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Hello! To start off your Ambassador work, can you tell us about any words in your native language that you think are pretty? Thank you! (If you would like a different question, let me know)!

Ah, the question is alright! I’ll gladly take it!

How about I speak of the language first, so we’d get you used to what the Romanian language is!~

To start off, the Romanian language (Limba română) is classified within the Romance family of languages (alongside French, Italian and Spanish) and it’s spoken by approximately 24-26 million people as a native tongue. It is also an official language of the EU as well as the Latin Union.

The earliest documented history regarding the roots of the Romanian language date back to the first centuries AD, during the settlement of Dacian peoples over present-day Romanian land.

Romanian is widely considered to be the closest Romance language to it’s root, Latin, as there are many words in modern Romanian that are closely akin to what Latin words sounded like, thanks to the influence of the Latin spoken by the military of the Roman Empire during the the conquest of Dacia.

After the withdrawal of the Romans, along came a flow of foreign influence from neighboring languages which affected Romanian in various ways: such as the influence of Finno-Ugric languages, like Hungarian, or the Slavic languages within the Middle Ages (Bulgarian, Russian, Ukrainian, Serbo-Croatian); and to some degree, there are traces of Greek and Turkic influence, too.

The only text which showed the oldest trace of early Romanian was a document named “The letter of Neacșu of Câmpulung” (Română: Scrisoarea lui Neacșu de la Câmpulung)  

Written using Cyrillic, it was sent by Neacșu Lupu, a peasant from Dalgo Pole, Wallachia (now Câmpulung, Romania) to Johannes Benkner, the mayor of Brassó, Kingdom of Hungary (now Brașov, Romania), warning him about the imminent attack of the Ottoman Empire on Transylvania. The letter contains a phrase which comes from Old Church Slavonic, namely “I pak” which roughly translates to “And again”.

The Romanian language is mainly a phonetic language, meaning it is spelled the way it’s written, but there are a couple of letters which have a different pronunciation, thus having no exact equivalent in English:  ă ț , șî â . (I advise you to look up a spoken spelling of these letters, as I would have a hard time describing how they sound exactly!!)

Now, onto the actual subject matter of your inquiry! The most beautiful words in Romanian are prevalent in poems!~ They’re very pleasing for a Romanian speaker to hear, or at least that’s what I think.

Făptură - “fragile being” or “critter”

Văzduh - “forest breeze”

Ibovnic - “lover” 

Oacheș - “swathy”

Dor - this word is unique to the Romanian language, as there’s no English translation to it at all! What it’s supposed to mean is the description of a feeling of melancholy and loneliness, akin to when you’re missing someone’s company! 

Just Can’t Get Enough (One-Shot) (Request) (Loki x Agent!Reader)

Prompt: “Dude Imagine #1 and Sentence #1 would be amazing and it somewhat gives me this chill so if you’re down. I’m sure it’ll be amazing!”‚ ~ Requested by @doctorcelina

Imagine #1: Imagine Loki catching an agent flirting with you.

Sentence #1: Look what you made me do

Summary: As a new agent of SHIELD, you are assigned to watch the infamous Loki in his jail cell. You can’t seem to fathom that he has a crush on you, but it is blatantly evident. Maybe it will take his awesome superpowers to get you once and for all

“Y/N, I need to see you in my office please.” Dr. Fury’s voice boomed in your earpiece. “Yes sir.” You replied. You sat down on the bench and finished lacing your boots up. Being an official Agent of SHIELD is very different from training. Now you were given your own locker room which contained all of your weapons, clothes, and a shower. Your room was connected to it, which made it very convenient.

You walked out the door to your locker room and began walking to the elevator at the end of the hall. As soon as you got to the elevator, the doors opened, and guards began pouring out. Standing in the middle of the crowd was none other than Loki Laufeyson, cuffed and smirking. He must’ve gotten himself arrested again, you thought. When he was right near you, you both caught eye contact. He smirked and winked at you before looking back in front of him. Calming yourself down, you resumed to the elevator. As the doors closed, you rested your head up against the back.

You and Loki have had many encounters together. Whether it was him being taken to jail or simply when Thor brings him in. Once, Â you attended a party at the Stark Tower because you were a very close friend of Steve’s. Thor had brought his brother to show everyone how much he has changed. That was the time where you and Loki grew close, and you saw that he wasn’t a monster after all. Given the scenario you just experienced, he obviously got into some bad things again.

The elevator ‘dinged’ and you walked out, swiftly to Fury’s office. You stopped in front of his door to put in your password. “Your name, Agent?” The voice on the scanner asked. “Y/L/N, Y/F/N.” You replied. “Identity confirmed.” The door clicked and you walked in, closing the door behind you. Fury was standing in front of his glass windows, looking over the city. “Sir, you needed to see me?” He turned around a smiled. “Good Morning, Agent. Have a seat.”   

You nodded and proceeded to sit in a black, leather chair in front of his desk. He sat down and handed you a file. “Loki has pushed his limits again, y/n.” You chuckled to yourself. “Doesn’t he always? I mean, he is the God of Mischief.” He looked at you sternly. “Are you siding with him, Miss y/l/n?” You cleared your throat and laughed nervously. “Uh, no sir.”

He raised his eyebrow and continued, “Well, we need you to be on duty with him again. You’ll need to be with him 24/7, until further notice. He got out last time, and he won’t get away this time. Is that understood?” You nodded. “Yes sir.” He smiled. “That’s all Miss y/l/n. You are dismissed.”  

You got up quickly from your chair and left his office. Getting into the elevator again, you read over the file. It was the basics, what you needed to do, when he gets fed, etc. But his crime was different. You read the description: Attempting to enter Earth after being suspended from entering. Why was he trying to come here?, you questioned.

The elevator ‘dinged’ on the floor with the jail on it. You adjusted your belt and smoothed out your hair. Even though Loki was a villain, you still found him slightly attractive. You approached the jail room with his isolated cell and saw two guards standing in front. “I’m here to take over, boys.” You said to them with a smile. The two guards exchange looks. “Name?”

“Agent y/l/n. I was sent here to watch prisoner.” The guard with beard spoke up. “On whose orders?” You turned to him, “Director Fury’s.” The guards nodded. You held out your wrist, which had a scanner on it. They scanned it, to make sure it was you, and nodded. They handed you the keys, a gun, and a few other items. “Be careful, Miss. He is dangerous.” You smiled. “Believe me, I know.”  

The other guard held the door open for you, as you walked in. You couldn’t believe how nervous you were It wasn’t like it was the first time seeing Loki. You walked up the steps that led to his cell. There he was sitting on the bed, reading. You tapped on the glass. He looked up from his book and smirked. “Just couldn’t get enough of me darling?” He asked you in his sinister tone.

You rolled your eyes. “Sure, Loki. That’s why I’m here.” He chuckled in his chest. “Well, after our last adventure, I was sure you couldn’t resist me.” You walked right up to the glass. “Such a charmer Loki.” He walked up to the glass as well and crossed his arms. “Just for you darling.” He had that menacing look on his face, but it was also mixed with lust or love. You crossed your arms and walked away.

“So am I to assume that you are my babysitter?” He asked, following his eyes in your direction. You sat down on a bench and clapped. “And the prize goes to the God of Mischief. You guessed correctly son.” Loki chuckled.

