BTS reaction to you crying during sex because it feels so good

thank you to whoever requested this, as soon as I read it I was like YES YES YES FINALLY SOMEONE MADE AN AWESOME SUGGESTION ehehe

the following content is for mature minds only ;)

requested by anon: BTS reaction to you start crying during sex because it feels so good

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Törbjørñ çhœrtłēd ã mîśčhīévõüś čhūćkłê âś hē tïęd Šòłdįėr 76 tø å čhâìr. “Ÿõú ärè â ñåúghtÿ mæÿœñńãįšë bõÿ.” Hē çärtwhèêłéd tôwãrdš thë bēd áñd śprėåd híš ârmś ôüt šmūgłÿ, Rèāpėr wàłkīñg ìń åñd śtêppįñg bėhîńd Sõłdïér. “Ÿøù’rę âbōùt tó łêårñ whät īt’š łìkê tö bė â çüčk.” Thīñgś wērê ãbôūt tö gęt âłł šłürpÿ būńgûš àś Rêåpér phæšēd įñtò thë bēd.

Encanto - a makeup glamour to make your words more enchanting

Originally posted by fandomonio

*inspired by the Vampires ability to enchant humans and make their words seem like truth*

- Eyeshadow or Mascara of your choice
- Black, Red and Silver Candles
- Mirror
- You

- Get in front of you mirror and set up your candles. Light them before you start anything else. 
-Â  Hold your makeup over the Black candle first and think/say: “With this candle, I banish fear and doubt, I throw it out.”
- Hold it over the red candle and say/think: “this candle, I call to myself confidence and enchantment, so that others and I will be in agreement”
- Hold it over the silver candle and say/think: ”this candle, I call to my self the knowledge of when to use this power and when to let it be, This I decree.”
- Blow out your candles
- Apply your makeup of choice and voila!
- Remove the makeup to remove the glamour

- Aesa <3
This is my original spell, do not repost on any platform without my explicit permission. Reblogging is okay, Reposting is not.
Do Not Advertise on my posts.

hobbies! 爱好

sorry I didn’t post recently, school has been really hectic at the moment :(

as always the third tone will be replaced by â because I don’t have it on here x

跳舞 // tiào wû // dance

唱歌 // chàng gē // sing

看书 // kàn shū // read

看电视 // kàn diàn shì // watch tv

看电影 // kàn diàn yîng // watch films

做运动 // zuò yùn dòng // play sports

打球 // da qiu // play ball games

打篮球 // dâ lán qiú // play basketball

打网球 // dâ wang qiú // play tennis

弾钢琴 // tán gāng qín // play piano

弹吉他 // tán jí tā // play guitar

画画 // huà huà // draw

聊天 // liâo tiān // to chat

打曲棍球 // dâ qū qùn qiú // play hockey

打乒乓球 // dâ píng pāng qiú // play table tennis (ping pong)

打板球 // dâ bân qiú // play cricket

遛狗 // liu gôu // to walk a dog

上网 // shàng wâng // surf the Internet

听音乐 // tīng yīn yuè // listen to music

跑步 // pao bu // running

sentence structure & vocab:

我的 // wô de // my

爱好 // aì hâo // hobby

是 // shì // is

我的爱好是听音乐 // wô de aì hâo shì tīng yīn yuè // my hobby is listening to music

will do a part 2 for thus as I have learnt a lot more hobbies in my school mandarin class, and I will add more advanced sentences to it 💗💗

hope this was helpful!


Request: You might be getting a lot of requests for Billy Hargrove but if you’ll humour me, may I request #11 and #70 please? I feel Billy very rough around the edges (seriously SHARP as Obsidian!) and that it’d take a really good bit of time to break through to him. He isn’t very good at using his words (unless it’s for flirting) and copes unhealthily. Many make him seem so easily reached but I just think it’d honestly take time for him to share even the simplest of things. Sorry went on a tangent… 😅

Prompts: 11. “How could you ask me that?” and 70. “After everything we’ve been through, you still don’t think that I love you?”

