Anon Requested: Can you do an imagine with Frank Iero where neither of you can sleep at night so you just sort of lay together talking about things? this is so vague omg im sorry but go wild?? ily

Idk much about Frank Iero, and his personality but I tried my best so I hope you like it. Oh and I felt like this one should be really fluffy.

I just couldn’t sleep tonight. The moon shone through the curtains and cast a beautiful dull white light that just kept me awake. I lay in bed wondering if Frank was also still awake.

I sit up in my bed and step onto the cold hard wood floors that seemed to glow as the moonlight poured over them. I begin to make my way through the quiet house that I had been sharing with Frank until I found a place of my own. My parents had recently kicked me out of the house because I wasn’t the trophy child that they had wanted. My parents were quite strict and I liked to make my own room. I was the child who was independent and made my own decisions. I had made decisions my parents hadn’t approved of before like getting tattoos and going to concerts but when they found out that I had sneaked out a few nights in a row to attend friends parties that was the last straw. I had called my best friend Frank Iero from the band My Chemical Romance and askedd him if I could stay with him for awhile until I found a job and a place to stay, of course he agreed. 

When I snapped out of my little trance of resenting my parents I found my self at the door of Franks room. I didn’t knock before I entered in fear of waking him if he was asleep. Frank was laying on his bed eyes open when I walked in.

“Can’t sleep either?” I asked startling him. He sat up straight and looked at me shaking his head. I linger in the door way for a bit before he looks up at me again. He tapped a spot on the bed inviting me to sit down. 

“the moon’s really pretty tonight.” I chime in after a bit of silence, not awkward silence but a comfortable one I was almost afraid to break. We’re now both laying on his bed looking up at the ceiling of his room, being showered by thin rays of moonlight being sliced into section by the partially open blinds covering his window. 

“Yeah,” He agrees in a soft voice I never heard him use before. “I don’t remember a time when it was this beautiful.” There was another moment of silence, before I continue to speak.

“Frank,” I say turning to looked at him as he stares at the ceiling. He seemed to glow in the moonlight, all of his features highlighted in a way that made my breath hitch for a moment. I don’t know if I had ever looked at Frank like this before. He was gorgeous. I almost forgot I was going to say something until he looked at me with eyes that seemed to shimmer as they gazed expectantly at me. I sigh shaking off any feeling I just had. “I got a job yesterday." 

"Does that mean…” He seemed disappointed but I shoved it off as my mind playing tricks on me.

“Yeah I’m gonna start looking for a place to stay, and then I’ll be out of your hair. I say giving him a small forced smile. I didn’t really want to leave, but I didn’t want to intrude. He didn’t reply he just turn his gaze back up, and after a few moments of looking at him I let out a small barely audible sigh and do the same. There was more silence but it was no longer a warm comfortable it was now a sad one that chilled my skin. I had this feeling deep in my gut that made me feel as if I were going to cry. I don’t know why I felt such an attachment to Frank all of a sudden, that I had never felt in all my years of knowing him. This feeling had started as a small little something a few weeks ago when I moved in, but it had soon grown into something I didn’t understand. A feeling that made me want to smile and laugh but at the same time burst into tears.

I think we had been sitting in silence for at least 20 minutes before Frank spoke. What he said caught me of guard.

"Stay.” He said with desperation apparent in his voice. We turned to look at each other his eyes filled with sadness his features contorted by a frown.

“I…” Before I could get any words out he cut my off.

“Wait, I want to explain, and if you don’t feel the same I understand and you can leave but I need to tell you. Ever since you moved in I, I just felt something in the pit of my stomach. It was as if this was the first time I got to see you, the real you, and you’re beautiful. I don’t know if this makes sense but you have this aura to you, this sort of glow. You always look so gorgeous. When you’re wearing your big over-sized t-shirts just walking around the house, laughing and being yourself, your-clumsy, goofy, wonderful-self, I can’t help but stare. In those moments your more beautiful then you every were all dressed up with your hair done and your makeup on. These little moments led me to thinking that I want to see you like that more often and that…that I love you, and everything about you.” I was in shock. Is that what that feeling was that I was feeling deep in my gut. I couldn’t speak my body wasn’t functioning, and I was to paralyzed to speak. frank took this as ‘I don’t love you back and began to ramble.