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“Was that sarcasm, darling?” You smirked. “Just for you, darling.”  You answered. He smiled and walked back to his bed. “So, what’s new and exciting with y/n?” He asked, fiddling with his armor. 

You shrugged. “Nothing exciting. I work alongside Fury now, that’s about it.” He smiled. “The one-eyed fellow? Ah yes. Him and I go back.” You chuckled. “Yea, after that stunt you pulled off in New York, I’m sure SHIELD got very friendly with you.” He shook his head. “Not a chance sweetheart. I left with my dear brother back to Asgard. There was where I was kept prisoner.” His jaw clenched. 

You fake pouted. “Awe, you poor thing. Having Daddy issues or something?” He got up and pounded his fist on the glass.

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“Y/N!!!! Shut up! You don’t know how hard it is living under a shadow, when all the time you are glanced over like you’re a-a monster.” You heart did clench for him, but you had to stand your ground as an Agent of SHIELD. He lowered his fist and sighed. You got up from the bench and walked over to the cell. “Loki, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to piss you off.” He turned around and shrugged. “You’ll never understand. All you Midgardians are so pathetic with your feelings.” 

Now it was your turn to be mad. “Hey! Not all us ‘Midgardians’ are the same. I happen to care a whole lot about you Loki, more than you know. So before you go bashing all of us, open your eyes and look in front of you.” You huffed and walked back to the bench. 

He chuckled softly. “I didn’t know you felt that way darling. But it is I who apologize. You’ve done so much for me. Whenever I was invited to the Metal Man’s parties, being dragged by my annoying brother, it was you who made me feel like a person.” You met his stare and smiled. “Loki, that’s because I care about you.” He smiled. “I love you.” You murmured quietly. He blinked in disbelief. “What was that last part?” 

You nearly choked on your spit. “Um, nothing. I said nothing.” He squinted his eyes. The moment was ruined when an agent walked in. “Hey, y/n. I got you your breakfast.” He looked at his watch. “Well, brunch actually.” You both chuckled. Grabbing the tray, you smiled. “Thanks, Zach. You’re always looking out for me.” 

He blushed and winked. “Well that’s because you’re my best girl. Hey, you wanna maybe hang out sometime? When you’re off duty of course.” You froze and didn’t know what to say. Sure Zach was cute and very hot, but you had strong feelings for Loki. “Uh, sure Zach. I’d love that.” He grinned widely. “Awesome. You–Would you like some company?” 

During this whole thing, Loki was watching you and Zach like a ping-pong match. He couldn’t believe Zach just stole his woman from him, let alone you agreed to go out with him. He cleared his throat. “Eh-hem. I’d hate to intrude on this love session, but y/n and I were in the middle of a conversation.”

Zach stood up from the bench and walked up to Loki. “You, Prisoner. Shut up! I don’t care if you are a god or not. You don’t talk to me like that.” Loki walked right up to the glass and smirked. “Try me. Oh, please…do try.” Zach didn’t take the hint to stop, so he pulled out his gun. “You asked for it, pr—” A flash of green lit up the cell. You covered your eyes to protect them from the brightness, but quickly looked back over to the cell. Loki was no where to be seen. 

You walked carefully over to the cell. “Loki? Zach?“ You hear a groan and then something hard hit the floor. You ran around the other side of the cell and gasped. Zach lied lifeless on the ground and Loki was cleaning off his scepter. “LOKI?!” He smirked. “Oh, darling. Look what you made me do. Look’s like Zach just got himself killed.” He walked right up to you and snaked his arm around your waist. “Now where were we?”

He was about to lean in for a kiss, when you pushed him away. “Loki! You just killed a SHIELD Agent on my watch. Do you know what this means?” He looked at you and thought for a second. “Yes, darling. As a matter of fact I do. It means we need to get out of here.” And with that he grabbed your waist and teleported to who knows where.

You shut your eyes and quickly reopened them, figuring out where he brought you both to. Looking around, you recognized the familiar golden arches and pillars. You were in Asgard….better yet in Loki’s room. 

He was watching you take in the new scenery. He wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling your back to his chest. “I’ll have that date now.” Within seconds, you were joined as one with the God of Mischief…lost in his illusions. 


A/N: Can I just say that Loki is actually my husband? Like yes, I am madly in love with Bucky…but Loki omg. And yes I HAD to use those gifs, cause I’m a geek. LIKE, REBLOG, AND LEAVE COMMENTS! Love y’all!


@doctorcelina ~ For you, darling.




Persian Lesson 1: Alphabet

Welcome to the first Farsi/Persian lesson! We’re gonna be kicking it off with the script and spending a good bit of time on that. Throughout there’ll be a lot of example words to demonstrate the script: don’t feel obligated to memorize any of these yet, but you can pick some of the important ones and try to learn them as you go. Also, note any pronunciation approximations I give will be according to American English, not British English. Anyways, onto the actual lesson.


While we tend to use the term “alphabet” to refer to any system of writing, it also has a more specific meaning, which is a system in which both consonant and vowel sounds are written with separate individual letters. Persian, however, is an abjad, a writing system vowels are either not written at all or optionally indicated. That would be a pure abjad, one where all vowels truly could be left out. However, all abjads in use today are impure abjads, meaning that there are some vowels that must be indicated. There are 2 more things to know about the Persian script: it is written right to left rather than left to right, and letters connect with each other much like English cursive.

To start off, we’re going to learn the first 5 letters. Here are those letters in alphabetical order:

ا ب پ ت ث

We’re going to begin with the second letter of the alphabet, ب, called “beh” /be/. It makes the same sound as the English letter “b”. And now, the first letter of the alphabet: ا, called “alef” /ælef/. This generally makes the sound â /ɒ/, much like the “a” in “father”. Since we have our first consonant and our first vowel, we can combine them together and make a syllable. So, ب + ا gives you this:


Remember how I said Persian works like English cursive? The form that I just taught you for those 2 letters is called isolated form, referring to the letter standing alone. There are 3 more forms, however: the initial form (coming at the beginning of a word), the medial form (coming in the middle), and the final form (coming at the end). In the word above, we only see the initial and final forms on display: ب has the initial form بـ, and ا has the final form ـا. Combine them together, you get با bâ, which means “with”.

Now it’s time for your third letter of the alphabet, پ “peh” /pe/. This is pronounced just like the English “p”, and is very similar to the previous letter except that it has 3 dots at the bottom instead of one. This goes for all its forms, too; the only difference between the various forms is that پ has 3 dots. So, this means that combining پ and ا gives you پا pâ “foot”.

Then there’s the third letter, ت teh /te/, which makes the sound “t”. By now you’ve probably noticed a pattern, and have assumed that this letter has the exact same forms as the previous two besides the number and location of the dots. That’s actually correct by the way, I wasn’t trying to lead up to some sarcastic surprise reveal. So yeah, your example word is تا tâ “until”. Then you have ث “seh” /se/, making the “s” sound.* You get the drill by now, and the word ثا doesn’t exist.

Now, what if I told you I could teach you 3 more vowels without showing you another letter? You may think I’m crazy, but let’s go back to what I said about vowels being optional: some vowels, such as alef which I showed you above, are mandatory. You can’t just write ت and hope people read it as tâ “until”. The vowels that are optional are indicated by diacritics rather than by separate letters, and I’m going to teach you the 3 main ones.

