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I feel bad for spamming you all with My Problems when you’re here for the engaging Sans discourse, so have some Human Sans doodles that I’ve been accumulating over the past month and a half.

Tbh, you should be surprised it took me this long. :V

All The Topics to Know for the APUSH Exam (as told by my APUSH teacher)
  • Revolutionary War/Constitution/Articles of Confederation
  • The First Party System: Federalists and Republicans
  • Revolution of 1800
  • Jacksonian Democracy (1824-1840)
    • the Bank War
    • the spoils system
    • Indian Removal Act
  • Antebellum reform movements and the Second Great Awakening
  • Causes of the Civil War and sectional differences
    • political parties (Democrats vs. New Republicans)
    • economics
    • social differences
  • Reconstruction (1863-1877)
    • successes/failures
    • 13th - 15th amendments
      • connections to the civil rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s
  • Industrialization and Big Business/The Gilded Age (1860-1910)
    • vertical and horizontal integration
    • trusts
    • steel, oil, and railroads
    • Andrew Carnegie, John D. Rockefeller, J.P. Morgan
    • growth of cities
    • immigration
    • changes in politics and political machines
  • The Populist Movement and agrarian discontent
  • The Progressive Era (1890-1920)
    • an effort to deal with the adverse effects of industrial capitalism
    • the Progressive Presidents
  • The Indian Plains Wars (through 1890)
  • Spanish-American War (1898)
  • IMPERIALISM: Philippines, Hawaii, Panama, Cuba, etc.
  • World War I
    • causes/effects
    • the home front
  • The Red Scare
  • The 1920s
    • sources of conflict (economic, political, and social)
    • effects on women, African Americans, and immigrants
  • The 1930s, the Great Depression, and the New Deal
    • Hoover vs. FDR
    • economic, social, and political reforms
  • World War II
    • results, the home front
    • effects on women, African Americans, Native Americans (Navajo codetalkers, etc), Japanese Americans, and Mexican Americans
  • The Cold War
    • foreign policy
      • where and when
    • 1950s
      • conformity, suburbs, Baby Boom, domestication of women, challenges to conformity, expanding economy, consumer culture
      • similarities to the 1920s
    • 1960s
      • civil rights movement (who, what, when, where, why, successes and failures)
      • Lyndon B. Johnson and the Great Society (1963-1968)
        • domestic and foreign issues
    • 1970s
      • Richard Nixon (1968-1973)
        • foreign and domestic policies
        • detente and Vietnam
        • the Southern Strategy and Watergate
    • 1980s
      • Ronald Reagan (1981-1989)
        • foreign and domestic policies
        • tax cuts
        • military spending
        • shrinking of the government
        • the new right
      • George H.W. Bush and the end of the Cold War
  • Bill Clinton and Barack Obama
White House says it Deliberately Omitted Jews from Holocaust Statement | Time
The Holocaust Remembrance Day statement made no mention of the 6 million Jews killed
By Madeline Farber

Deliberately. Omitted. The Jews…. from HOLOCAUST REMEMBRANCE DAY.

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It’s already been pointed out before, but it bears repeating: Trump - who campaigned with anti-Semitism - is NOT trying to be a friend to the Jews.

Or Muslims. Or Black people. Or Women. Or anyone else in the United States. Or the world.

(And no, Jared Kushner doesn’t count)


Donald Trump drops longstanding US insistence on Israeli-Palestinian two-state solution

  • Trump said Wednesday that a two-state solution is not the be-all and end-all when it comes to brokering a peace deal between Israelis and Palestinians, backing away from a policy the United States has pushed for decades.
  • “I’m happy with the one they like the best,” Trump said during a press conference with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, referring to Israeli and Palestinian aspirations.
  • A two-state solution — which would create an independent Palestinian state west of the Jordan River alongside a Jewish state of Israel — has been the United States’ policy since President Bill Clinton was in office.
  • Trump’s retreat from a two-state solution led to an outcry from Democratic lawmakers. Read more (2/15/17 3:15 PM)
i arrive at the henrietta drag strip

dream battle: fought

matthew: saved

kavinsky: dead

i am forcibly removed from the drag strip

Marin is slightly more rational than Marinette, meaning he’s less likely to impulsively steal someone’s phone to solve a problem. However, he has a shorter fuse than her and loses his temper way quicker. He struggles more with self-confidence in his abilities, making him a bit of a perfectionist as well.

Adrienne is more reserved than Adrien, meaning she is not as open to people and won’t flirt with her crush as prominently/boldly. This makes her more prone to lying and goofing around to downplay her deeper feelings. She is less innocent than him about how the real world works and gets irritated less quickly.


Hell in My Hands

“Today I was able to hold and photograph something that absolutely stopped me in my tracks. One person I shared this with said "you had hell in your hands” He was right. I hope the hero who died with this at his side went quickly.

This is so representative of what the heroes of WWII went through…. . Not only in the Pacific theatre, but the German front also. This was Bastogne in 1944. It’s in a friends private collection and it took some doing to be able to photograph it. I was shaking when I handed it back. I took these photos today.. A gentleman I know was kind enough to allow me that privilege. 

Often times we get so caught up in the gun we forget the sacrifices. This one really brings it home. It is believed that the this damage is from artillery fire. This weapon was very likely holstered at the time, and the soldier was facing the explosion. I can’t begin to tell you how powerful of a sentiment this raised in my heart to hold this.

