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For Better or Worse (Five)

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Dwalin sat stunned in the threadbare armchair. He watched Y/N as she stomped away from him, her bare feet as thunderous as boots. The door slammed behind her and she disappeared into the corridor while he tried to sort through his sudden flood of thoughts. He could not fathom why she would have put on such a display and all for him…

He had been certain that she hated him. When they had stood at the altar and he had seen the look in her eyes; dread, resignation, disgust. He had not truly thought out the marriage but instead recklessly listened to that voice in his head which he so often ignored. It had been more to him than a last chance, for at his age he was well past eligibility, but a dream come true.

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Today in Middle-Earth: Smaug attacks Lake-town. (October 23rd, 2941 T.A.)

Fire leaped from the dragon’s jaws. He circled for a while high in the air above them lighting all the lake; the trees by the shores shone like copper and like blood with leaping shadows of dense black at their feet. Then down he swooped straight through the arrow-storm, reckless in his rage, taking no heed to turn his scaly sides towards his foes, seeking only to set their town ablaze

“Hey, Kili, you should try this!” *shoves fiNGER IN HIS MOUTH*

…Hopefully that’s not sriracha or wasabi sauce, Fili…

I just doodled up this random drawing and decided to ink it! So here’s another one for Inktober for you all! What’s going on, exactly? I think I’ll let you guys decide! *giggle* o(≧∇≦o)

I kinda screwed up inking some parts of Fili but overall I thought this was cute! And hey, Fili’s on the left hand side this time!

(Maybe Fili is doing something about that loose tooth Kili got while practicing…)