First, there’s the diacritic representing the “a” in the word “bat” (/æ/). It’s written like so, as a horizontal line slanted to the top-right above the letter:


This is read as “ba” /æ/, which isn’t a word. But we can actually make a word if we put this together with what we just learned! Now that you know this vowel marker, you can read the word for “fever”:


There are 2 more of these vowel diacritics I want to teach, representing the sounds “e” in “bed” and something similar to the sound “o” in “toe” respectively (with the “something similar” part: if you say the word “toe” to yourself, you’ll notice that there are actually 2 vowel sounds. In Persian, however, this “o” sound doesn’t glide into another vowel at all).

بِ بُ

(In case it isn’t clear: the one below the ب is “e”, the weird squiggly one above is “o”) Now that you know these all, there’s one more rule to cover: you know how I said alef generally corresponds to the sound â? Well you see, at the beginning of the word it’s actually silent and essentially a placeholder for these vowel markers. This is because in Arabic, it’s not a pure vowel marker and in fact stands for the glottal stop /ʔ/. Anyways, if you want to represent the vowel sounds “a”, “e”, and “o” at the beginning of a word, you write them as

اَ اِ اُ

respectively. If you want to actually represent the sound â at the beginning of a word, you add a little doo-dad to the top of alef and get آ, this special new alef being called “alef madd”.

Remember that these vowel diacritics are optional: they are mainly used in children’s books and materials for learners, and in actual native text you have to know from context which vowel sound is meant. It’s a pain in the ass, but you get used to it.

But anyways, now that we have our 3 vowel diacritics, alef, and a couple of consonants, I can talk about the medial forms that I forgot to explain. For this, we only really need to look at ب:


You can see the ب has the medial form ـبـ. Seeing as we know the other letters are formed simply by substituting the dots, I trust you to figure out the medial forms of them yourself. And with that, the first lesson is over! Don’t relax though, make sure to quiz yourself on all this.

READING PRACTICE: transliterate these gibberish words

بُث، تات، تِب، بات، ثَت، آثِت پُت، پُبَت، بِاپَتِب

*This is just one letter of multiple that represents the sound “s” and is not in fact that one that’s used when adapting foreign words to Persian; you’ll learn 2 more later. The reason that there are 3 letters for the “s” sound is that 2 of them actually represented different sounds in Arabic that Persians just pronounced as an “s” to make life easier. ث happens to be one of those letters with a different sound in Arabic (that being the “th” in “thick”).

The day you stand firm in detachment and you have no desires about this world, you have no demands from this world, and the futility of this world is revealed to you — the outcome is knowledge. Then you are full of wisdom; then for the first time wisdom arises in you and a lamp is lit within you.
—  Osho
You’re Great at This

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Requested by Anon.

Request: Hi!! love your writing!! could you do one with stiles? where him and the reader have a newborn and just super fluffy please ❤❤             

“What are you so worried about? You’re doing just fine. Just support her head.” I told my husband, Stiles. 

“But she’s so delicate. What if I break her?” 

“You’re not going to break her. You’re doing just fine.” I repeated.

I watched as he held our newborn daughter. We had just brought her home, and it’s not like this is the first time he’s held her, so I can’t find out what the big deal is. 

“Stiles, honey. What’s wrong?” I ask.

“It’s nothing.” He replies, looking at our daughter. 

“It’s something. You can tell me.” 

“What if I’m not a great dad? What if she grows up to hate me? What if I screw something up? What if I drop her?” At the last question, he holds her closer to his chest. 

“You’re not going to drop her. Stiles, I don‘t see why she would hate you. You’re great at this.”

“I know, I just don’t want to mess this up.” He replies, setting her in her crib. 

I wrap my arms around him and he wraps his around me. “You’re not going to screw this up, Stiles.” 

He looks down at me and gives me a peck on the lips. “ I hope you’re right.”

“I know I’m right. Come on. I‘m tired and I don’t know how long it’s gonna be until she wakes back up.” I grab his hand and pull him towards the bed. We lay down, and I fall asleep in his arms. 

Locker Room~ Andrew Benintendi smut

Some good Benintendi smut… based off this request 

Word Count: 900+ 

“Babe, you’ve never been in the clubhouse right?” your boyfriend Andrew asked you.

You though for a second, “Actually I don’t think I have.”

Andrew shook his head, “I can’t believe that I’ve never taken you down there, considering you come to almost every home game.”

You giggled, “I don’t mind.”

“Come to batting practice with me before the game…I’ll give you a special VIP tour” Andrew said winking in the process.

“Oh you will?” you teased.

“Only the best for my princess” Andrew smoothy said.

“And this is my locker” Andrew said showing you to his locker. He didn’t have too much in his locker, just his game day clothes and shoes or so you thought…

Reaching into his locker you pulled out a small picture, “Andrew what’s this?” the picture was of Andrew grabbing your ass while you were lying down in bed wearing ‘Benintendi’ jersey.

Andrew smirked grabbing the photo your hand, “You’re wearing the same jersey today.”

“I don’t know whether I should be flattered or disgusted that you have that in your locker,” you said leaning against the wall behind you. 

“I think you should be flattered,” Andrew whispered in your ear, his hand grabbing your ass. His lips met yours as your hands tugged at his hair. The kiss was hungry and lustful.

“Hey you two, I don’t want y’all fucking in the locker room while I’m around” Xander called out.

“Hmm locker room sex? Then I could check that one off my bucket list” Andrew said squeezing your ass again in the process.

“You guys are nasty freaks” Xander said walking out of the room.

“Andrew!” you scolded.

He laughed,”What?”

“You know what” you said.

His arms wrapped back around again, “Sorry babe, I just can’t keep my hands off of you.”

“Benintendi! Are you getting out here to do this pregame interview or what?” a voice yelled.

“I’ll be right out!” Andrew replied giving you a quick peck before dashing out to the field.

You rolled you eyes as you watched him run out of the locker room. You decided it was probably your turn to leave too, so you headed to your seat to watch the game.

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Desolate // Taeyong - Pt.1

Parts: Prologue | 1 | 2 | 3

Word count: 1.2k+

Description: y/n encounters the mysterious, notorious Taeyong once more, but their first impressions which although memorable, certainly do not leave them on good terms. 

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Y/n’s POV

You followed the receptionist across the foyer and towards the elevator; you wouldn’t be surprised if she could hear the sound of your heart thumping over the sound of your heels across the marble floor.

It’s okay, I’m sure you’ll do well, she smiled, breaking the silence. 

Thanks you smiled, your voice barely audible.

Once you reached the right floor, your eyes were glued to the lavish interior of the building, the amount of people there were, and the amount of offices. But once you reached the office with the largest door, the receptionist stopped, and motioned for you to go ahead, and you thanked her, as she left. You sighed before picking up the courage to knock on the door… “Come in” you heard a deep voice beckon.

You almost struggled to push open the heavy door, and behind a large oak desk sat a middle aged man looking down at a pile of papers, “You must be y/n, please take seat”, the middle aged man moved back in his chair slightly, almost as though thoroughly examining you, suddenly your throat went dry, and you couldn’t bring yourself to look him in the eyes.

After a lengthy discussion about your education and experience, and the company’s expectations etc, he finally handed your pile of papers back, which you quickly put back in your bag.

