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Update on my Richonner bros...

So my heart right now is so full of pride: two of my brothers are full-on Richonners. And one of them has finally convinced my third brother to start watching TWD (so fingers crossed)!

A few quotes from the bros this week:

“I think it’s great how this season they’re showing that Rick can’t lead without Michonne.”

“No other TV show has ever had its two badass leads get together like that. It just makes sense.”

“That episode with the two of them was awesome!”

“Oh yeah, that episode where the two of them were gettin’ it on.”

“They’re a power couple. It’s not even debatable.”


*mentions the Jadis and Rick shipping*

“Uh, no.” “Ah, gross.” “Maybe if Rick had a thing for Lloyd Christmas haircuts.”

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that bpd feel when ur fp gets ur hopes up that u can see them today and then immediately is like “nvm i don’t wanna put the effort in even tho it would be comically easy to come see u” and u’ve already been having a shitty time and that sweet #rejection always helps with that hahahaha awesome 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼


Hello everybody ! I just wanted to be able to tell you that at the moment I have a lot of requests … but I do not have much time to draw … I have my homework, plus my broken arm that does not Nothing … I think I’ll just make a small pause with the requests … but I promise to do them ^^ I hope people will pay attention to this message … thank you …


Forget-Me-Not, O Lord

Author: liketolaugh
Summary: Children do not follow Kenpachi. Kenpachi picks them up and takes them with him. Or: Red dies and then gets lost in the damn Dangai. And then Kenpachi finds him. Or Yachiru does, anyway.

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it’s official:

all my beloved reign ships i’ve been emotionally invested in for years are gone. i have nothing left to lose. i’m ready to barrel through the last ten episodes of this bewitching, delicious, pathologically disappointing yet unmatchedly god damned glorious gothic hellscape of a program until it’s all over. bring it, i say. BRING ITTTTTT!!!

Highkey if I ever spoke to my dad the way he speaks to me on a daily basis I would probably either a) get slapped for it or b) get threatened with homelessnes. But y’know, it’s fine when he does it.

I have no chill

all the hate in the archie andrews tag is make me sad and anxious so they are all getting blocked i don’t care.

and ofc people giving archie shit but protecting jughead liek wtf this is like teen wolf all over again. 

yeah lets just ignore that archie is a csa survivor and is trying to be a normal teenager with normal teenage issues and try to focus on his music despite being tied to his abuser as well being the child of separated parents, whose mom LEFT him when he was 12 years old and has zero self-esteem and its always calling himself down telling he isn’t good enough in this, and that and that he probably thinks he doesn’t deserve half of the things he has.

but sure, he is just a fuckboy, right? he is just playing around with girls and an awful friend to Jughead, despite making amends with him and literally the first thing he did when finding out Jughead was homeless was like FUCK THAT YOU ARE LIVING WITH ME and his father forged an signature so Jughead would be free from questioning, finds confidence in his music through valerie after what he had been through. Saying he is out of the investigation of jason’s murder but when he asked betty and jug about it THEY LITERALLY SHUT HIM DOWN LIKE    UGH BUT SURE WHATEVER

but sure, he is just a fuckboy and god 1x08 hasn’t even aired and people are already HATING ON HIM for a leaked clip in which we don’t know the context of? We just know he found out Jug’s dad is a serpent and for what we know of the ep its probably that is related to Fred loosing the construction and other things.

But sure

archie is doing that to get between bughead

fuck you all people

The way I see it, Prince Lotor could either be a great opportunity for serious drama or just an absolute Team Rocket-style shitty villain, and either way I am 110% ready to see Voltron dropkick him into space.

Steinunn: Wait-

Stefán: Don’t record this, Steina.

Steinunn: Stebbi, aren’t you gonna come inside?

Stefán: I’m not coming inside, dear, I’m gonna spend the night here.

Steinunn: Why?

Stefán: [scandalized] Why? I won’t let the baby plants be alone in the greenhouse, not for the first nights at least. Goodnight, dear. [to the plants] Hiiiiiiii