can ya’ll please stop acting like jim doesn’t give a shit about studying the troll lore book because he clearly does



I just found out that there is a beautiful and stunning male and overtly homosexual version of the swan lake and that it is the same play that billy elliot performs in front of his father at the end of the movie in london and my heart is filled with joy you guys have no idea

Demigods & Rachel + Pet Peeves

I tried to include as many demigods and there’s no total accuracy to this

Annabeth: The annoying screeching sounds when someone runs their nails on a chalkboard.

Austin: Youtube advertisement that pops up at several points in a video.

Clarisse: People telling her to do something she’s already planning to or is currently at the middle of.

Drew: The time it takes to wait for a nail polish to dry. Also, morning hair tangles.

Frank: People sticking gum under the table. Do you have any idea how hard and annoying they are to scrape off?

Hazel: Dirty dishes being piled up and not washed until the very last minute.

Jason: People who cut through the line and think that they should be prioritized first with completely invalid reasons. Others are here first, get your asses at the back and wait for your fucking turn

Kayla: People who don’t chew their food properly and squirts their ketchup on fries instead of dipping.

Leo: People in front that are capable of walking faster but moves way too slow and yet wouldn’t let people overtake them and are even rude about it.

Nico: Really long line before reaching the counter and the person in front taking way too long to decide an order. Like these people couldn’t have thought of it earlier?

Percy: People who hog the hallways or corridors taking up the entire space and not taking it kindly when you nicely excuse yourself to pass by.

Piper: People not separating their laundry from white to colored and having it end up ruining the clothing.

Rachel: Litterbugs. And people who smoke in a smoke free zone completely disregarding other people.

Reyna: Someone being repetitive about nonsense things every often or so it’s really annoying. Specially when she pretty much already made it clear she understood the very first time.

Thalia: People who complain over the slightest of things and making a big deal out of it.

Will: People who doesn’t know how to flush when using a public restroom. What is wrong with you people? Do you have any idea how unhygienic that is?