“Miss y/l/n, I hope that you understand that we need a mature and sharp individual for the role, as you can probably tell I’ve spent many years and put a lot of effort in building up my company”, he paused, looking around his office, as though it was a microcosm of his wealth and success.

“Yes Sir” you nodded.


I’m impressed with you attitude and professionalism so far, and I hope to let you know about my decision by the end of the week”, he concluded, and you took your cue to rise from your seat, thank him, and exit the office as fast as possible.

As soon as you stepped outside you felt a huge weight lift off your shoulders which you didn’t realise was there before, and you made your way back to the elevator. You could still feel the adrenaline pumping through your veins, you knew how competitive it was to get the position, and you felt like this was going to be the longest week of your life.

As you entered the elevator, staring at the floor still stuck in your daze, you heard someone enter the elevator, the same masculine cologne from earlier filled your nostrils, and you slowly looked up to see the same Taeyong from earlier, but his phone seemed to be the most important thing to him in the world, he was tapping away, laughing at his screen, not even acknowledging your existence, not that you wanted him to notice you anyway… Then the elevator stopped once more before it reached the ground floor, and lady who looked around the same age as you stepped in, you couldn’t believe your eyes at how incredibly short her skirt was, and how she managed to walk in the heels she was wearing, as an employee, why did she feel the need to dress so provocatively you thought. Although, she managed to get the attention of Taeyong who immediately put his phone in his pocket, “Missing me too much Yuna?” he smirked, pulling her close to him from her waist. You felt your cheeks burning as you cornered yourself, hoping that you were suddenly invisible. “Tae stop there’s people here” she giggled flirtatiously pushing him away; you were unsure why your heart ached suddenly.

“Well honey, she looks like a whore just like you anyway so it doesn’t really matter does it?” he said scornfully, one of his hands clutching her chin, and her face suddenly dropped, she crossed her arms childishly and stormed out of the elevator. You were still stood there unable to believe at what he had called you, your eyes were stinging threatening to spill tears any moment, but simultaneously your hands clenched, blood boiling, “Excuse me but I don’t know who your calling whore have you even seen the state of yourself? Flirting with every girl you see, are you not ashamed of yourself? Just because your Father owns this place doesn’t mean you can do all sorts of disgusting things and get away with it” you exaggerated, almost screaming. You looked at his hazel eyes burning into you, but he was motionless, your heart was beating so rapidly, and you exited the elevator, some other employees who were stood waiting to get in were staring, wide eyed. You rolled your eyes and stormed off, as fast as possible, you needed to get out of this place and that’s all you knew. 

As soon as you got out, the crisp air hit your blazing cheeks, and you held your head in your hands, what had you just done? Everything was going so well and at the last minute you had messed everything up. Your hands were still shaking, heart thumping, he had made you so angry, and you were unsure how you had gathered the courage to retaliate to him. You looked down, you dress was covering your knees, you barely even had any makeup on, to this day you had never been in a relationship, how were you a slut? You thought to yourself. But why where you letting him affect you so much? Why were you so mesmerised by enticing eyes, by his dark mysterious aura? You were sure that after he told his Father about the incident you had absolutely no chance of getting the job, but you were kind of glad in a way because although for some weird reason why you ached that you would probably never encounter Taeyong again, you were glad as you wouldn’t be able to face him again, why did he have to be so cold and egotistical you thought. 


A week passed, and you were lazily slumped on your bed, your blinds had been closed since morning, and it was now already midday, but you had literally no motivation to do anything at all. Since the incident at the Law firm, you felt so depressed, you had rejected to go out with your friends on a night out tonight. Unexpectedly, your phone started ringing making you jump. You groaned as you reached over to grab it, thinking it was one of your friends again, and you answered it, with the same depressing monotonous tone that you had possessed for the past week.

“Hi Miss (y/l/n), I’m speaking on behalf of Mr Lee” she spoke, and immediately you froze, gulping, you were jumping to a million conclusion at once, you were thinking about how to face the consequences of the incident.

“Erm..y…yes” you stuttered, unable to form any coherent sentence.  

“Congratulations you got the job, you are expected for your introductory day, the week beginning of next week” the lady spoke, sternly. But you were still unable to process her words, how was it even possible? All week Taeyong haunted your thoughts, maybe he hadn’t told his father after all. At least he knew who was right and who was wrong though. You were still clutching your phone tightly, after you’d cut it off, and so you decided to text your friends for a celebratory night out after all…  

I Didn’t Mean To

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Request: Hey ♡ Could you please write an Eric Coulter imagine where he tries to defends the reader and fights with one of her enemies who tried to kill her and during the fight he accindently hurts the reader and gets super worried and apologizes a lot. The Reader calms him down and they confess their love for each other?


I was walking down the halls of the Dauntless Compound, and I felt like I was being followed. Speeding up, I started thinking about who would want to follow me. The only person that I could think of was E/N. He had tried to kill me twice. Once in initiation, the other right after the choosing of our jobs. Why? It’s because I was better than him. 

The thought of him trying to kill me again scared me. I was exhausted from a long day at work, and didn’t have the energy to fight. If he attempted to kill me, then he would probably win. 

I felt a hand grab my arm, and I was shoved against the wall. “Hey, Y/N.” E/N said. “You have escaped me twice, but you’re not getting away this time.” 

He pulled back his hand getting ready to punch me, but something stopped him. His weight was pulled off of me, and I saw Eric, holding E/N by the collar of his shirt. “You touch her again, and I will personally make sure that you’re kicked out of the faction.” 

Eric pulled back his arm, and punched E/N in the jaw. In doing so, his elbow collided with my nose. Hearing an awful crack and feeling a stinging pain, I shrieked and shrunk to the ground. I heard feet running of, and I felt hands grab my face. 

“Oh, Y/N! I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.”

“It’s fine, Eric. Thank you. Without you, I probably wouldn’t have survived tonight.”

“You don’t have to thank me. Not after I broke your nose.” 

I laughed. “I love you, Eric.” 

My eyes widened at what I had said. “I mean, I- I-” 

“I love you too, Y/N. I would kiss you right now, but there’s blood everywhere. Come on. Let’s get you to the infirmary.” He helped me up, and walked with me to the infirmary. We kissed after my face was cleaned up. 

Letting You Know

Author: @riversong-sam

Word Count: 132

Parings: Jared x Reader

Request: @impalaimagining-mainblog asked:

I think it’s prompt list 7, the prompt is “You know when your phone buzzes, it means I’m trying to talk to you, right?” And if you do RPF, Jared please :) if not, Dean is perfectly fine 😁 ♥️

Prompt: You know when your phone buzzes, it means I’m trying to talk to you, right?

A/N: Feedback is greatly appreciated.

You stalked off to the green room where you knew Jared was. He wasn’t answering his texts and you need to talk to him.

“Jared Padalecki.” You said walking into the room getting oos and uh oh he’s in trouble from Rich and the other cast.

“Baby hey.” He trail off seeing your face.

“You know when your phone buzzes, it means I’m trying to talk to you, right?” You asked placing your hands on your hips.

“Sorry (Y/N).”

“You’re gonna be read them.”

He pulled out his phone and read the texts you sent. He looked up wide eyed and about dropped his phone he was shaking so hard.

