حنان العوادي

26 letters of boredom: Ø

emergency for acute stroke (or little variations of the appendix), the empty character used as a full form of foolishness, commonly the last one is allowed to express as the last one (a wedding with all hallows), in writing appears to play the example, the suffix determiner, the mine disarmed: these arms are all yours for zero or some nouns: penultimate abbreviation: pronunciation to coordinate, south is just boiling, there is a mind flowing roundish, the all-you-can-eat of a surplus: death is only an alphabet without vowels, bet beyond diameter

This song speaks to me in a way that I can’t truly explain. It speaks to a part of me that hasn’t been happy in years. This song not only shows that even the happiest person can live through something that changes them. Something that leaves the breathless and makes them believe the lies that the world tells them. But it also shows that the opposite can occur. It is just as possible to not necessarily erase those marks but to move past them. To become happy. Those marks are a part of you but they don’t have to define you completely. It is possible to be happy again and I think this is something that everybody deserves to hear. Even if it helps just one person then it has been completely worth it.