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Have a reply post.  :D  I think that’s all?  And I hope I replied to everyone WITHIN the post.  I end up doing replies in weird broken ways and there’ve been occasions where I’ve put the reply but haven’t actually said anything about it… >_>;  xD

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The most random assortment of replies ever 31.10.17


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“He pulls me into his lap and  says, “I know the holiday’s aren’t about…”

These 2 are seriously so cute together!

tbh I didn’t expect them to be this cute together, half way through I changed their story bc apparently I’ve become a bloody romantic. (this is also my FAVOURITE shot of them ever and ngl when I queued it I thought of you haha)

tyrellsimsoficeandfire replied to your photo “˜†  From the Beginning  ☆”

Beautiful ❤️

Thanks! I’m particularly proud of this

tyrellsimsoficeandfire replied to your photoset “Merry Christmas, Emilie.” “Merry Christmas, mamma.” ☆  From the…”

You really get me into christmas mood already �� a shame I can’t do christmas stuff with my GOT Sims

oy lemme tell you I loooove halloween (don’t like thanksgiving) but ALL I want is for it to be December so I can decorate, bake, and have christmas music playing at all hours

tyrellsimsoficeandfirereplied to your photo “Hendrik Pettersen The truth runs wild Like a tear down a cheek…”

What a handsome guy. Totally loveable❤️❤️

Have I told you guys I’m so excited for season 2 aka Hendrik’s story???

tyrellsimsoficeandfire replied to your photo “Hendrik Pettersen The truth runs wild Like a tear down a cheek…”

Blue eyes, blond hair, hendrick… Is he supposed to be Swedish? ��

You’ll note that to me Aurora Skies = Scandinavia and give them little accents (or they say certain words differently – ja, nei, mamma, pappa, etc) and I sort of do the same for each other neighborhood. Like Bridgeport = London, etc.

simnights replied to your photo

“Sunday, 14:22 “So…your friend actually said this place was good?”…”

Is she lying because she doesn’t feel like talking to her dad about THE SECKS or is it something else????? I NEED ANSWERS

simnights replied to your photoset “Hei,” I squeak. “Halla,” Nico says with an easy smile, “fancy seeing…”


Thanks for making me laugh uncontrollably….and wait and see :) 

Also thank you to everyone who helps me with my WCIF requests, you are all amazing

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