“You’re.. we’re.. I’m” he sputtered as Jensen made him sit fearful he’d tip over from shock.

“You’re pregnant?!”

You giggled, “Surprise babe.”

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sleepyhead - vampire!bobby

Your eyelids flinched at the loud ringing of your alarm on your phone, waking you up for work in the morning. You had a whole two hours before work but you knew how hard it was for you to wake up in the morning, so you gave yourself some time to get yourself completely ready and move as slowly as you wished.

You reached over for your phone on the nightstand, turning off the annoying noise prompting you to wake up. You set the phone back on the nightstand and let your hand trail behind you on the bed in search of the soft fur of your kitty that went to bed with you last night. Instead your fingers poked against hard muscle as your eyebrows furrowed in confusion and your body turned to face the other side.

His face mushed against the pillow and soft snores replaced your cat you were hoping to wake up in the morning to.

When morning came it wasn’t unusual to find Bobby hiding in your home. He would come at dawn, hosting himself through your open window or come through the front door when he lets you know to unlock it for him. He was much like a rogue, doing whatever he like so some days you wouldn’t see him at all. Â

As many times you told him not to get in bed with you, Bobby would plop himself next to underneath the covers making you give up telling him not to a long time ago.

You sat up in bed and pushed the covers off of you, swinging your tired legs over the edge of the bed before standing up. You stretched your body on your way to the bathroom, getting ready for the day as you let Bobby have a little shut eye.

Even if you didn’t like getting up early, it was worth having a nice shower and brushing your teeth without being in a rush. You even got to do your morning skincare routine without forgetting any steps. You felt refreshed when you left the bathroom, going into the kitchen to start a pot of coffee. You set two mugs next to the coffee maker before crouching down to open up the bottom cabinet. A shake of the cat food bag and the sound of meowing and purring came out from the living room, your cat who was kicked out bed forgiving you at the sound of food being poured into her bowl.

You went back into your room, Bobby still slumped the way you left him. You took out your work clothes from your closet before dropping your towel and reaching over for the lotion. Bobby was knocked out to notice you were naked in front of him, putting your clothes on for work.

You checked yourself in the mirror before going over to your phone to check the time, seeing you still had a whole hour to spare. You went over to the curtain covered windows, grabbing a firm grip on each side before pulling them apart to fill the room with sunlight. 

Just like you expected, a loud yell from the bed made you look over as Bobby pulled the covers over his head.

“Stop playing!!” you heard his muffled yell underneath the covers as you leaned against the windows with a roll of your eyes.

“It won’t kill you.” You said loud enough over his groans. You didn’t flinch when the curtains were suddenly pulled shut, Bobby standing beside you with hands on the curtains as he gave you a scolding look. Instead of doing useful things with his inhuman speed, it was moments like these when you saw his powers come into effect.

“It still hurts like fuck though.” He grumbled before telling you not to pull them open again as he went over to get back in bed.

“Why don’t get your own place?” You grumbled, crossing your arms as you watched Bobby pull the covers over him.

“Why would I do that when I’m staying with you?” his mumbled voice asked underneath the covers.

You scoffed, going beside the bed. “You’re a freeloader who comes and goes when you want, you’re not even really staying.”

“You want me to be here with you more often?” Bobby asked, his head popping up from the covers, a playful smirk on his face.

You grabbed a pillow off the bed before smacking his head back down with it. “Don’t get full of yourself. I have to go to work soon.”

You pulled the pillow back to see his head laid back down, his soft snoring starting up again making you frown. You walked over to the other side and smacked the pillow against him as you called his name.

“Do you hear me-”

You let out a small yelp when you were suddenly grabbed, falling on top of Bobby with his arms holding you to him.

“You either get in bed with me or you go about your business.” His gruff mumble came out next to your head, his breath fanning over your hair. You peeked up at him, his eyes closed as he continued to fall back asleep. You let out a huff and settled against his chest. You guess it wouldn’t hurt to rest for a little while more.

Baby? Baby

Requested by Anon - Hi can you do a imagine with Spencer Reid or Luke Alvez? Where you are watching your baby cousin (Victoria), she’s 10 months. And he loves seeing you with babies and kids. That is the moment he realizes that he wants to spend his entire life with you and start a family. And just fluff. Thank you! And also I love your blog so much💕💕🌻

Word Count - 808

Characters - Alvez x Reader

You had been woken up to a phone call this morning, from your aunt, asking if you could watch you little cousin since she had been urgently called into work and now one was available, you agreed and got up and ready. Half an hour later you were getting Victoria handed over to you. You had been sitting watching kiddie’s TV shows when you got a text from your boyfriend, Luke.
‘Hey baby, wanna got out for dinner? xx’ It read, you smiled and then frowned.
‘Hi, I wish I could but I’m emergency babysitting, sorry xx’ You replied with a frowny face. Victoria turned and looked at you.
‘You done watching them now?’ You asked her, she just raised her arms, meaning she wanted a cuddle. You smiled and lifted her onto your lap. When you phone buzzed.
‘I can come over? Xx’
‘Only if you want, if you do the doors open xx.’ You replied back, you placed Victoria on your lap, her back against your legs, so she was sitting on you. She smiled at you and you gave her one back.

It was half an hour later when Luke appeared at your door, you were in the kitchen, just having finished feeding Victoria, you turned around you came face to face with Luke.
‘Heyy.’ You said, as you leaned up and placed a kiss on his cheek, you looked down and you saw Victoria watching you.
‘Luke this is my cousin Victoria.’ You told him, he smiled and leaned down a bit so he was face to face with her.
‘Well help Victoria.’ He said, she hid her head in your neck but was still smiling.
‘Sorry we couldn’t go out tonight.’ You said as you followed Luke to the living room.
‘It’s okay, a night in is nice as well.’ He said, you smiled and nodded. You sat down and Victoria got comfy, watching everything go by. You moved down to the floor, lying on your stomach with her, as she was on her hands and knees.
‘You wanna play?’ You asked her.
‘Ay?’ Victoria said,
‘Yeah, play.’ You said smiling as you watched her crawl to get her toy.
‘So how had work been?’ You asked Luke as you watched Victoria.
‘It’s been good, busy but good.’ He replied.
‘That’s good, I was thinking we go on a road trip soon? A small break for you.’ You said, Victoria came back. When she came towards you, you lifted your arms for her, but she crawled past you and went to Luke. He smiled at her as she tried to stand up with the help of the couch.
‘She likes you.’ You told Luke, he smiled.
‘I like her as well.’ He replied as he moved onto the floor. You watched as he played with her, you smiled widely at the sight in front of you.

