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Boy, oh boy I love it when I fall for that 

“No thank you” is what I should’ve said, I should be in bed
But temptations of trouble on my tongue, troubles yet to come

One sip, bad for me
One hit, bad for me
One kiss, bad for me
But I give in so easily
And no thank you is how it should’ve gone
I should stay strong

But I’m weak, and what’s wrong with that?
Boy, oh boy I love it when I fall for that

- “Weak” by AJR

Okay, but how about some pre-Kerberos stuff? @keepleaves and I had some ideas for Keith and Shiro during their time at the Galaxy Garrison.

And I totally headcanon that they didn’t like eachother at first, because Keith was just an unbearable brat and Shiro was too uptight for his own good. But with time they got along with eachother and even became friends. Until that one night where Keith decided to go and take Shiro out clubbing. He needed to learn how to unwind or else Keith was sure he’d get a heart attack one day. It was a good plan he thought and Shiro couldn’t say no to Keith - no matter how much he wanted to. He was so so weak for this boy.

But since they both suck at dancing they ended up drinking at random bars instead and - since they both were too drunk to get back into their quarters without getting caught - went to spend the night in the shack Keith found earlier that year.

And that’s how Shiro realized he’d always be weak for Keith. No matter what kind of shitty adventures he dragged Shiro into. Whether it was burning their exercise books after finals, going out clubbing on fucking wednesday, drinking too much, spending the night together on a ratty futon bed or crawling into eachothers lap and having a drunk-as-hell make-out session, because damn. He’d always be weak for Keith, because that night he realized, that he’d fallen in love.

Hi my name is Yuri Ice Tiger Fairy Dark'ness Plisetsky and I have a short blonde bowlcut (that’s how I got my name, cause i look like a lesbian LOL) with purple streaks and red tips and insanely green eyes that look like a tigers and a lot of people tell me I look like Ellen (AN: if u don’t know who she is get da hell out of here!). I’m not related to Gerard Way but I wish I was because he’s a major fucking hottie. I’m a vampire but my teeth are straight and white. I have pale white skin. I’m also a witch, and I go to the Russian figure skating rink where I’m in better than all those slow fuckers on ice. for example today I was wearing a black corset with matching lace around it and black leather booty shorts, purple fishnets and black combat boots with knives duct taped to the bottom. I was wearing black lipstick, white foundation, black eyeliner and red eye shadow. I was walking outside the rink. It was snowing and raining so there was no sun, which I was very happy about. A lot of preps stared at me. I put up my middle finger at them. Fuck you Victor.


Riley, Sun, Lito and Wolfgang smoking together in a street of London. While Lito talks about his amazing experience in Hollywood, Wolfgang looks at him with proud smile on his face, Riley is lighting Sun’s cigarette, and Sun is just thinking about her dog.

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By Any Other Name  

Art by Cobaltmoony (Ao3)  |  (Link to art Mystique!Bucky)

Fic by L1av (Ao3)

Artwork rating: PG-13
Fic rating: Explicit
Word count: 24.7 K
Relationship: Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes
Warnings: Suicidal thoughts, explicit smut, deception by necessity

When mutants become too dangerous to the US government, Captain America is ordered to take out Bucky, a shape-shifting mutant and till recently, one of the government’s most loyal agents. Running for his life, Bucky yearns to be anyone else but himself. Steve, depressed and at his wits end, yearns for sweet release. Bucky, in the shape of a woman hides in plain sight, and learns that the hardest person to be is just himself.

Read in Ao3

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A prolonged silence is good for any relationship, Rick thinks to himself as he and Daryl sit perched on the steps of the big house at Alexandria, resting off a day’s hard work. Daryl smokes while Rick gulps water, the sunless sky sweltering with late autumn heat. They’ve been seated a good ten minutes without sharing a word, watching as the party for Hilltop readies itself to depart, Maggie leaning back to support her growing belly, flanked by her growing posse of loyal followers.

“How’d you know?” Daryl asks suddenly, and Rick pauses mid-sip. He’s gotten pretty good at deciphering Daryl’s, er, concise way of speaking, but even he will need a little more than that. He waits.

“’Bout Michonne?”

Ah, that. Rick scrubs at the back of his neck, looking between his boots. “I uh…”

He can talk about this stuff with his kids, sure, because you give up any sort of dignity or shyness when you’ve got kids to teach about the birds and the bees. And giving sappy speeches about feelings? Sure, he’s practically got it down to a science, now. But talking it out with a guy friend still falls into the territory of awkwardly clearing his throat and saying the word “buddy” a lot.