Pairing: Billy Hargrove x Reader

Warnings: Swearing

Word Count: 820

A/N: Thank you for the request!!! I totally agree with you about him and I think it would take a while to open up due to his insecurities and trust issues. Requests open but will be slow. (1st of December to 1st of January will be Christmas and New Year requests).

Xmas Prompts

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Originally posted by my-allisondiamond-world

Y/N L/N had never expected to fall in love with Billy Hargrove. Love didn’t seem to be something he was capable of. She had told herself that time and time again since they had started dating a few months before. He was closed off to the world. He rarely showed emotion day to day unless it was anger or pride. That boy was cut from obsidian. He was dangerous and unpredictable. Everyone had warned her to stay away from him but she couldn’t. He was a mystery she wanted to solve. Just like obsidian his rough exterior hid a collection of secrets.

At first, finding out what made him tick had been an alluring challenge. Now, Y/N wondered if she was ever going to crack him open. Some nights he would come over covered in blood, tears and bruises. She would take care of him but he wouldn’t speak a word. The next morning, he would be gone without a trace other than the lingering smell of cigarette smoke. Â She loved him with all her heart but she was beginning to wonder if he actually felt the same way about her. He might tell her but it was only in those nights where his father had made him fell worthless. He had never actually confirmed that it was his father that caused his injuries but she could guess.

The pair were laying in her bed, Y/N on Billy’s chest and Billy with a cigarette hanging out of the corner of his mouth. He had come running to her after his father had gone off on him and he needed to feel something that told him that he wasn’t worthless. But, right now, it was Y/N who was still feeling worthless. She knew that as soon as he had finished his cigarette he would get up to leave. He’d get dressed and jump out of the window with barely a goodbye. As if on cue he dropped the cigarette in an empty glass on the bedside table and shifted her off his chest as he sat up. He started to get dressed and Y/N quickly pulled on her underwear and one of his shirts.

“Do you love me?” The question caught him off guard and he nearly tripped over his jean leg.

“After everything we’ve been through, you still don’t think that I love you? How could you ask me that?” He spun around to face her and found her sat up hugging the covers on her bed.

“Because you never talk to me. You come over and then leave, you parade me around school like you own the place and you refuse to tell me what your dad actually does to you.” Y/N messed with the covers in her hands; refusing to meet his crystal blue gaze.

The bed dipped down as he sat back down next to her and ran his hands over his face. “I don’t know how to.”


“I don’t know how to talk to you. I don’t know how to tell you about my dad. I don’t know how to function in an actual relationship. This,” He gestured between them both. “it scares the living shit out of me. I’m so scared of fucking this up because I honestly don’t know how to function around you. I love you, Y/N. I really do.”

Y/N shifted forwards and kissed his bare shoulder. He turned his body to face her and pulled her into him. He pressed his lips against her and she tangled her fingers through his hair. He pulled back and placed his forehead against hers.

“Stay.” She whispered.

“Of course.” He murmured back as he pulled his jeans off and situated himself on his back again. She laid back on his chest and he pressed a kiss to her temple.

Request: Headcanon for dating Sweet Pea and being Archie or Jughead’s twin sister!
Sidenote: This is 1,000 words of pure trash, but it was fun to put together and fed me ideas for Word Of Mouth, so yay! Also, I’ll be doing another featuring Jughead’s twin sister!

