“It’s taken me nearly 28 years to realise that the most defiant thing we can do as individuals is not to resist others’ expectations of ourselves but to resist our own. It’s because of my unique struggles as a female in this industry that I’ve learned some of the most defining lessons of my life. I’m much stronger now. An empowered woman with more purpose than before. And I found out that that place where the Missy Elliots of the world rule is not a literal destination. It’s the gut feeling you follow. The voice you do not silence. It’s when you embrace your story and stop avoiding the most authentic parts of yourself.”

Beauty and the Beast

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Beauty and the Beast

Raphael x Reader

Note: Okay, so basically I’m obsessed with Beauty and the Beast again lmao. Here we go.

You walked down into the lair dressed in your new yellow sundress. A red rose hairclip was tucked into your soft locks, and you clutched a book to your chest. Beauty and the Beast.

“Well don’t you look smitten?” Raph smirked from his spot on the couch. “What’cha got there.”

“I want you to read this.” You shoved the book into his large green hands. He raised an eyebrow.

“Beauty and the Beast?”


“But uh, I ain’t exactly the best at readin’. What if there are big words?”

“I think you’ll be fine.” You hopped over the back of the couch and sat beside him.

“Would uh, would ya mind readin’ it ta me?” he asked sheepishly. “Yer probably busy, but-”

“Of course,” You replied. Raph clicked off the TV and prepared himself to listen to what he knew was your latest obsession. Sure, you had loved the old cartoon as a kid, but the new live-action movie had sparked something indescribable inside you. A powerful new passion for the tale as old as time.

You cleared your throat and began reading.

“Once upon a time, in a faraway land, a young prince lived in a shining castle…”


Though Raph wouldn’t really admit it, he loved the book. And he certainly couldn’t complain when you had brought the cartoon down to the lair to watch the next day. There was a secret precious hope in the back of his mind that maybe, possibly your sudden need to spend time with him and share all of these stories with him about beauty being found within, maybe it meant that you shared feelings for him.

He hoped that was the case, because here he was, lying awake thinking of you. Of how soft and warm you were, how nice you smelled, how your smile seemed to light up the room, how he could stare at you for days and never grow tired of the sight, of how your voice found indirect ways to tell him he was wanted and loved.

And with those warm feelings of you drifting around his heart, Raph fell asleep.

There you were, dressed in a gorgeous yellow ball gown. When he looked down, he was dressed in a sharp blue suit. And when he looked up, he was no longer in the lair, but in a gigantic ballroom.

“Are you ready for our dance?” your voice was a clear as a bell and your smile was the warmest he had ever seen. You held out your hands. He offered his: large and green and three-fingered.

“Where are-”

You didn’t give him time to respond before the two of you set out onto the floor, twirling and gliding together. Your head came to rest against his plastron, right above his heart as the two of you continued to move in synch with the music. He didn’t know where the dance skills had come from, but he didn’t even come close to stepping on your feet.

And then, suddenly, without any warning he was in the West Wing, staring at the enchanted rose as one of the final petals began to fall. You were standing beside him. He couldn’t stop the words from coming out of his mouth. It was as though he had no control over himself.

“We gotta break the curse, (Y/N).”

“What curse, Raphael? You’re not cursed.” Your soft hands rose to frame his face and wipe away the tears he didn’t realize he had shed. Your voice was no more than a gentle whisper, quiet and full of care. “You were never cursed.”

“I gotta be human for ya. I’ve gotta be…” another large tear rolled down his cheek. “I’ve gotta be good enough for ya.”

“You are good enough. You are more than I could have ever asked for.” Your words were like a promise. Sincere and ever so sure. “You don’t need to be human for me. I..I love you. I think I always have.”

He moved his lips to reply, but before he could, the scene faded and he was laying on his bed in the lair once more.


A smile tugged at his lips when he heard your voice down on the couch. A glance at his clock told him it was nearly noon. He practically ran down to you.

“Morning, Red.” You glanced up from the copy of Beastly in your hands. Your hair was up in a messy bun, and a pair of round glasses sat on the edge of your nose. He had never been so in love. “Well don’t you look smitten. Care to elaborate?”