“Oh but if you don’t feel the same that’s okay, I still wanna be friends and hang out like we always do. I didn’t mean anything by that, well I did but, you know I…” I cut him off with a kiss. Not a lustful one, but a passionate closed mouth kiss that conveyed the message that I found hard to say just a moment earlier. The kiss only lasted for a few seconds but it had seemed like forever.

“Oh” he said quietly, and grinned. I nodded a smile spreading across my face. Frank came closer and wrapped his arms around me. I curled up into his side and rested my head on his chest. We booth let out a sigh of contentment.

“I was so afraid that I was going to find a place and leave without telling you how I felt.” I said relieved “but I guess you solved that problem for me.” We both laughed a bit.

“And I was afraid that after I told you you would leave me and never come back.” We both sighed again.

“So guess this means your staying.” Frank said smiling as I nuzzle into his chest a bit more.

“Frankie after what you just said your never getting rid of me.” We both laughed again. “Does this mean I get to meet your band?” I say hopefully pulling my head up to look at him. 

“I guess so.” He says with a chuckle, amused by my sudden change of topic. I let out a small squeak of excitement before kissing him a bit more forcefully this time. When I pull back wee both laugh some more. We spent the rest of the night talking and giggling, wrapped in each others arms. We talked for so long and it felt right like this is where I was meant to be.

When I finally had fallen asleep on Frank’s chest the flashing numbers on his clock indicated that it was 4:39. The last thing I felt before drifting of was Franks lips grazing across my head and the thumping og his heart pounding in his chest.

I kind of threw a little twist in there. I’m sorry if thats not what you wanted. If you want me to redo it just hit me up and say so. Other than that thanks for reading please like and reblog, follow if you want. Please send in some more requests.

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De Happyman - Love Is You ⛓ᴾᴸᴬᵞᴸᴵˢᵀ ᴸᴵᴺᴷ ᴵᴺ ᴮᴵᴼ ☣️★☢️✧(๑★ᄌ⃝ก̀๑)⋆*ೃ:.┌П┐☠`°º★ø,¸¸🥀¸¸,ø★º°`🎱`°º★ø,¸¸🐉¸¸,ø★º°`🔪`°º★ø,¸¸⛓¸¸,ø★º°`💔`°º★ø,¸¸🦂¸¸,ø★º°`⚰`°º★ø,¸¸💣¸¸,ø★º°`💉`°º★ø,¸¸🚬Ᏸ༫࿊ӂ༂ྶ ႬΔใ࿌ peace☮️luv ♥️unity 👩‍👩‍👧‍👧 r3$p3k 🔫#rave #techno #gabber #happyhardcore

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Back Off...I Love Her

t0xic-envir0ment requested: Can do a Pete Wentz imagine where you’re his girlfriend and you go on tour with him and you get heckled and he defends you. Sorry if its not vague I want you to get creative.

Here you go babe hope this is what you wanted I thought it was pretty cute, but then again it’s hard not to over judge your own work. I decided to write this in first person but if you don’t like that I’ll write you another one just send me a message. Hope you enjoy it. Oh and the outfit is on my poloyvore at: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=120073204

I wake up in the cramped bunk of the tour bus wrapped in the strong arms of Pete Wentz. Pete and I had been dating for about a year now and he decided that it would be fun to take me along with him on Fall Out Boys latest tour. It was a lot of fun touring with the boys; I got to go to many new places, hang with my favorite band, and watch them perform for stadiums full of screaming fans. The only down side to touring was that many FOB fans weren’t a big fan of me. I had to deal with lots of hate, and on more than one occasion Pete found me crying alone after receiving hate and having to to comfort me.