Headcanon: Sweet Pea + His Babycakes…With A Side Of Displeased Twin Brother

  • Being Archie Andrews’ twin sister means being the more rational of the two at times, lately more often than not
  • It also meant viewing Jughead Jones as a second brother, almost like a triplet, and thus meant that running into Sweet Pea after Juggie’s move to the Southside?
  • It was inevitable
  • Archie’s creation of the Red Circle is the tipping point for you, prompting you to leave school grounds and walk the few miles to Southside High, hardly caring about the cold
  • Your anger keeps you warm anyway
  • You’re so focused on your goal (engaging in a mostly one-sided rant about the idiocy of your twin brother), you don’t even notice the intimidating forms of multiple boys crowded around the table Juggie is perched on; each one of them clad in leather, their Serpent emblems displayed proudly on skin and jacket alike
  • Not that you’d care
  • (Y/N) what are you doing-
  • He’s just so STUPID! Like going around threatening a masked killer is the best plan after said killer shot our father in point blank range-
  • -here?! You need to leave!
  • -swear I’M going to be the next killer, after I get my hands around his stupid neck and just squeeze-!
  • Seriously, (Y/N), I’ll call you-
  • Do you think Dad would care if he were down a child? Like, it would help on the grocery bills-?
  • -later and we can talk about it then!
  • He’s such a pig with the way he eats lately, and inviting half the football team over too-!
  • It’s his snort that captures your attention, and suddenly you’re quite aware of the five or ten additional pairs of eyes watching you, various degrees of annoyance and amusement reflecting back at you.
  • Well…shit.
  • He’s tall, he’s handsome, he’s dressed in a leather jacket that fits his shoulders just right and a black shirt that shows the slightest sliver of skin above his hips…
  • And he couldn’t be more perfect if he tried
  • Your eyes go wide, your lips part in shock, and every single word you had planned to speak disappears into nothingness
  • You both just…stare
  • The charge, the tension, the rippling of electricity mapping its way across your skin; it’s all you can manage to keep from shivering right there and then
  • SP isn’t fairing much better, what with his rapidly beating heart and the breath that heaves in and out of his chest
  • Everyone notices
  • And I do mean everyone
  • Jughead’s menacing scowl, Fangs’ arched eyebrow, and Toni’s smirk of amusement are just a few of the expressions hovering over your shoulder
  • “Well…if you guys are done eye-fucking each other now..”
  • &#157;Sweet Pea tells himself he’s only doing it to get under the Ginger Northsider’s skin, with the added bonus that the Baby Serpent clearly is displeased with your growing attentions. 
  • He tells himself there’s no meaning behind it, that you’re just a means to an end, that it’s just a bit of fun and will never be anything more
  • even when you’re sneaking out for hidden midnight rides down by Sweetwater River and shared dances in the shadows of the Whyte Wyrm’s smoky dance floor
  • even when you clearly are risking everything just to get five more minutes with him
  • You tell yourself it’s a fling, that you’re just looking for some fun after being the prim and proper Andrews Angel for so long.
  • You tell yourself that it’ll never last, that it’s a rebellious phase, something that every teenager experiences at one point or another and pretty soon you’ll be back to your usual self
  • even when you help him teach his little sister the steps to a simple box step for her fifth grade ‘Snowflake Frolic’ at school and his mother looks at you with soft, knowing eyes
  • even when you’re sneaking him into your room, just so that you can listen to his heartbeat as your drift off to sleep
  • The night of the Rumble is the night the line is drawn in the sand, and you never could have imagined the outcome
  • Finding out that your own twin had pulled a gun on anyone, much less the boy who had (admittedly) stolen your heart was like a blade slipped between your ribs
  • Seeing Sweet Pea in the doorway; standing tall and strong, his eyes dark and infuriated, softening only briefly as they swept over you by the stairs…
  • It took your breath away
  • Veronica’s nails piercing through the skin of your forearm was the only thing that kept you from running to SP when Archie landed the first punch, sending him to the ground
  • The more they hurt each other, the more you began to hyperventilate, worst case scenarios flashing through your mind like a morbid scrapbook.
  • Your scream cut through the air at the exact second Veronica squeezed the trigger.
  • …silence echoed through the rain, drowning out the sound of thunder.
  • And then you were running.
  • You didn’t even realize you had made the choice until you slammed into his chest, nearly sending both of you to the ground in your desperation
  • Sweet Pea’s long arms wound around your body, cradling you to his chest, constricting in a way that almost made it hard to breathe
  • You didn’t care.
  • You just wanted, needed more.
  • Archie’s angry shout of your name was lost below the sudden roar of motorcycle engines roaring to life, and sirens echoing somewhere in the distance
  • His hand was large and slick when he held it out to you, the bike below him rumbling and the water sliding down the leather of his jacket, eyes dark and full of promises, just like the hand he offered
  • You didn’t have to think about rather to take it or not
  • Later, you would realize how ironic it all was
  • How the thought of forbidden romances, of Hades and Persephone popped up into your mind as you slid onto the bike behind Sweet Pea; your brother’s distressed cries of your name calling out for you and SP’s sinful smirk curling his lips upward as he laced his fingers through yours
  • …and sped away

