How to pronounce certain french letters:

a, à, â - like a in father 

au - like o in over

c - before a, o, and u, like k in kite
     before e and i, like s in sun

ç - like s in sun

cc - like cc in accident

ch - like sh in ship

e, eu - like u in puff

è, ê, e - like e in fetch

e, ez, er - like ay in play

g - before a, o, and u, like g in get
     before e, i, and y, like s in leisure

h - silent

i - like ee in feet

j - like s in leisure 

o - like o in toll

oi - like wa in wag

ou - like oo in shoot

qu - like k in kite 

r - rolled at the back of the throat

u - like ew in dew

ui - like wee in between

w - like v in van

Corey Taylor speaking to Kerrang! about meeting his father.

“I found my dad,” Taylor tells Kerrang! “Actually my wife found my dad and he’s one of the coolest dudes on the planet.”

“The first time I talked to him after my wife tracked him down was really fucking emotional,” he admits. “We must have cried for about 20 minutes. It was really intense.”

31-year-old Taylor has never known his father â?? something that has inspired much of the frontman’s lyrical content, including the track “Eyeless” on the band’s self-titled breakthrough album.

“I never knew who my dad was. I didn’t even know his name. He knew I had been born but my mom had told him to stay out of my life, basically.” Taylor explains. “Anyway, my wife really got in my mom’s face about it. She realized I was older now and had kids of my own, so she sent me a letter and gave me his name and all the information she had about him. My wife took that, hired a private detective and found him.

"I was in South America on tour and I got a call saying, ‘We’ve found your dad.’” he says. “It turns out my dad lives in San Diego with his wife. I’m so happy, I can’t even express how happy I am at the moment.”

Did your father know that you were in SLIPKNOT?

“He did and he was so proud,” Taylor smiles. “After he found out what I did, he and his wife asked the kid next door if he’d ever heard of of the band SLIPKNOT. The kid was like, 'Dude, that band is amazing, the singer’s the shit!’ My dad was so fucking proud.”

“A whole new chapter of my life has opened,” he adds.