I stay in bed awhile wrapped in Pete’s arms just thinking about how lucky I am to have such a wonderful boyfriend. I seemed like Pete and I were meant for each other, we were always smiling around each other and holding hands or cuddling. It was great, but neither of us had said those three little words yet. Being the traditional girl I am, I always waited for the guy to say I love you first, but it had been so long already and I was losing hope that he’d ever say it. I sigh brushing off any previous thoughts before checking my phone. It was 9:00. I decide to wake Pete up. I push myself up until I’ hovering over him. I hold still for a moment just taking in the sight of my gorgeous boyfriend sleeping peacefully, before leaning down and placing my lips to his. Pete’s eyes flutter open and he smiles wrapping his arms around me and holding me tightly to his chest. 

“Morning sleeping beauty, I was beginning to think you would never wake up.” I tease him even though I had only woken up just a few moments ago.

“Well,” He says flipping us over so he’s now over me. “If I’m sleeping beauty, does that make you Prince Charming?” He smiles down at me and I giggle.

“I guess it does,” I give him a cheeky smile before continuing “Would you like to explore my castle.” I wink at him before he lowers himself on me and begins to kiss at my neck. I wrap my legs around him and let out a small moan.

“Oh no you don’t ” We hear an annoyed Patrick, before the curtain of the bunk gets torn back. Me and Pete start laughing before climbing off of me and out of the bunk. 

“At least have the decency to wait until the rest of us are off the bus.” Patrick sound irritated but a smile grows on his face as he pushes past Pete to the small kitchen (if you can even call it that) at the front of the bus.

“Rain check then.” Pete smiles back at me pecking my lips before going to get ready for the day. I sling my legs over the edge of our middle bunk to watch my boyfriend as he walked away.

“(y/n),” Pete shouts from the back of the bus. I shake myself out of my trance before he turns to look at me. “Were you just checking me out." I consider denying his accusation, but he wouldn’t believe me if I did.

”‘Could you blame me,“ I say jumping off our bunk in only one of his shirts and a pair of black panties. I walk behind him wrapping my arms around his waist and leaning my head on his back. "I mean look at you." 

Pete spins around and plants a kiss on my forehead while wrapping his arms around me. I lean into him thinking we’re goig to cuddle for a bit but I was mistaken, He lifts me up over his shoulder and carries me to the front despite my squirming. He plops me down on a couch were he rest of the band is. For the rest of the morning we mess around and cuddle a bit before the band leaves to get ready for their concert later that nigh leaving me alone.

Later That Night

The Fall Out Boy show was only an hour away so I decide to get ready. I take a shower and throw on my favorite concert outfit. I apply my eye make up and paint my nails with close precision before leaving the bus.The stadium is only a few blocks away so I decide to walk. 

When I get to the stadium I begin to walk to the band entrance because I watch from side stage. As I walk past the fans awaiting entrance I hear a group of teenage girls start calling after me.

"Hey that’s the slut dating Pete!” The rest of the crowd hushes half turning to me and the other half looking towards the girl.

“Ugh, She doesn’t deserve him.”

A million other insults string from a single group of girls while the other fans stare in disbelief. I don’t care today I was feeling particularly don’t-give-a-shit-y. I wave at them with a wide smile plastered on my face before waving at them.

“Hey girls, why don’t you just kindly fuck off.” I reply in the most polite voice I can muster before flipping them off and walking back stage not even waiting to hear their frustrated yells. I was hear to support my boyfriend and his band and nothing else mattered.

After The Concert

 After the concert the band and I all walked back to the bus feeling particularly giddy after a good show. That was until we saw a familiar looking group of girls standing around the entrance to the bus. I scoff and whisper to Pete about what happened at the venue. He passes the message down to the rest of the band before we get to close to the beaming hoard. 

As wee approach the whole band except for Pete push through them ignoring every plea they can muster. After Patrick, Andy, and Joe are safetly to the bus all the girls turn their attention toward me and Pete. Pete grips my hand tightly as they swarm around him trying to push me further and further from him while hissing insults that Pete could barley make out. By the time wee manage to push our way to the bus Pete ha to shield me from getting clawed at by the hoard of girls. The insults and curses growing louder. 

I open the door to the tour bus trying to hold back tears the best I can. I step into safety and begin to break down. I fall to my knees on the flooring near the door. The band rushes over to help me while Pete shout at the girls outside. I had never heard him more angry than he ever had been.

