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  • Naruto: *has ended*
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  • Fairy Tail: *manga on its last arc*
  • Hunter x Hunter: *eternal hiatus*
  • One Piece: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
One Piece 860 thoughts

Another chapter! Oh dear Oda! Thank you! These past few weeks - and probably the next ones too - I’ve been so fricking busy I barely find the time to even read OP! This is so unfair yep FWP but whatever

Getting right to it. Aladdine’s ship reminds me so badly of the remodeled Baratie… or maybe I’m just seeing things, between this and all the other ships there isn’t a single normal one. Though let me just point out the absurdity of fishmen on a ship, like… a submarine, at most? Aren’t they more confortable underwater? And shaped like a ship! Though this makes a little sense because we humans shape figureheads as, well, humans … or mermaids at most. DOn’t tell I’m the only one baffled please. 

Flashback to what happened earlier, but not too early… hence the grey

Praline is so pretty

Aladdine must be a macho for fishmen standards - not IMHO though

NOW THAT EXPLAINS IT! I never wanted to believe Jinbei would simply play the coward, because now we know that the loves of his crewmates were at stake as well. Uncalled for, but thanks sensei.

Now… personally, I was never against Jinbei joining the crew, and not because I like him particularly - I’m rather indifferent to him honestly. A friend of mine, when he basically forced me to read OP - though to this day I thank him for it -, explained me why Jinbei would eventually surely join the crew, though now I’m not going to list all the reason - hint: HE SAID HE WOULD. 

Not, though yet again many denied it until the very last moment, it’s official. So whether we like it or not, let’s deal with it. If I really could have chosen, I’d rather have had another girl in the crew - ahem… Carrot? you there? - but this a is a shounen and I’m a girl.

Besides I don’t deem, as many do, he’ll ruin the monster trio, as he is now, Sanji is still stronger, not to mention that the three of them are young and relatively careless, while Jinbei’s old, seasoned and savvy. He wouldn’t fit. It wouldn’t be the monster trio anymore.

My only problem with him joining is this: he KNOWS he’s putting his homeland at risk - as if it weren’t before already with the whole Luffy and Big Mom thing in Fishmen Island arc, but whatever -, Aladdine knows it, Praline , as she looks with dreamy eyes at her husband, knows, everybody knows it. He knows she’s cruel. How many of you wouldn’t expect Mama, who sends severed heads as presents, to pose a huge threat to Fishmen Island now that its Knight has betrayed her? This is kinda fishy to me - sorry couldn’t resist. 

The Vinsmokes assembled. They all are quite elegant and I loove Reiju’s suit - but Ichiji, you could’ve worn a jacket, you’d still be an asshole, but an elegant asshole. And speaking of assholes, it’s adorable how they still prove to be such individuals on every single chance Oda gives them to speak. The big sister is obviously unaware of the plan, or she would try to stop Sanji from rescuing her and them - really, along with their mother Sora this self-sacrifice tradition is a family thing. 

A bunch of new strange characters. As far as I can tell, no-one was anticipated. But the girl is someone I’d like to say a few words about. 

If we meet women in OP, they tend to have tragic stories/backstories and not to be very powerful, in terms of strenght or political power, in their own good. Boa Hancock is an exception. Stussy is here is notable for the fact that she holds power,  for the fact she’s the Queen of the pleasure quarter - whereas it’s much more common to hear of males leads in such roles - and for the mention that “Pleasure quarters” themselves exist. Oe Piece is very chaste manga. Recently in an SBS Oda confirmed subtly that Doffy and Viola were in a relationship - but since she, well, detests him, I’ll let you imagine what kind of relationship - and the fandom has suspected for a while now that the Boa sisters suffered sexual abuse during their slavery days. The baristas Big Mom sent to the hateful Vinsmokes were probably sent for that purpose.In other mangas this is much more explicit. Here, not quite, and remeber that the target is teenage boys after all*. So I’d say it’s at least worth a mention. We’ll see why later on.

*and yet most of the commentators here on tumblr are females lol

However, Prospero arrives, sends them up on a magic escalator and off we go with two whole pages. This chapter seemed so short because of all the double pages, and in general I like them, but not when I’m dying to know what’ll happen. 

Then another character tries to force his way in the ceremony. I wonder was he even got a name tag if he was supposed to last so little. He’s either not dead - unlikely - or we’ll meet someone who knew him later. 

Guy: so you know, I knew Jigra, th Organ dealer…

Capone: oh. He eas shot dead before me. 

Guy: wh…

Capone: condoleances. 

…something like that…

All for the purpose - poor Jigra, sorry, you’re but a deux ec machina of the lowest kind - of introducing

Now call me a psycho but I FRICKING LOVE HIM. It’s not the punk attire - I’m past that phase already, if I ever went through it -, it’s the … oh, I don’t know. Maybe the Zoro-esque hair. Or am I just a victim of the Cool Dark Guy clichè? Yeah, I could be. 

But more than that, his observation haki!!! Can’t fricking wait to see him in action - against Sanji, please!!!!

And while Smoothie pours what I fear being yet again actual human smoothies to the guests, the party begins. How lovely. We even catch a glimpse of our splendid groom - WHO MUST NOT RECITE THE FRICKING VOWS. 

Not with her, at least <3

I’m really happy about the way Oda treats Nami in this arc. She is really brave, clever and ready to fight everyone who wants to fight her family.

She doesn’t wait until Jinbei or the others try to sneak Brook out of BIG MOM’S (!!!) arms she just does it. By choice. I mean Nami always showed some kind of courage if she had to rescue her friends but here she didn’t show one bit of hesitation.

I think that shot just shows how big the yonkou actually is compared to Nami. The whole crew sees how terrifying BM is even when she sleeps. So let me just say thank you to Oda to give my girl some justice.