It was maybe half an hour later, of you and Luke playing with her, until she crawled over to your lap and climbed onto it, yawning.
‘You sleepy?’ You asked, she just blinked twice and you took that as a yes.
‘I’ll be back down soon.’ You said placing a kiss to Luke’s cheek before heading up the stairs and putting Victoria to sleep.
When you came back down the stairs you sat down on the couch beside Luke, when you turned to speak to him, he captured his lips in yours. When you pulled back you breathless.
‘What was that for?’
‘I want to have kids with you.’ He said, smiling widely.
‘What?’ You asked, pulling back slightly.
‘You and me, and kids. I can see it just now, you holding our baby son, as he smiles up at you.’
‘We’d need to get married first.’ You said in slight disbelief.
‘I know, it wouldn’t bother me.’ He said, taking a hand and playing with your fingers.
‘What brought this on?’ You asked him, he smiled at you.
‘Seeing you with Victoria, you great with kids. I just want to spend my life with you, every moment of it. We could have a small family or a big one depending on what you want.’ He said, you smiled at him.
‘We could have the perfect little home, they would be spoiled. They would be boys, of course, one would take after you and the other me.’ He said, he had a small blush on his cheeks.
‘Two kids.’ You said.
‘What?’ He asked, looking at you. You faced him.
‘We’d have two kids, one a girl one a boy, the eldest a boy though.’ You said.
‘They would equally take after the both of us, but maybe pick up bits from one or the other, and the perfect house.’
‘Well that’s where ever you are.’ You said, he smiled and pulled you in for a hug.

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â–“â–“â–“â–“â–“â–“â–“â–“ - John’s Blog

John! Heyy!!! I’m coming after you today! Yay! Soo, I have a question! Why did you stop referring to Lestrade as â–“â–“â–“â–“â–“â–“â–“â–“ and start to call him by name?

Oh yeah… You only call him by name after Sherlock jumped off Bart’s… Well damn, John. Either you stopped protecting his identity, or, the blog isn’t real after the ‘Hello Boys!’ post, and it’s all in Sherlock’s mind from there. (I have more evidence tucked away here)

So we start at the ASiP post:

Nothing unusual here. John is protecting Lestrade’s identity, it’s all fine.

He does it again in TGG post:

And, I can only think in the Aluminium Crutch post, this is Lestrade as well:

See? It’s all fine. Everything is fine, they can hardly reveal the identity of the man who’s helping them at Scotland Yard.

That is until, The Orient Express post… The 6th post after Sherlock’s death:

Oh look… You mentioned Lestrade, by name. Like everyone knows who he is, yet, Lestrade as a name is never mentioned on the blog before this.

So John just stopped using â–“â–“â–“â–“â–“â–“â–“â–“, for some reason? It is never used again and from here, Greg is all that is said. Not even Lestrade: 

So, why John? Why stop using â–“â–“â–“â–“â–“â–“â–“â–“ to protect peoples names, not just Lestrade’s?

Is it because the blog hasn’t actually been written by you since TRF? Because we’re still there? Is the blog really just what Sherlock wrote in his mind before he fully slipped into dreams and stopped writing it? Because Sherlock does know Lestrade’s name, we know that. (Especially if you think S3 is EMP as well as S4). So what’s stopping Sherlock from writing Lestrade’s name down, when the blog isn’t real at all, after a certain point? That’s right, nothing is. It’s easier to just say Lestrade’s name than using â–“â–“â–“â–“â–“â–“â–“â–“.

So, if you didn’t believe me before about John’s blog… Does this sway you? Because it just seems like conclusive proof to me. Or it might not be and there could be a reasonable explanation to this but, I can’t see it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Author: @riversong-sam

Word Count: 203

Parings: Sam x Reader, tiny bit of Dean

Request: @evyiione

Hi! Could you do a prompt with Sam please? Prompt List 1 N. 37 Twins? We’re… we’re having twins?!

Prompt: List 1 N. 37 Twins? We’re… we’re having twins?!

A/N:Â  Feedback is greatly appreciated.

Sam was in the library when you came up to him. You’d just gotten back from the doctors. First off you were pregnant but that wasn’t the kicker. The kicker was it was twins and you were already 4 months along. You’d never gotten the morning sickness like most women so you had no idea until you thought you felt movement. That’s when you went to the doctors. You were still in shock and it must have shown.

“(Y/N)?!” Sam jumped out of his chair

“Talk to me baby. Here sit down.” He guides you to a chair.

“What’s wrong?” fear laced his voice. He knew you’d gone to the Docs, now you were here crying. Â

“We’re gonna be parents.” You whisper and he realizes these aren’t bad tears.

“I’m gonna be a dad?!”

You nod and giggle as he kisses you.

“Wait there’s more.”


“We’re having twins!!!!”

Twins? We’re…we’re having twins?!

Baby maybe you should sit too.

He does as he shouts for Dean.

“Sammy?! (Y/N)?! Dean rushes in

What’s wrong Sam?

I’m gonna be a dad! We’re having twins!

  Twins? You’re having twins?!

Sam nodded and Dean collapsed.

Guess it was too much for the uncle to be. You giggled

A/N: Not even gonna try with this new update. F-u windows and whatever the hell you did to my copy and paste.


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The members of phoenix foundation help the Hawaii five o task force after a earthquake affects Hawaii. It is loosely based off of episode 18. 
Word Count - 1211
Characters - Hawaii Five 0 x Pheonix Foudation

As the think tank walked into the tent they were greeted by two officers.
‘Kono Kalakaua.’ Kono said, smiling.
‘Chin Ho Kelly. Thank you for coming and helping.’ They nodded their heads and then Jack, Mac, Riley and Bozer introduced themselves.
‘How can you guys help?’ Kono asked them, they all looked around.
‘Well I went through some of a first aid course, I can see if I can help over here.’ Bozer said and then walked off to where all the nurses were running around.
‘I can see if I can get the cell connection back up and working again.’ Riley said as she reached into her backpack and brought out her laptop going over to where there were laptops placed over tables.
‘What do you do?’ Chin asked Mac and Jack
‘Well I do a little bit of this and a little bit of that.’ He said, Chin raised an eyebrow, before nodding.
‘Okay, well you and Jack can come with us to go search, you’ll need a radio.’ Chin commented.
‘But we’re out.’ He then said as he realized he just gave away the last one.
‘That’s fine.’ Mac said, he then looked around and gathered all that he needed for him to make a radio. Once he was done he twisted a knob and when sound was produced, Chin scoffed.
‘You a lot like Y/N, you know that?’ Chin said as MacGyver put down the make shift radio. Jack and MacGyver looked up.
‘Y/N?’ Jack asked.
‘Our…little bit of this and a little bit of that person.’ Chin said once he found the correct words to describe you. He they walked through the tent, the power flicked off and everyone groaned.
‘We can fix it.’ MacGyver said. Kono smiled and nodded.
‘Round the back, but Y/N is more than likely on it already.’ Kono told them, but they made their way back.

When they got to the generator, they looked at each other as they saw feet sticking out the bottom.
‘Y/N?’ You heard a voice ask from above.
‘Who’s asking?’ You asked as you slid out from under the generator. You looked up and saw two men watching you.
‘Mac, Jack.’ The one with black hair said pointing at them, when he said their names.
‘You okay?’ Jack then asked.
‘Yup… Just fixing the operator.’ You said as you pulled yourself up from the ground. Wiping your hands on your trousers and then moved the stray hair out your face.
‘You know if you mag-’ Mac said as he watched you climb up on top of the machine.
‘Magnetize the battery, it will re charge it, yeah I know.’ You told him, as Jack nudged Mac’s shoulder, smirking as they watched you.
‘Pass the forceps please.’ Mac passed them up to you. You went down into the generator, clipping the forceps to defibrillator and then connecting it to the battery.
‘What are you doing?’ You heard Jack ask but when you pressed the charge button and the engine started purring you could hear a cheer coming from the tent.