“Look what you guys did, and you guys call yourself fans. If you were fans you would be supportive of me and my beautiful girlfriend. I know you don’t like it but suck it up, because I would chose that beautiful kind heated woman over any of you gossiping immature girls. You know what she is my world and you don’t support us and continue to treat her like this I hope I never see you again. Actually I better not see you again or I will have no choice but to call the cops or physically remove you from the premises. So how about you Back off…I love her.” After that Pete slammed the door and slouched down to be near me on the floor. My sniffling had subsided but I was still  shivering mes on the floor.

“Baby…(y/n),” he says sincerity returning to his voice “I really do love you, and I don’t want you to believe anything they say, you’re perfect.”

I launch forward and wrap my arms around Pete whispering a shaky 'I love you’ into his ear. Pete picks me up and carries me to our bunk and lays beside me. Eventually my crying subsided, and the rest of the night was filled with lots of cuddles and 'I love you’s

Hey Babes sorry it was so long I just kind of started writing and didn’t stop. Anyhow remember to send in requests and everything if you made it this far that's awesome thank you. Okay well thats all. I love you guys

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I feel like Dre has a special liking for other red-eyed Sanses, since they come from the same place.

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Best Night Ever

aharleyquinnuniverse requested: Can you do a three sum with me Gerard Way and Frank Iero? smut of course please and my names Harley

I really don’t do personals so everyone can get into it but I’ll send anyone who requests a personal a copy with your name if you want. Oh and this is the first smut on my blog so I hope you guys like it. Sorry It’s so long.

This was it the night I get to see My Chemical Romance front row. I was so ready for tonight. I was going to pick up my friend in 2 hours and then we’d head over to the venue. 

I put on my best concert outfit it was super sexy and also very airy so I could dance around without having a heat stroke. It was about time to head out so I grab my keys and head out to the car. When I pick up my friend we both let out really girly squeals and jump around for a bit. When we get in the car all we talk about is how attractive all the band members are.

We arrive at the venue and run straight to our spots. We only had to wait for about 20 minutes for the show to start, and when the show starts  could swear Gerard looked straight at me, then again it my just be my crazy fangirl mind.

After the Concert 

Me and my friend wait for the stadium to clear out a bit before we try and get to our car. I swear we were the last people in there. 

“Was it me or did Gerard keep staring at you.” She said with a little smirk. 

“Oh thank god.” I say “Then it wasn’t just me.” We both giggle for a bit then get up to go to our car. As we walk up the aisle to go to the exit I hear footsteps behind us. I stop for a second and knit my eyebrows before pulling out my pocket knife and turning to defend me and my friend.

When I turn I immediate regret my decision, Gerard Way was the one trying to catch up to us and not some creep.

“Whoa,” He says throwing up his hands eyes widening. “Didn’t mean to scare you.” I feel my face heat up, turning bright red like my converse. 

“I..uh..I’m really sorry.” I stutter quite flustered. I just pulled a knife on Gerard-fucking-Way. I slowly put my knife back where I had it tucked in my bra. Then became even more flustered when I realized I just stuck my hand into my bra in the presence of my idol. He turns a light shade of pink and I giggle a bit. We both shake out of our awkward and he extends his hand.

“Ummm, well I’m Gerard and you are.” I grab his hand and shake it firmly.

“(y/n)” I smile slightly looking up at him (since he was taller than me).

“Well (y/n),” He said a little awkwardly “Me and the band saw you and your friend having a good time and we wanted to see if you two beautiful woman would like to come hang out backstage for a bit.” I was speechless for a moment until I felt my friend nudge me a bit and I shake out of it. 

“Oh yea, of course, I would love to.” I say it all quite quickly causing him to laugh a bit. Before he grabbed my hand and started leading me back. I turn back to my friend who is following along behind us. She smiles and makes a kissy face. I shake my head and flip her off before turning back to see that Gerard just watched that whole thing. I turn even more red but he just laughs so I shake it off.

