i REALLY want one of the belle babies to help ellion with reading and shit 

LISTEN UP KIDS this is going to be a very important meta about how both spencer & shane are wrongly vilified, how rick isn’t a saint ( shock horror ) & how all three are more alike than you think ( @gutspilt​ i got ur back boo ).

first thing’s first. who is the primary character we follow from day one? who do we base our reactions off of depending on their experience in this new world so far? you guessed it: RICK GRIMES. rick is the storytelling focus; we watch his development and - consciously or not - base our opinions on other characters upon situations he’s been through thus far. we see the world through rick’s eyes, so it’s not surprising we inherit some of his internal bias, even though we as viewers are capable of seeing the whole picture.

this leads onto my main point: how both spencer and shane are directly antagonistic towards rick, ergo they’re immediately painted in a bad light. but think about the parallels for a second, and you’ll start to see why, if you praise rick’s actions, you can’t immediately condemn those opposing him.

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ugh. fuck life sometime.

my friend just called. my goofy amazing hilarious loving friend. and told me his mom has pancreatic cancer. and I hate it because I’m awful at comforting people and I don’t know what to do or say that doesn’t sound like a cliche and it just sucks. I feel so bad and I have no idea why I’m typing this all out but I just felt like I needed to reiterate how badly life can suck sometimes and how much I need to remember to tell people I love them and live life while I’m still here.

so I love you guys. <3 I mean that whole-heartedly. and you can always come talk to me about serious stuff or funny stuff or things about our characters or about your life or whatever floats your boat. I’m here.

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How many wink/ smirk gifs have you MADE????? I feel like everytime I see your face on my dash I have to prepare myself

THIS IS HARD. I have so many! My mouth is a little wonky so it just looks like I’m smirking every time I smile. It’s unfortunate.. Here are all the ones of me actually smirking/ attempting to smirk.

(This ones not really a smirk but this post needed some Captain Jack)

(Fuzzy fuzzy fuzzy old camera)

(Plus one OOC)

I think there’s a lot more of them, but these were the ones I could find right now.

   outofcharacter ;;;

   idk if its been two weeks yet but it sure feels like it!!! i set up a saku.ra blog a while ago over at @kakvtoka and i’ve keep it low and only told friends (and those who are mutuals with me here and i have spoken with ooc, and followed my sa.kura and spoke with me ooc) as i just wanted to quietly explore her character… i feel more confident about sak.ura now tho!!

   also another thing i’ve learned: i cant really hide to begin with cause my goddamn essay headcanons give me away. i had several friends tell me this. i played myself…. anyway please follow my sak.ura if you’re interested!!!!!

   also also if anyone wondered why i chose yen: whitney. yentihw. yw.