As you heard a man screaming you ran around the corner, when you saw four men jump out the window on ropes. You scanned the area for a weapon, when you saw an iron pipe lying on the rocks, you smiled and grabbed it.
‘Hey!’ You said, they all turned to look at you. When one came charging towards you, you raised the pipe, whacking his arm as he came closer, when he held his arm, you hit him in the back of the legs, sending him down to the ground. You then hit him over head to make sure he wouldn’t be going anywhere. The others came towards you, you managed to get one down before the third knocked the pipe out your hand sending it flying. He then kicked you in the stomach, knocking to the ground and breathless. You could hear the last two taking steps towards you. Taking a deep breaths, you reached for his leg holster and brung his pistol out. Taking the safety off you shot him in the leg, he screamed in pain and fell. You then stood up and raised the gun to the other man, he took a step forward but you shot beside his foot and he stopped, raising his hands and lowering to the ground.
‘Wooohooo! You are so much better than MacGyver.’ Jack said, you smiled as him and Kono came around. You handed the gun to Kono, as she gave you a pair of handcuffs.
‘You know me and you should go-‘You heard Jack say but you cut him off.
‘Not gonna happen.’ You told him, lifting the guy of the ground as he groaned in pain from his leg. You saw jack pout and nodded his head.
‘Okay, okay.’
‘Hey, Mac, we’ll get back in time for your birthday.’ Jack said as he spotted MacGyver coming out with the scientists.

‘Chewbacca!’ Bozer said as he watched the dog run towards him. When you were out and about, Bozer had found your dog, he had found your dog. He had hurt his foot and Bozer had looked after him, and was looking forward to taking him home, but when he found out he was yours he, reluctantly gave it over to you.
‘What’s he doing here?’ MacGyver asked. Bozer picked up Chewbacca.
‘I don’t know man but he’s here. Bozer said as he held him close. Mac looked up and seen you walk in looking around the room, he noticed the smile come across your face when you saw Boozer with you dog. Your eyes then moved over to Mac, and you smile got wider. He stood up and walked over enveloping you in a hug.
’Happy Birthday.’ You said placing a gentle kiss on his cheek, he smiled at you.
‘Why are you here?’ Mac asked with creased eyebrows.
‘Jack invited me.’ You said looking up at him.
‘Of course he did.’ Mac breathed out. You smiled your attention going back to Bozer.
‘He loves that dog, doesn’t he?’ You asked and Mac looked over to him and nodded.
‘Yeah, didn’t stop talking about him. I thought he was yours.’ He asked again, you nodded your head.
‘He was.’ You told him truthfully.
‘Was?’ Mac asked.
‘He’s Bozer’s now.’ You told him, looking at Bozer talking animatedly to Riley.
‘He’s gonna be better here, I mean come look at him.’ You said pointing at your ex dog, sitting happily wagging his tail looking up at Riley and Bozer.
‘Yeah, well Bozer will take care of him.’ You said teasingly, but you knew he would be perfect.
‘Yeah, I can stop by and make sure of it.’ You commented, Mac smiled and nodded. You then saw Jack coming towards you.
‘Well if it isn’t badass Y/N, you came to accept my offer?’ He said as he sauntered closer.
‘You wish Jack.’ You said, you smiled at Mac before walking past Jack and patted his shoulder as you went over to riley and Bozer.
‘Mac?’ Jack asked.
‘Yeah.’ Mac answered Jack.
‘You better ask her out.’ He said, Mac smiled but didn’t say anything, only watched as you sat beside his best friends, laughing and joking away.

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mixed feelings

C/N= Crushes Name

Y/N= Your name

Word count: 387

Request: Requested by anon

Warnings: One slight curse word but if Ron Weasley can say it so can it

Summary: Crush gives mixed signals and reader finally does something about it

Pronouns: Male crush x gender neutral reader

Originally posted by sensualkisses

Out of the many people at your school you had to fall for the most confusing person of all. You saw him everyday, in every class, at most moments of the day (since he lived in the house across for you). “Hey C/N!” You would say to him.

“Hey there Y/N!” He then would proceed to wink at you.Â

Then when you would wave at him later in the day he would just walk straight passed you, making you ever so frustrated and confused.

Even at home you couldn’t escape it. C/N’s usual place for changing his clothes after a workout was in front of his window (which faced your window) with the curtains open.  You stared at him by using the mirror. But one day C/N did something that really made your blood boil.

He had been giving you mixed signals all day. One minute you were best friends, the next you were both being extra flirty towards each other and then he couldn’t stand to be near you. And when he couldn’t stand to be near you he would be with your schools slut. When he got bored of her and her figure he would come right back to you. This made you very angry so you decided to do something about it.

At the end of the day when all classes were over you approached C/N by his locker. “Can I just ask when the bloody hell is wrong with you?” You pushed him into the lockers as you shouted. He looked at you in utter shock.

“What do you mean what’s wrong with me?!”

“Well you could say that you are being an ass. One minute where flirting but then we’re best friends and then you can’t stand to talk to me! Look C/N, I really like you but what you’re doing with the mixed signals isn’t really helping my self esteem.”

“I didn’t know I was damaging your self esteem.” He whispered. Tears started to flood his eyes. “I was only doing this because I like you but I don’t know what to do about it so I just tried everything all at once.” He grabbed your face. “I’m so sorry,” He then kissed you. After your kiss you just stood by the lockers, holding one another until it was time for him to walk you home.

王子様のプロポーズ 2- Be My Princess 2 [Mobage]
Step up Kiss Event - Mikhail

A devilish invitation
“Come over here”

Devilish indeed. He is pure sin omg. This event is a part 3 of Mikhail’s route in the social version of BMP2. See here part 1 (the wolf prince and the secret sign) and part 2 (wet skin vacation ) . I am so pleased this event continues from where they left off in the summer event. Then, they parted ways, implying more was to come next time they see each other and here it is.

(summary under the cut)

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Pick Up My Pieces P2

Pick Up My Pieces

Author: @riversong-sam

Word Count: 325

Parings: Jared x Reader (eventually if you want more parts)

Warnings: flashbacks 


(Y/N) are you alright? Jared asks you after the panel concludes.

Im fine Jared. It was a lie but you weren’t ready.

He nods, you know im here for you.

I know Jared thank you. You give him a soft smile before making your way up to your hotel room. The panel was the last thing you had for today and now you just wanted to sleep. Â You crashed the second your head hit the pillow your dreams taking you back to a happier time for you.


Come on (Y/N) Michael chuckled

Im coming babe give me a minute. Your laughter rang through the small apartment the two of you shared.

You said that five minutes ago!

You come out to him, well?

You turned in your floor length black gown.

His jaw dropped, absolutely stunning. He breathed

Michael. You blushed

If we didn’t have to be at this charity ball I’d never let you leave this house again.

You laughed, I love you

I love you more.

You were startled awake by a pounding on your door.

(Y/N) are you in there?! Jared shouted

You groaned and trudged to the door ripping it open, What?! You growled

 I just wanted to make sure you were ok. He said quietly looking like a kicked puppy.

You sigh, Im sorry Jared you just woke me up.

Oh.. sorry (Y/N)

Its alright. You coming in? You walked back into the room and grabbed two waters.

He follows you inside and thanks you after you give him one.

So were going out tonight you wanna come? He sounded hopeful

By we you mean Jensen, Misha and the rest right?