The rest of the band was nice and we spent a solid 3 hours just sitting around talking. Occasionally I would look over and see Gerard staring at me, but then I started to notice that Frank had been staring too. I could feel my ears heat up as Frank leaned over and whispered something to Gerard, who responded with a straight face and a nod. Both boys stand up from the spot they were sitting on the couch and walk in front of my chair. 

“Umm,” Gerard says awkwardly swaying back and forth “I was wondering if you would, only if you want to, I mean you don’t have to, but it would be nice if-”

“Do you want to come to the dressing room with us.” Frank butts in to stop Gerard’s rambling.

I can feel my face heat up and I can I assume my face is fire engine red. I look from Frank to Gerard then to my friend who seems content with Mikey. I look back at the boys knowing exactly what they’re looking for. I nod silently and Frank extends his hand and leads me away Gerard following close behind. 

As soon as we enter the dressing room the door is closed and locked by Gerard, while Frank places me on a small counter kissing at my neck. I close my eyes at the feeling and when I open them next I see Gerard has stripped down to just boxer shorts. Frank breaks contact drawing my attention back to him. He lifts my tank to reveal my bright red bra. He stares for a minute before backing away to start removing his own layers. Gerard places himself where Frank had been. He nips at my collar bone while caressing my breast. I lean my head back against the mirror in ecstasy.Gerard unties the ribbon of my shorts before linking his finger on the waist and pulls them down leaving me in my black lace panties. He lifts me off the counter and takes me over to a couch where Frank is waiting. I kneel between them, Frank behind me and Gerard in front. Frank ghosts his fingers over my entrance before rubbing me through my panties. I moan loudly and Gerard takes this moment to lace his fingers behind my neck and stick his tongue in my mouth. I grasp at the waistband of Gerard’s boxers and pull them down exposing his already hard member. I grip his shaft and begin pumping at a slow steady pace. He moans and places his head down on my shoulder, before sucking and nipping at my neck. Gerard wraps his arm around me and grasps the clasp of my bra undoing and discarding it somewhere in the room. He moves his face down and begins sucking at my breast. Frank stops rubbing me and rips off my panties, throwing them across the room before removing his boxers. Gerard lifts his face from my breast and leans me down so I’m on all fours. I feel franks member graze over me as I place my lips over the tip over Gerard’s cock. Both men thrust in to me simultaneously. I don’t get time to adjust before the pace is set. I moan on to Gerard cock and he throws his head back in ecstasy. I hear Frank groan from behind me and I feel myself getting close. Gerard twitches in my mouth before releasing his load down my throat. this triggers my orgasm. Frank comes shortly after. We all ride out our highs before collapsing into a sweaty pile of hot breath.

Best night ever.

Sorry this ones not very good but I hope you liked it any way thank you for reading.

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Then She Was Gone (Chapter One)

Can you do a one shot about being an old member of Panic! before they took off and Brendon talks about you in an interview and gets choked up and all depressed because he had fallen in love with you but never told you before you left. Sorry if its a wierd topic but idk I thought id be cute.

It was toward the end of the most recent Panic! at the Disco interview with Brendon ans Spencer, the boys were hyped. They had already crushed there performance and the interviewer was very pleasant and polite. 

“Okay boys,” the interviewer says with a cute smile that seemed to be contagious because it was spread across each of the members faces, “This is the last question so lets make it count.”  The interviewer looks down to her phone where she is receiving twitter questions for the fans. After a moment of quiet conversations from the band she lets out a little ‘Oh’ and all the boys look up. “Here’s a good one, and remember make it count.” She says with a fake scowl that makes everyone laugh. 

“Okay question from @(any twitter): Is there anything or anyone in the bands history that the fans don’t know about?” The interviewer puts  on a quizzical face with one eyebrow slightly raised higher than the other. There was a moment of silence where Brendon and Spencer look at each other with faces that immediately turn from giddy to solemn. Brendon gave Spencer a small nod that seemed to say something like 'it’s okay i’ll be fine’ before Spencer spoke.

“Well,” Spencer said quite slowly before continuing shooting a glance at Brendon, “There was a female member of Panic! at one point in time.”

“Oh,” the Interviewer said clearly intrigued by this new information. “Can we know more.” She said treading lightly due to the sudden mood change that was apparent in the two boys.

