J’ai envoyé un mail à la personne qui s’occupe des relations internationales au Canada au sujet des cours auxquels je vais assister. J’ai précisé mon nom et mon prénom en fin de mail (normal quoi). 

Elle m’a répondu avec mon prénom anglicisé. 

Mon prénom était marqué dans le mail et est présent dans l’adresse mail de la fac, qu’est-ce qu’elle veut de plus?

Eu sei que no final, nós estaremos juntos.
—  Apenas alguns quilômetros de distância.
Não foi por acaso que a gente se escolheu em meio à multidão. São sotaques diferentes, mas é um só coração.
—  Luan Santana.

Christiane Taubira appreciation post to celebrate international women’s day.

“why Christiane Taubira?” you might ask, oh dear ignorant friend… because anyone who knows her, loves her. even macron, our hetero™ who is clearly distracting the queen with his undying admiration.

Let’s begin, ya girl got the receipts.

She’s the class clown who is also the smartest kid around.

She’s been the queen of the mic drop since 1952 obama who?

(reigning queen)

She can’t handle the stupidity levels of the politicians surrounding her.

“I will judge you to your death, but shall remain cozy in the process.”

“sometimes to resist is to remain, sometimes to resist is to leave.”- CT. She quit à bicyclèèèèèteeeee. (iconic)

All for one and one for all!

We love you, Christiane Taubira.


Conures… are the very best. Really.
Here we put them into a biiiiiiig aviary (4 meters large/23 meters long). Ten conures together (they aren’t all on the photos).
You can see, in order of appearance :
- Ieppa (frontalis) and Karma (yellow sided/savage) on the first and second photos.
- Pink and Capsule, the two cockatoos.
- Sigrinn (yellow sided).
- Luciole (yellow sided turquoise) and Sigrinn.
- Crocus (pineapple) and Maya (pinapple blue).
- Karma on the three following photos.
- Maya.

Eu me ajeito, no seu jeito.
—  Marília Mendonça.