“I just, uh, I had a thought.” He sat on the couch. “I…I like ya a lot. And I didn’t know if this whole Beauty and the Beast phase was-” His eyes widened as he suddenly found your lips on his. Quick and needy, but oh so soft and sweet. His giant arms wrapped around you and pulled your body against his own. His heart raced, beating like mad inside his chest. You were here. You were real. It wasn’t a dream. And you really wanted him.

“I love you, Raph. I just…” your cheeks darkened. “I didn’t know how to tell you, so-”

He kissed you again, but softer this time, slower. When he pulled away, he rested his forehead against yours. “I love you too.” He eyed the book you had dropped. Your eyes followed his gaze and a curious smile tugged at your lips.

“Want me to read to you?”

“Yeah.” He nodded, almost effortlessly pulling you onto his thigh with one of his large hands.

You opened the book, gingerly turning the pages. Raph lowered his head onto your shoulder, lips pressing against the exposed skin and pressing several kisses there.

“God, I love ya.” He mumbled against you. You leaned back against him and pressed a kiss to his jaw.

“I love you too…”

Perché fa paura essere amati. Perché la vita è complicata e troppo spesso si diverte a mandarti la persona giusta al momento sbagliato.
—  Guillaume Musso

heartcrystal08  asked:

Hi, heres a scenario the turtles woke up before their s/o and decided to watch her sleep. How would the s/o react if she woke up to the turtles watching them ? 💚

I think you meant to ask how would the boys react if she woke up to them watching her XD I had to re-read the question a couple of times before I noticed the grammar mistake.  It’s all good though!  

This turned out to be more of a short scenario more than anything though, not necessarily reactions.  Hope you don’t mind ^_^’’


His dream had startled him awake, to open his eyes to see his love sleeping soundly in front of him.  Leo couldn’t shut his eyes again, waiting for his heart beat to slow.  His blue irises were glued onto his s/o’s face for the next few minutes, taking in their features of how bright they glowed even in this pit of darkness.  He lightly stroked their cheek with his hand and played with their hair.  Leo finally smiled when their eyes fluttered open.  “I couldn’t fall asleep.  Sorry if I woke you.” Though there was barely any light, his lover was even more precious in this moment; Leo scooted closer and kissed them for a moment before wrapping them up in his arms before going back to sleep.


He had gotten up for a drink and returned to bed.  He was just about to lay his head down when he heard you move around on your side of the bed.  His eyes landed on you and he immediately smiled as you stretched and made funny noises from your throat; his arm propped him up while his other arm was free; Raph brushed your arm with his hand and placed a kiss on your shoulder.  When you wake to see him staring down at you, you immediately cover your face with the covers and hear him chuckle before he rests.  He doesn’t say anything except give your shoulder another kiss before he closes his eyes.


The guy doesn’t go to sleep until the crack of dawn anyways so he’s exhausted by the time he goes to bed.  He knows you’re there though, so he’s impatient and just leaves all his tools everywhere without putting them away.  He crashes into bed, without waking you, and pulls the covers over him.  But you catch his eye, and he stops before laying down.  He gets all smiley and loves how peaceful you look.  And then your eyes open, and his smile goes away for a moment, like “crap I woke ‘em up”.  When his s/o tells him he didn’t wake them up he smiles again and lays with them.  “You’re nose twitches when you sleep.  It’s cute.”- before closing his eyes.


“Did you know you talk in your sleep?”  Is the first thing he says when you peep open your eyes.  You had gone to bed early due to a headache, and Mikey joined you a few hours later; you stopped him before he had the chance to lay down because of your mumbling.  “You like cheesecake?” // “What.” // “You said you liked cheesecake… in your dream.”  He goes on about it, but drops it when your head hits the pillow again; Mikey smiles and chuckles at how out of it you are.  He leans down and kisses the back of your head before laying beside you.  It wasn’t long before you started mumbling again, and Mikey couldn’t help but giggle as he pulled you closer.

In order to maintain some of the exploration based play that its older titles employed, while also making use of new innovations, Wolfenstein: The New Order provides a multi-faceted regenerative health system. Rather than just allowing the player to restore all health at once, health is instead broken into chunks that can individual regenerate. In doing this, the game allows the player to take minor wounds without being greatly inconvenienced, but still provides a system where the player can slowly be worn down over time if they do not take the time to explore and find additional health packs.


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