Spencer saw that Brendon still wasn’t ready to talk but gave another nod allowing him to continue. “It was a long time ago, before the band really took off, her name was (Y/N) and well…” Spencer seemed to have lost the word and looked down at his shoes. Then Brendon finally spoke up to finish Spencer’s sentence.

“She was beautiful, and she had the most amazing voice. She liked to play every instrument she could get her hands on, even if she didn’t know how she would teach herself. She was extremely bubbly and outgoing and when she was around you couldn’t help but smile. Oh and her laugh it was gorgeous I’ve never heard someone with a laugh quite as genuine as hers.” Brendon was rambling and had to stop to take a shaky breath to prevent the tears from falling. Spencer saw this and placed his hand on Brendons back and rubbed p and down to comfort him. Brendon just looked at the ceiling then down at his shoes trying to avoid eye contact.

After a few seconds of silence the interviewer spoke up “It sounds like she was very important to you.” She spoke quietly and meekly. Brendon finally found the courage to continue after a second or two and looked up at the interviewer.

“She was, she was always there for me when I needed her. I lived with here for awhile during senior year when me and my parents were in bad terms. She brought happiness and jot to my life when there was only sadness and she kept the band together during a rough patch. Shes the reason we’re here today even if she isn’t with us. She was really important to me and she…she still is,” by this point Brendon was having a hard time speaking without his voice being shaky. “I only wish she was hear today…with us, with the band…I miss her a lot, I…I love her” The last part was said really quiet as Brendon began to sob"But one day she came into rehearsal bruised and crying and before we could ask her what happened she hugged my tight and just said 'I’m sorry I can’t do this anymore’ she kissed me on the cheek and then she was gone. After that I never saw her again no matter how hard I looked, she was gone forever. I never even got to tell her why didn’t I tell her.“ At that moment he completely broke down while Spencer held him and comforted him. All was quiet except for Brendon’s sobbing and the occasional 'why’ or 'I should’ve told her’.  

"Oh god I’m sorry.” Brendon apologized to the interviewer in between sobs. Unlatching from Spencers side.

“No honey I should be the one apologizing I really shouldn’t have asked.” The interviewers face was full of sorrow as she grabbed Brendons hand and stroked her thumb over his soothingly. 

“No, No they deserve to know.” Brendon said tears finally subsiding a bit. “I really would give anything to see her again.”

Hey Babes I actually really like this one and want to continue this so if you want a part two like. How about 10 notes for a second chapter. Thank you for reading, and I love you.

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The Light Behind Your Eyes

Anon Requested: could you do an imagine with gerard where you’re together and you have nightterrors/cant sleep so he sings “sleep” or “thelight behind your eyes” quietly until you fall asleep

Warnings: Death of Family, Car Accident

Thanks for the request babe I love the idea sorry I made you wait for this I just hadn’t the time to write it up. Hope you enjoy it Xx

Shouting always shouting. My mother and father are in the front seat of our small car screaming at each other, while me and my baby brother sit in the back. I have my headphones in to drown out the screaming and the crying of my baby brother. My mothers eyes are red with tears as my father drives recklessly down the road. I turn over to try and comfort my brother only to see we’ve run a red light and are now on a collision course with a semi. I scream and reach over to try and block my brother as best I can but its to late. The truck slams into the side of or compact car. Glass shattering. Metal bending. Bones breaking. Blood splashing. Skulls Splitting. Hearts stopping. I feel a sharp pain when I try to reach my family. but its no use they took the majority of the blow from the truck, the wouldn’t be getting out of here. I roll out of the car and look at the mangled mess of glass,metal, and my family. I lay on the ground and do the only thing I could, scream.

I wake up screaming with my boyfriend Gerard shaking me in an attempt to free me from my nightmare.I takes me a minute but I finally stop screaming. For almost a week I had been reliving the death of my family. I felt so bad putting Gerard through all of this but he assured it was fine and helped me through it. 

After the screaming had stopped I immediately was thrown into a fit of tears. The sound of horrible sobs filled our room as Gerard held me close shushing me and stroking my hair. My sobs became less and less, until only silent tears streaked down my face. 