Daryl clearly isn’t in the mood for awkwardness, if his “getting down to business” posture says anything about it. He’s staring straight ahead through the meandering smoke of his cigarette, unflinching.

“I don’t know when it started. I guess it wasn’t really even a possibility until I knew she felt something, too,” Rick explains, scratching at his sunburned forearm. “She’d always be family, I knew that. But until I knew, I guess I thought that would be enough.”

Daryl’s jaw tenses as he pulls the cigarette away with an anxious puff. “How’d y’know you felt somethin’?”

Rick tilts back his head. He’s never thought about putting it into words. It’s not something he and Michonne had ever even discussed. The awkwardness of adolescent love was long gone from either of their lives: it was just about deciding to be together, to be as one.

“I guess, lookin’ forward to seein’ her first thing when I woke up, seein’ her smile,” Rick muses. Images and sounds come to the forefront of his mind and soon there’s nothing but that one, radiant woman filling up his entire mind’s eye. “Wantin’ to spend all my time with her, seein’ her first in a crowd…”

“Thinkin’ ’bout him even when he ain’t around,” Daryl pipes, and Rick’s mouth snaps shut.

Oh. Uh…

Daryl’s face is darkened by his bangs that lay heavy over his eyes, hiding his embarrassment. For a moment Rick doesn’t know whether his best friend just accidentally outed himself or if this is his way of confiding, but the way he’s not running away to sulk in the woods says he probably knew what he was saying. And meant to say it. Which means, well, uh…

Rick traces where Daryl’s looking, where he’s been looking for the last twenty minutes, and finally notices Jesus next to Maggie, smiling and chatting and looking his typically saintly self, sun glowing in his hair, cheeks cherubic, the whole deal. He also notices Daryl’s hands shaking something awful.

“Yeah, uh, definitely that,” Rick mumbles, clearing his throat and narrowly avoiding adding “buddy” to the end of his sentence, “there were a lot of things, I guess, but when I knew, I knew.”

Daryl nods as he smudges out his cigarette on the porch. He hefts his crossbow onto one shoulder and his pack onto the other.

“Alright. Best be goin’. See you in a few weeks?” Daryl mutters, getting swiftly to his feet, now that the party to Hilltop appears finally ready to leave.

“Uh, right,” Rick nods, putting out his hand for Daryl to shake before he goes. As he turns and walks across the street, Rick takes careful notice of whom he beelines to. Rick reddens in a way that has nothing to do the heat as he watches Jesus sparkle up at Daryl, smile practically glowing. Daryl says something obviously simple and gruff but apparently it’s the most endearing thing in the world, for how Jesus is looking at him like he hung the stars in the sky.

Rick has a feeling he may’ve bared his soul for nothing, because Daryl knew all along.

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au where Viktor try to come up with any excuse just to be able to touch Yuuri’s hair <3


“Let me,” Victor says as he watches Yuuri comb through his hair in front of their full-length hotel room mirror. He steps up beside him and takes the comb out of his hand, performing the same action himself, starting with the right, then the left, then back to the right again. Eventually, it’s flat and all of the tangles are out, but he keeps going, his free hand following the comb’s movements and his fingers flowing through the soft strands.

Yuuri leans against him, unable to help himself. “That… That feels good.”

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Wolfgang watches Kala sleeping right next to him. He touches her face, soft bare back, her arm and stops at her hand – the one that still has wedding ring on her finger. Wolfgang doesn’t want to push Kala cause he knows how hard it is for her to confront Rajan. But it’s killing him. Every time he sees the ring, it reminds him that she still belongs to Rajan.

Wolfgang slowly pulls her hand towards him. Instead of taking the ring off of her finger, which he wanted to do so badly, Wolfgang puts his lips on Kala’s hand and stays for a while. Hoping this bitter kiss would show the world she belongs to him. And he belongs to her.

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147. Once, after an extremely successful quidditch match, the Griffindor threw an impromptu parade, which was extremely successful and involved Fred and George’s firework dragons, many bewitched paintings dancing along, the founding of Hogwarts Marching Band, and Mrs Norris as a disco ball. After that, there was no stopping them. Parades for Honeydukes newest releases, “Hufflepuff-Gryffindor friendship” parades, even weekly “Founding of the Hogwarts Marching Band” parades. It got so ridiculous McGonagall had to cut them off at the “Creevy finally got a passing grade on his potions paper!!” Parade.