Moon Shadow by James Marvin Phelps
Via Flickr:
Moon Shadow Grand Canyon National Park Arizona

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school vocab (mandarin)

Originally posted by conangray

note: â ê î ô û are used to indicate the 3rd tone

学校 xuéxiào

幼儿园 yòu’éryuán kindergarten

小学 xiâoxué primary school

中学 zhōngxué middle school

初中 chūzhōng junior high school (grades 7-9 in china & taiwan)

高中 gāozhōng senior high school (grades 10-12 in china & taiwan); high school (grades 9-12 in u.s.)

大学 dàxué college/university

研究所 yánjiūsuô graduate school

医学院 yīxuéyuàn medical school

法学院 fâxuéyuàn law school

学生 xuéshēng student

老师 lâoshī teacher

教授 jiàoshòu professor

年级 niánjí grade/year (in school)

功课/作业 gōngkè/zuòyè homework

校服 xiàofú school uniform

教室 jiàoshì classroom

课 kè class [mw: 堂]

课本 kèbên textbook

练习册 liànxícè exercise book (workbook)

成绩 chéngjì grades

学费 xuéfèi tuition

*here’s the link to my school supplies post*

数学课 shùxuékè math class

历史课 lìshîkè history class

地理课 dìlîkè geography class

物理课 wùlîkè physics class

化学课 huàxuékè chemistry class

生物课 shēngwùkè biology class

音乐课 yīnyuèkè music class

美术课 mêishùkè art class

体育课 tîyùkè physical education/ P.E.

写作课 xiêzuòkè composition

文学课 wénxuékè literature class

申请大学 shēnqîng dàxué

申请 shēnqîng to apply 

推荐信 tuījiànxìn recommendation letter

被…录取 bèi…lùqû to be admitted 

入学 rùxué to enroll

入学考试 rùxué kâoshì entrance exam

毕业 bìyè to graduate

as usual if there’s any mistakes just let me know (an ask or a message are the most reliable means of communication as i am not always able to check the notes on my posts for replies)


Essential Oil Benefits: Clove

Health Benefits: Relieves colds, numbs the skin, especially muscles, joins, and oral pains. Reduces swelling and the appearance of ageing on the skin,  heals and prevents acne, repels lice, boosts the immune system, helps allergies, warms the body (add to the tub), treats indigestion, stress, headache, neuralgia, repels insects, and improves brain function and aids in mental fatigue.

Vitamins, Minerals, and Related: Analgesic, anti-ageing, circulatory, digestive, anti-infectious, rubefaicent, immunostimulant, antiviral, anti-bacterial, anti-coagulant, anti-helmintic, anti-fungal, anti-histamine, antiseptic, antispasmodic, anti-parasitic, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, anti-phlogistic, carminative, cicatrisant, disinfectant, nervine, nuerotonic, stimulant, and warming.

Beauty Benefits: Treats acne, corrects topical skin imbalances on all skin on the body, dissolves age spots.

