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-ugly sobbing in the corner- (based on this)


KyokoRen Week | Day 6: MAGIC



It’s save to say that near the end of last Sunday’s stream the whole stream chat was a mixture of people screaming, squeeing and also possibly fainting.

Our boy is growing up! And kicking butt! :D

PS: I took some inspiration from @ninaserena‘s design of Barris, because it’s just too adorable and I love it to bits. <3


xmedicus-mortisx  asked:

// You draw such a pretty Kid. <3 aah.

“IKR. I’m so pretty I don’t know how people ain’t dead after being in my presence.”

[Not in picture: Killer having to hold a homicidal Cavendish back from destroying his Cap’t.]

I really wanted to draw Petyr in more violet colored attire after seeing this


Some FrUk at war practises