I shared this in a few historical groups I belong to, so some of you have already seen this, but it’s just too powerful of an artifact not to share with the rest of you. Today I held hell in my hands.“

Credit to Daniel MacMurray on Facebook.

anonymous asked:

hey hey for the character/palette thing, i'd love to see eponine in #92 and cosette in #128, and if you'd like to i'd love to see them in 19th book era clothes or hair or w/e (if you want :P ) otherwise just whatever u wanna do!!

Again, anon, why not both? 
Thanks for asking (I kind of went overboard on the sadness train with both tbh)

So at work today this guy flirted with me in an attempt to get me to add free espresso shots to his already dangerously caffeinated drink, which as someone who routinely downs six shots of espresso, respect.   But like it was really hard not to laugh in his face because dude pal my guy of everyone working you picked the one person that will literally never work on. I am powered by gayness and spite.  Don’t tell me I look nice.  My man I have been awake since 4 am with my unwashed hair and murder eyes and smelling like coffee and sadness.  You demean us both with your lies.  You sweet summer child, you put in the effort but you will never win over unimpressed bitter goblin woman who controls your coffee.

Malachite - A Critical Look

Malachite makes no sense. Not just why she was formed, which I previously covered, but what she is. She is said by the Crewniverse to be the size she is because “Jasper is big and mean”. Putting aside the fact that that is the explanation I’d expect from a 8-year old, that makes no sense when compared to other fusions shown in the show. For one, Rainbow Quartz, made from Rose Quartz, a Quartz very similar to Jasper, and Pearl, who has a very similar body type to Lapis, is only a bit taller than Opal. Malachite, on the other hand, is the size of ALEXANDRITE, a 4-gem fusion, and can go toe-to-toe with her. Also, the “mean” part can be countered with the currently unnamed fusion between our favorite Big Buff Cheeto Puff and a corrupted gem confirmed to be another Jasper, made in “Earthlings” to fight Smoky Quartz. You’d think that if Jasper just made huge fusions, than the even less consensual than Malachite fusion between her and the corrupted gem would be huge, but it seems to be the size of Malachite’s hand. So TL;DR, Malachite’s size is bullshit and is proven to be bullshit by the show itself later on.

State of Westallen: United (Part Two)

Now let’s get into the meat of every good marriage proposal: the dialogue. After re-watching the scene for umpteenth time, I genuinely wondered if the writer’s room had a bet on how much Westallen parallels they could sneak into one monologue. 

Let’s talk about the significance of threes in this season of the show. Right now, we have three speedsters on one Earth. Joe West found himself with three kids. The love story Barry tells is from three generations back. 

Let me see if I can accurately paraphrase it. A man about to begin a dangerous journey fighting evil wanted to propose to his sweetheart, but the time wasn’t right. He left, and he finally got the right ring three years later (or three seasons…). He fought through hell and back, all the while keeping the memory of his sweetheart’s love in his heart while continuing to hope for the future. Once he got back, she was waiting for him, because she had loved him through all the pain and confusion and separation. The moment the biggest danger of the moment had passed, he proposed. Sound like a story we know? 

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I’ve said it from the very beginning – the Flash, and by extension Westallen, is about family. Family is a thing that reaches the length of the universe, and is something that will envelope you in warmth and love no matter where you go. It’s something you make for yourself, by choosing friends…

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by choosing your soulmate…

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by choosing your children. 

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Barry and Iris are the beginning of a speedster dynasty, growing a family that will forever change the universe for the better. But they are not the start of their family – the universe has been bringing them together for a long time. Barry’s story about his great-grandparents mirrors his own because history repeats itself. 

Even the Speed Force knows this. Iris has proved herself to be Barry’s lightning rod, but even before the Speed Force was introduced as a concept in the show, it showed itself in two particular moments. The first was during a flashback to Barry’s coma. Iris had a sweet moment telling Barry about her day, and off-handedly mentions that she accepted Eddie’s offer for a date. Iris is lonely, emotionally raw, unsure if she’ll ever be able to say hello or goodbye to her best friend ever again. She is unmoored, and drifting towards Eddie Thawne. Then this happens. 

The second time is right after Eddie is kidnapped. She is close to making the biggest mistake of her life by becoming engaged to Eddie, but she just saw the man with home she shares a home ripped out of her arms. She is just as unmoored again, but then she is finally reassured by the Flash. Then this happens. 

(gif from @fanaticandfemale

A spark when their ring fingers are about to come together and when they are about to come apart. Each time the building block of the universe is telling two people they are meant to be. 

How can we doubt Iris’ answer will be taken straight out of the comics?

How can I not?

Link to Part One

As far back as the 1960s in Britain, when anti-nuclear protesters - mainly women - set up a peace camp at Greenham Common, they turned an air force fence into a work of art with their knitting and material crafts. In fact, knitting’s association with political dissent goes back hundreds of years - to the grim days of the the French revolution. Women known as les tricoteuses (knitting women) famously sat by the guillotine in Paris during the “reign of terror” - and were later immortalised by Charles Dickens in the sinister character of Madame Defarge in A Tale of Two Cities. They would watch the executions calmly - knitting the symbolic red “liberty cap” between deaths, according to some stories. Those bonnets rouges are a symbol still worn by the figure of Marianne, the embodiment of France. The United States adopted that patriotic-yet-productive spirit during its own revolution, when women knitted clothing for soldiers during the war of independence - a wartime tradition that continued into the twentieth century.
—  “Pussyhat’ knitters join long tradition of crafty activism’, BBC