His relationship with his lover and muse, Camille Claudel, is said to have inspired this beautiful piece.

Mass shootings are male violence almost 100% of the time. The only one I can name off the top of my head where a woman was directly involved in America is the attack on the Inland Regional Center.

We need to talk about this. We need to talk about how all these men who went on killing sprees openly hated women and abused the women in their lives prior to committing these atrocities.

I compiled this list, which isn’t exhaustive by any means. These are just mass killings in The United States, though i did include the École Polytechnique massacre, which took place in Canada, because it’s well known and perfectly fits this criteria. This list also doesn’t include family annihilators, of which there are…many. Many, many men who have killed their entire families because they feel like failures, or men who have killed their children and left their wives/girlfriends alive to deal with the aftermath.

So. Here we go.

Jared Loughner-killed 6, injured 13, said women shouldn’t hold positions of power, targeted Gabrielle Giffords

Tyler Peterson-killed 7, injured 1 following dispute with girlfriend

Pedro Vargas- killed 6, loudly argued with mother, expressed frustration with women

Alvin Lee King- killed 5, injured 10, attacked churchgoers after they refused to testify on his behalf at trial for raping his daughter

Esteban Santiago Ruiz-killed 5, injured 42, arrested for strangling girlfriend

George Sodini-killed 3, injured 9, motive was sexual rejection from women

Charles Whitman-killed 17, injured 31, wife and mother were first victims

Marc Lepine-killed 14, injured 14, all but 4 women. Specifically targeted women, complained that women were taking jobs from men

George Kennard-killed 23, injured 27, vocally hated women

James Huberty-killed 21, injured 19, abused wife

Omar Mateen-killed 49, injured 58, abused wife

Stephen Paddock-killed 58, injured 500+, berated girlfriend in public

James Holmes-killed 12, injured 70, said break up with girlfriend contributed to violent depression

James Pough-killed 11, injured 6, violent with wife

John Allen Muhammad-killed 17, wife had restraining order against him

Robert Hawkins-killed 8, injured 6, threatened to kill stepmother

Robert Stewart-killed 8, wounded 2, wife was main target, had two short-lived marriages due to violent temper

Scott Dekraii-killed 8, injured 1, custody dispute with ex-wife who he murdered

Nicholas Sheley-killed 8, arrested for domestic battery

Rodrick Dantzler-killed 7, injured 2, mother and three other women had restraining orders against him, convicted of domestic violence

Colin Ferguson-killed 6, injured 19, violent with wife, stalked her, harassed women

Elliot Rodger-killed 6, injured 14, motive was women not wanting to date/sleep with him, poured coffee on women, tried to push a woman off a 10 foot balcony, intentionally targeted a sorority.

So. We can continue to blame this on mental illness, when mentally ill people are far more likely to be the victims of violence rather than the perpetrators, or we can talk about how there is a direct link between misogyny and mass shootings in America. Your call.

Pour ceux que ça intéresse de connaître un peu mieux le système scolaire américain… 🎓

Cerise (15 ans) est en high school, et cet été elle a “gagné” 5 semaines de cours intensifs de géométrie. 😙 Je dis gagné car ils présentent ça comme une chance incroyable. Et c'est vrai que ça l'est !!
Bon, personnellement, à sa place, j'aurais préféré faire autre chose de mon été mais bon. 😅

Ces cours sont réservés aux bons élèves (qui apprennent en 5 semaines l'équivalent d'une année entière 😳… le soir, Cerise rentre épuisée, avec des devoirs assez béton),
Mais aussi aux élèves les plus faibles. S'ils ont raté leur géométrie l'année précédente, ils doivent tout revoir pendant l'été. 😶

Il est intéressant de voir que la même activité est une punition pour certains et un bonus pour d'autres. 😳


PUZZLE – Animation Short Film 2017 – GOBELINS

Our Annecy’s Short Opening made the last 5 mounths with 
Benjamin Berrebi 
Aleksandra Krechman 
Mathilde Vachet 

Maximilien Angelloz Nicoud

Cheers :)