She could almost see herself glowing much brighter than ever. 

And even though it was such a rare occurance, she could remember it very well while he approached — almost as if it was her own light, and not his. That burning sensation, that blinding light. Something lingering in the back of her head, like a feeling, or memory long lost.

She could only trap his light for a few moments. But she always felt that slight connection, as if something was amiss. 

Was he that mysterious, with his blue smile and sweet words? No. Maybe it was just her curiosity towards those moments. But deep down, she felt, there was something else, hidden between the cycles, waiting for them to find out.

There was something about them.

About him.

About her.

She could only wonder. But that didn’t mean she couldn’t enjoy that moment, even if for a little bit.

The Eclipse

I saw @illustraice AU some time ago and got hooked. What an amazing AU! so I decided to make a fanart about it cause yaaaassssss it’s so good ç~ç

Morning Musume as Superheroes vs. Villians

Fukumura Mizuki: The leader of the supersquad. Beautiful, charismatic, and smart, she’s ready to defeat all of her enemies. Everyone, other superhereos and the public, loves her. Her superpower is telekinesis. 

Ikuta Erina: The sarcastic and great right hand man to the leader. Knowing how superhero tropes go, Eripon probably has some sort of villianious phase after being too salty about little lines. Either that or she eventually rises to be the leader. Her superpower is super strength (biceps) and super sass. 

Iikubo Haruna: Another superhero subleader. Probably has the best costume out of everyone, because she’s that fashionable. Her superpower is teleportation and never looking bad. Ever. 

Ishida Ayumi: Messes up sometimes, but is still a good hero with an even better heart. Upbeat, positive and energetic is always ready 2 fite™. She also never gives up hope even in dark situations and is a strong light of hope for the group. Her superpower is flight. 

Sato Masaki: A Harley Quinn type villian along with Kudo, but just you know, not super insane. She’s crazy ahd she’s goofy, and let’s be honest, Maachan would probably die her hair blue and pink if she could. Just to see. Her superpower is super agility. 

Kudo Haruka: The leader of the villians. A real oddly-attractive bad boy type, serious and knows what they’re doing. Rest of the character is really similar to False from Lilium. Leather and dark eyeliner. Her superpower is super intelligence and enhanced senses. 

Oda Sakura: Can shapeshift into anything, you name it. Animals, world leaders, Tsunku himself, anything. She doesn’t exactly have a certain side herself, more of a one-man team, but has shown in the past to lean towards the side of the heroes. 

Ogata Haruna: Meme queen by day, superhero by night. She always makes her teammates laugh and is a bundle of sunshine. Her ice skating has served her well, she now can control ice and snow as she discovered her powers. 

Nonaka Miki: The group’s ambassador for other countries and governments. Deals with the press, and the law enforcement officials. Makes sure the only people they have to worry about is the villians themselves. Superpower is being able to speak any language on the planet. 

Makino Maria: Another supervillian. The youngest of them all, but what she lacks in age she doesn’t lack in power. Fierce, determined, and whenever someone insults her, she replies with “I’m Not Like That”. Her superpower is night vision. 

Haga Akane: Was originally a villian because she loved Kudo that much, but then the superheroes converted her to their side. She hopes that one day she can bring Maria, Maachan, and Kudo to the good side too. Pure soul who just wants to do her best, superpower is rapid healing of her or anyone else she chooses. 

Kaga Kaede: Knows she had superpowers for a long time, yet for some reason, just couldn’t join the super musume for many years. Her superpower is superhuman speed.

Yokoyama Reina: So young and new, she’s still mastering how to use her powers and has yet to pick a side. Her superpower is talking to animals. 

                                              PLOT DROP #004

                                         GOOD NIGHT. SLEEP TIGHT. DON’T LET THE DEAD BITE.

                                               ( t r i g g e r   w a r n i n g ) assassinato.

                              ( p a r t i c i p a ç õ e s ) Akin Alamieyeseigha, Narcissus Ariessen, 

                                                         Juliana Nikaule, Fleur Deveraux.

Poças acumulavam-se nas calçadas e vias de acesso da academia, resquícios da chuva que havia caído mais cedo. Caminhando da forma altiva que outros geralmente lhe atribuíam, a herdeira brasileira voltava ao dormitório mais tarde após um pequeno desvio de caminho, seguida de perto pelo daemon pavão, na seguinte ocasião mantendo as penas fechadas. Distraída com o próprio reflexo distorcido que a água lhe revelava, parou por um momento ao perceber que, conforme seu avanço, a água semitransparente adquiria tons dourados, um estranho pó brilhante flutuando em sua superfície. A calçada ainda exibia parte das homenagens dadas aos príncipes galeses na semana passada, pétalas de flores monocromáticas agora tingidas com ouro, tal qual as manchas de tinta deixadas pelos artistas mais desajeitados, e o pó parecia espalhar-se por todo canto. O Forte Dourado poderia ser visto como a fonte de toda aquela poeira, mas o Centro das Artes não era tão próximo… Quando as últimas notícias vieram à sua mente e o medo a assomou, já era tarde.

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