Magickal Uses: Protection, banishing hostile/negative forces, gaining what is sought, attracts riches, stops gossip, attracts opposite sex, cleanses aura,  chases away melancholy and to helps one to sleep soundly, divination, love, lust, banishing, releasing, inspiration, helps one become more sensitive and aware of others, common for rituals.

Interesting Facts: During the 15th century, clove oil was used by grave robbers to protect against the black plague.

The name clove came from the Latin word â&#128;&#147; clavus, meaning nail.

People of Moluccas believe in performing certain rituals at the time of planting and cultivation of cloves. In past people used to plant a clove tree to celebrate the birth of a new member of the family.

Break Down the Wall | Ten

summary: marriage isn’t easy, and love takes time
words: 8k+
category: prince!ten, angst, fluff
warning: mentions of sexual harassment

Originally posted by tensct

It wasn’t like the books. It was never like the books. Princes and Princesses didn’t get married because they fell in love, and they certainly didn’t fall conveniently in love with the one they were betrothed too. That wasn’t realistic. That wasn’t real life.

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High School DxD Hero is being done by Stduio Passione. here’s what i put on the original post on my deviantart.

now we have the official poster image for season 4 and I also found out the anime company doing the animation. Since TNK was either unavailable or unable to do it this time Passione got the job. for those who don’t know who or what that studio is it’s no surprise since I had to look into that too and the reason not many would their name is due to the fact they only have 6 anime under their belts and have only been around since January 2011. their pretty much still a baby company in comparison to big names like TNK, Toei, and a few others but their list of animes may jog your memories

from 2012 to 2013 they did Haitai Nanafa(season 1 and 2)

in 2014 they did Rail Wars

in 2015 they did Rokka no Yuusha where later they did a blu ray picture drama.

in 2017 they did the tantalizing Hinako Note(which i will post later since i am in the middle of finishing it)

and in 2018 they are set to do Citrus in January before high school dxd hero.

so under their belt they have 6 projects accomplished based on 4 anime. yes picture dramas and being hired to do a season 2 count as seperate projects. so by 2018 they’ll have 6 anime. so if you’ve seen any of the 4 anime listed before Citrus then I think High School DxD for the most part should be fine since so far Passione hasn’t released anything that can be considered terrible or a failed project since I heard a few good things on Nanafa, I keep hearing a couple of you guys here asking me about Rail Wars, a majority of you loved Rokka no Yuusha apparently, Hinako Note did some sexy and cute stuff. so I think it’ll be fine but it does add extra pressure on them since before they were hired to do season 1 projects so doing a continuation season may be a new ball game for them so let’s hope they know how to do their research.

here’s a bit of extra info on who’s involved

“Passione has been selected as the new animation studio (was previously TNK), Yoshifumi Sueda (Rail Wars) will be serving as director and Makoto Uno (Seikon no Qwaser, Rail Wars) will be in charge of the new character designs"Â

No wonder something seemed a little more hentaish here since one of the character designers for seikon no qwaser is here lol well Uno does do good designs so I can’t really fault him for anything Qwaser fell short on.

and there you have it guys. all the info you need on what’s going on with DxD and who is doing the animation. if you feel that worried about the changes in DxD then before you join the internet trolls of "ME HATE DIFFERENT! DIFFERENT BAD!!!” - Yugioh Abridged reference. check out the 4 anime Studio Passione has done so far to at least for the visuals, character designs, and directing since we can’t really compare story and plot given how like many studios they can only follow source material unless it’s Nanoha, dog days, or pretty cure where it’s purely an anime only story. but anyway not counting plot or story check out the other 4 anime to see how passione does in visuals, directing, design, and music before you jump the gun and assume Passione is gonna fail at it. the fact i got a lot of you here or see comments all over tumblr, youtube, facebook, and twitter giving mainly positive feedbacks with only a few negatives says Passione knows what they’re doing.

if you know all this and are familiar with Passione’s work then give your thoughts in how you think they’ll do with high school dxd hero in the comments below.

in Tumblr just give replies to express what you think of all this