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John! Heyy!!! I’m coming after you today! Yay! Soo, I have a question! Why did you stop referring to Lestrade as â–“â–“â–“â–“â–“â–“â–“â–“ and start to call him by name?

Oh yeah… You only call him by name after Sherlock jumped off Bart’s… Well damn, John. Either you stopped protecting his identity, or, the blog isn’t real after the ‘Hello Boys!’ post, and it’s all in Sherlock’s mind from there. (I have more evidence tucked away here)

So we start at the ASiP post:

Nothing unusual here. John is protecting Lestrade’s identity, it’s all fine.

He does it again in TGG post:

And, I can only think in the Aluminium Crutch post, this is Lestrade as well:

See? It’s all fine. Everything is fine, they can hardly reveal the identity of the man who’s helping them at Scotland Yard.

That is until, The Orient Express post… The 6th post after Sherlock’s death:

Oh look… You mentioned Lestrade, by name. Like everyone knows who he is, yet, Lestrade as a name is never mentioned on the blog before this.

So John just stopped using â–“â–“â–“â–“â–“â–“â–“â–“, for some reason? It is never used again and from here, Greg is all that is said. Not even Lestrade: 

So, why John? Why stop using â–“â–“â–“â–“â–“â–“â–“â–“ to protect peoples names, not just Lestrade’s?

Is it because the blog hasn’t actually been written by you since TRF? Because we’re still there? Is the blog really just what Sherlock wrote in his mind before he fully slipped into dreams and stopped writing it? Because Sherlock does know Lestrade’s name, we know that. (Especially if you think S3 is EMP as well as S4). So what’s stopping Sherlock from writing Lestrade’s name down, when the blog isn’t real at all, after a certain point? That’s right, nothing is. It’s easier to just say Lestrade’s name than using â–“â–“â–“â–“â–“â–“â–“â–“.

So, if you didn’t believe me before about John’s blog… Does this sway you? Because it just seems like conclusive proof to me. Or it might not be and there could be a reasonable explanation to this but, I can’t see it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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beannysiegel replied to your post “¦â€¦â€¦â€¦â€¦â€¦â€¦â€¦â€¦â€¦â€¦â€¦â€¦â€¦â€¦â€¦im feeling a slight urge to play sims for the first…”

a few months ago i suddenly had the urge and i played from like 9pm to 11am the next morning and for like 3 days after and then suddenly the urge went away and i didn’t play again, the sims is like nothing else on earth, an addiction that burns so hot and then fades away in an instant.. Remarkable

that being said: DO IT!!!!!!!!

THE JOKE’S ON ME technology decided to save me from myself

apparently I haven’t played in over a year since I got a new computer and uh, sims 3 and the graphics card in my computer do not get along, apparently. I can get the menu screen to open but when I hit play it doesn’t actually open, it just crashes

the internet tells me there are fixes for specific incompatible graphics cards but I was kind of just like …….yeaaahhhhh this is a sign. my urge was not that strong. I have been saved from myself

Ygo Fic-a-thon day 1

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Is everyone ready? Cause I am! Day 1 is Salon Au. Yugi works as a hairdresser in Armarna Pharos’ salon He’s been crushing on her twin, Atem. One day Armarna shoves Atem off onto Yugi, as she’s too busy to cut his hair.

Also tried to post this twice before this. Tumblr stopped responding, and I’m too done to clean this up. I apologize, but I’ll have this cross posted to my AO3 account.

“Hello, Handsome.” Came a masculine voice. It wasn’t too deep or too high. Oddly, it was soothing in tone. “Your hair is just so soft and silky! Please tell me you’re my next client! I’d love to work with your hair. It’s my favorite type!”

                â€œThank you.” He murmured softly. His chair was spun around quickly. The stylist was about his height, give or take an inch. His eyes were wide violet orbs. From his close vantage point, Atem could see he wore a little mascara. It didn’t look ridiculous on him and Atem started to calm. He wore kohl eyeliner and would steal Amarna’s mascara too. At least they had one thing in common. “H-hi. I’m Atem. Armarna’s my twin, and she can’t do my hair today.”

