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Absence Makes The Heart’s Glow Flounder #400

Today, I was enjoying lunch with a friend. I had made sandwiches of roasted chicken, Lorraine cheese, and a chipotle mayo on multigrain bread. I served it with a well iced lemon ginger tea that I had brewed the night before. Morning tasks had been completed and I was in a good mood.

  My friend started waving a hand in my face and repeatedly asking me if I was alright.  I was so surprised at the behavior that I could only offer a wry expression rather than an answer. She was behaving quite odd. A memory then hit me out of the cosmos. People had treated me this way before. I suddenly felt as if I could move my arms. I was a bit startled to also realize that a moment ago, I could not have moved them for all the effort I could muster. Setting the thought aside, I expressed my annoyance by pushing her hand away from my face. I said “I’m fine, what are you doing?” I am usually in better control of my emotions, but my annoyance was far more evident than I had intended. I was breathing heavily.

As she explained, her worried tone abated. I had been staring off into space, and she could not get my attention. An absence seizure. They don’t often travel alone with me. There would likely be another. I asked her how long had been in such a state. She said that it had been almost a minute but seemed like so much more. The morning had come with so much optimism. The rest of the day seemed damp and cold. I wonder if I had any more.