He nods, going out for drinks and food.

Your stomach rumbles at the thought of food.

Yea I guess so.

Great we leave in ten.

Awesome. You trek off to the bathroom to freshen up a bit before he takes you out with the rest of the cast. Â


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Phoenix Baby

This is loosely based of the season finale of MacGyver (2016).
Word Count -1348
Characters - Jack x Reader
A/N - Jack Dalton needs some love, so I thought I’d write this.

The gun shot echoed throughout he room. You looked at him with wide eyes, he dropped his gun and fell. You put your gun back in to the holster and winced. You bent down and picked up ‘The Clients’ gun, taking the mag out and seeing how many bullets were left.’  Putting it in the back of your jeans.
‘Y/N, you okay?’ Riley asked, you raised your shirt placing your hand onto your stomach and pulled it back up.
‘Yeah.’ You told her as you wiped the blood covering your hand on your trousers. You took a deep breath and dropped your shirt, you didn’t need Riley to worry about you. You walked over, your breath hitching when the wound got pulled.
‘Here.’ You said as you placed the gun down onto the desk, she froze and looked at it.
‘You need to have protection.’ You told her, she looked back at it before nodding.
‘You nearly done here?.’ You asked her as you leaned against the table, trying to keep your breath even.
‘Yeah, I have the lights…’ She said, you looked up but had to look down quickly as they went blurry
‘I need to get the systems back…’ She said, she pressed a few more keys then all the generators came back on.
‘Done.’ She said happily, you smiled even though your felt dizzy, the pain was becoming unbearable.
‘Are you ready to go?’
‘We’ve to stay here until the guys come back.’ You told her, she nodded and then sat back down. Bouncing her leg up and down, you rested your wait on the desk behind you. You could see riley glancing at you and then switching between the body and the gun.
‘So, you and Jack?’ She teased, you looked at the ground and smiled.
‘Yeah.’ You trailed out.
‘How long?’ She quizzed you.
‘Nearly a year.’ You said, she looked up shocked but both your heads turned towards the door. You quickly raised your gun shakily, when you realized it was Mac and Jack you sighed, lowering the gun and you could see Riley relaxing.
‘Everything okay?’ Jack asked as he looked at the body. Riley nodded, standing and walking to Mac, they turned to looked at you. You nodded but when you saw Jacks eyes snap down to your stomach, you looked down.
‘Y/N?’ jack asked, you looked up and smiled before dropping to your knees. He was by your side before you hit your head of the floor.
‘What happened?’ He asked frantically.
‘She was fighting… and… ehh…’ Riley said as she caught sight of Jacks bloody hand.
‘Get an ambulance.’ Jack said, pressing against the wound as Mac and Riley ran out the room, looking for the closet phone. Jack lowered his head.
‘You better be okay, I can’t handle Matty all by myself.’ He commented, you laughed but started coughing as blood dribbled out the side of your mouth.
‘You’ll be fine.’ You said to him, he smiles.
‘Yeah, she likes you better though.’ He told you, you smiled as your eyes started closing.
‘Hey, hey… don’t leave me.’ Jack said frantically, you felt a hand on your cheek.
‘Keep your eyes open.’ He said, rubbing his fingers in your cheek. You nodded but your eyes were still closed. You could faintly hear more footsteps around you, then it was the faint sirens.
‘Not long. Just hold on.’ Jack said both his hands on your cheeks as someone placed pressure on your wound.

You woke up with a pounding with a pounding in your head and a sharp pain in your side. You tried to moved but everything was stiff, you groaned and opened your eyes. You blinked a couple of times as you saw Jack sitting at the edge of your bed.
‘Hey.’ He said as he saw you, you could see a sigh of relief leave him.
‘Yeah.’ You croaked out.
‘What happened?’ You asked him he looked confused.
‘You don’t remember?’ He said with a raised eyebrow. You shook your head.
‘I remember fighting and then getting shot, but that’s it.’ You told him honestly, he nodded before grabbing your hand gently, you noticed all the tubes coming out of it.
‘You got shot in the stomach, lost a lot of blood.’ He said, you nodded but he was hesitant to say the next thing.
‘What are you holding back Jack?’ You asked him. he looked up and blinked, opening his mouth to speak but then the door opened and the doctor walked in.
‘Good news Miss Y/L/N, you and your baby are okay, close call though.’ He said, you froze so did Jacks hand.
’You lost a lot of blood so you’ll be weak for a couple of days but hopefully, all being well, you can be released tomorrow, Friday at the latest.’ He said, you numbly nodded.
‘Any questions?’ He asked you, you nodded.
‘Baby?’ You asked weakly, he looked between you and Jack.
‘You didn’t know you were expecting?’ He asked, you shook your head as your hand moved to your stomach.
˜I’ll leave you two to talk.’ He said, when he walked away, you started crying.
‘Hey, don’t cry.’ Jack said wiping the tears away with his thumbs.
‘I almost killed him.’ You sobbed, it took Jack a minute to realize who you were talking about until he shook his head.
‘No, you never. He a fighter, just like you.’ He said, you sobbed.

Once you had calmed down, you were watching Jack as he kept his eyes on your hand.
‘You know he’s yours, right?’ You asked him. He looked up, smiling.
‘Yeah, and I couldn’t be happier.’ He said as he placed a kiss on you hand, you smiled at him.
‘Good.’ You replied as rubbing your hand, placing his spare on top of yours on your stomach.
‘I can’t do this job anymore.’ You told Jack honestly, he nodded.
‘I think Matty won’t mind.’ He told you.
‘Yeah, well I’ll have to make a deal with her though.’ You said to him, the both of you never heard the door opening.
‘A deal with the devil.’ Jack sniggered.
‘Who’s the devil?’ Matty asked, Jacks head snapped up all the colour draining out of it.
‘He said you.’ You told her, his head snapped to you, he eyebrows almost touching.
‘I need to keep on her good side.’ You told him and shrugged your shoulders.
‘Why, do you need to stay on my good side?’ she asked, her eyes not leaving you.
‘I might need to leave the team for a while.’ You shyly said to her.
‘How long? She quizzed.
‘Well at least nine months.’ You said, her eyebrows creased before you saw her face change.
‘Really?’ She asked, he cold domineer changed. You nodded your head, rubbing your stomach.
‘Who’s the father?’ she asked, you and Jack looked at each other. She watched that and then her faced showed shock.
‘Really?’ She said.
‘I’m surprised you never knew.’ You told her honestly, moving to get slightly comfortable.
‘I had a feeling but I let it go.’ She told you, you smiled at her.
‘Are you still willing to work at Phoenix?’ Matty asked as she placed a gentle hand on your leg.
‘Why?’ You replied.
‘We could use your expertise with Bozer in the lab.’ She said, you looked a Jack with a raised eyebrow. He smiled and rubbed your hand.
‘Yeah.’ You said nodding your head.
‘Good, the job is yours, starting as soon as your able to be back at work.’ She told you, you smiled and nodded.
‘Thank you.’ You said gratefully.
‘I’ll let you have some alone time, I’ll tell the others that your fine but want some peace and quiet.’ She told you, you both nodded and watched as she left the room. You moved over in the bed and made room for Jack, you patted the side and he climbed in beside you, wrapping his hand around your stomach, running his fingers along it. His nose pressed into your neck.

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