                â€œAh, Boss Lady’s brother. She didn’t tell me you were cute. I’m Yugi, by the way.” Atem blushed as his hands fiddled with his ultramarine blue cat eye glasses. He took them off, folding them down so he could hold them easier. “You can sit your glasses on my shelf. Can’t have hair spray getting on them, can we?”


                â€œWhat does Mar usually do to your hair?”

                â€œShe washes it for me, then trims it, and straightens it for me.” Yugi nodded as his hands sank into Atem’s hair again.

                â€œHow short does she trim it? An inch or two?” Atem’s expression turned confused. “Does she trim about this much or more?” Yugi held out his pointer finger, his thumb resting against the first crease.

                â€œAbout that much.”

                â€œCan I trim it up a little more than that, and style it differently?” He nodded as he stood to follow the other to the sinks. “I like shaggy looks, but it’s not you, Handsome. I wanna see how you’d look with your hair spiked like mine.”

                â€œO.k. I like spikes.” Yugi smiled. Atem smiled shyly back as he settled into the plush black chair. He held his feet out so the other could push a foot rest under them. He leaned back. He hummed as he waited for the water to warm up.

                â€œI know you and Boss Lady are Egyptian, so how did you two end up here?”

                â€œAlab came to the US for collage. He met and fell for Momma, and she went back to Egypt with him after school. We lived there until Armarna and I were 15. It was obvious I wasn’t interested in girls and our parents were not allowing Armarna to be pressured into any marriage. So we came back here, where I wouldn’t be arrested for my sexuality, and my sister wouldn’t be forced to be bride in an abusive marriage.”

                â€œYeah, I can understand that. I’m bisexual as I think everyone’s beautiful. I emigrated from Japan when I came over for beauty school. I wanted to be able to marry my chosen life partner, no matter what gender or sexuality they are. I want everyone we meet to know they’re mine and I’m theirs.” Atem hummed. He was growing more and more relaxed as Yugi washed his hair. Experienced fingers scratched around his scalp, hard enough to knock stubborn dirt loose, but not enough to hurt.

                It was too soon that he as wrapping his hair in a towel. He followed after him, going back to his original chair. Yugi tossed the smock around him. He smiled at the chibi Dark Magicians against the dark violet. A brush went through his damp hair. He closed his eyes, letting the snip of scissors relax him more. Yugi smiled as he went near boneless under his hands. His heart clenched.

                He’d been crushing on his boss’ twin since he had first seen the man. He had begged Armarna for months to let him cut her twin’s hair. He frowned as he realized he was almost done. All he had to do now was put in the gel. He sighed softly. Hopefully Atem liked it or him enough to come back. He glanced over to Armarna. His eyes got big.

                â€˜Ask my brother out already!’ Was written on her lighted mirror in her trademark vintage red lipstick. Yugi blushed, but nodded. When Armarna told you to do something, you do it, or she silently judges you. No one could handle her judging them. Yugi had seen her do it to others, and had vowed to never be on the receiving end.

                â€œThank you, Yugi. I really like it!” Atem said as he stood. His hair was shorter than he was used to, and gelled, but his spikes were tasteful. They curved back, following the natural fall of his hair. Yugi grinned behind him. “What do I owe you?”

                â€œHow about a date? I’ve been crushing on you since I saw you a few days after I started. And you don’t owe me anything for the haircut.”

                â€œYou really want to date me? I-I’m not real-“

                â€œYou’re sweet, cute when embarrassed, and I love the sound of your laugh. I love when a man can wear his glasses right, and you’re the only one who makes cat eyes sexy. I think you’re the bees knees. I do really want to date you. I think Armarna wants you to date me too.” Atem turned as he slipped his glasses on. He thought he’d have a reprieve from his blush, but it just got darker as he saw his twin’s mirror.

                â€œAlright, if you’re sure.”

                â€œI am, Handsome.” Yugi grinned as he kissed his cheek. “Swing by Friday, and we’ll have dinner after my shift?” Atem nodded as he smiled.