“It’s okay,” Gerard softly whispered “It’ll be okay.” He kept whispering that until the tears stopped and my breathing evened out. 

“I’m sorry” I said in a shaky voice

“No, No, It’s okay, we’re okay.” Gerard was always so kind and supportive. I felt horrible for putting him through this and even considered leaving so he wouldn’t have to go through this. We spent the next few minutes in silence. 

“Thank you,” I finally spoke “for everything.” He just looked at me and smiled.

“You need to get some rest,” Gerard said in a kind voice. “Please, try to sleep. You haven’t slept in days." 

"I, I don’t know if I can.” I said in a shaky voice remembering. He kissed the top of my head and squeezed me gently. 

“I’ll help you,” He said “Just close your eyes. I’ll make sure you okay.” I take a deep breath before closing my eyes. Before long I hear Gerard start to hum, what sounded like the instrumental part of The Light Behind Your Eyes. He came in with the vocals during the first chorus as the first verse mentioned death and might set me off again.

“If I could be with you tonight,

I would sing you to sleep.

Never let them take the light behind your eyes
One day I’ll lose this fight
As we fade in the dark
Just remember you will always burn as bright

Be strong and hold my hand
Time becomes for us, you’ll understand…”

I didn’t hear much else as I was drifting off to sleep. I love Gerard with him I felt safe like not even my worst memories could harm me. My eyes flutter shut and I drift to sleep, deep, dreamless, sleep.

Sorry this ones kind of short I don’t even know if its that good, but make sure to like and reblog if you liked it and follow for more band imagines. Love you babes.

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Welcome Home(Chapter Two, Part Two)

Okay guys this is the second half of chapter two if you haven’t read it it might help to but you make your own decisions so you don’t have to

Chapter One: Then She Was Gone

Chapter Two, Part One: It’s Her

Your P.O.V.

I woke to the sound of banging on my bedroom door. Before I get up to see which one of my band mates it is I check the clock. 7:30. I groan and roll of my bed in only a pair of panties and and over sized t-shirt. The banging is still going strong by the time I get to the door. When I swing open the door Emily our bass player practically falls on me. Just looking at her beaming face makes me smile. I let my smile fade into a fake scowl with my eyebrow cocked that makes both of us laugh.

“Sorry that I woke you up early but we have something important to tell you.” She says softly. “Go get dressed up all nice, and come to the kitchen. Before I have time to reply she’s already skipping down the hall. Living with my band is a curse and a blessing but I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

I walk back into my room closing the door. I dig through my closet for almost 30 minutes before deciding on my outfit and at least 15 on makeup. I felt bad making the girls wait but if she wanted me to look nice she would have to be patient. 

When I finish getting ready the rest of my band, Emily, Trinity, and Alaine, are sitting at out kitchen table in the beach side flat we own together. Each of the girls looked extremely anxious. I already knew something was up, but now I needed to know what was up. As I sat down out the table there antsy-ness broke me.

"Okay guys, whats going…” I was cut of by Alaine before I could finish my question. 

“We’re going on tour!” She says jumping out of her chair. This outburst was followed by jumping and many girly squealing. Once the celebrating had dulled I continued my interrogation.

“So you made me get into nice clothes just to tell me.” I cocked an eyebrow as I looked to each of the girls, who I could tell hadn’t told me everything.

“Well,” Trinity said holding out the ‘l’ sound “We’re going on a small trip up to meet the band today, and we’ll be leaving in 3 hours.” She said the last part quickly.

Eventually the girls explained that we we’re going to meet them today where the lead singer lived about an hour and a half away, then go on tour in a month. Three hour passed by quickly and we all piled into the band with our instruments and a few (and by a few I mean way to many) road trip snacks. We headed off around 10:00 to meet up with the band around 12:00

Back to third person

Brendon had showered and put on clean clothes for his meet up with The Iron Balloons . They were supposed to be here 15 minutes ago and he started to get worried and think of all the worst case scenarios. He had just been thinking about the possibility that they got in a terrible car accident when he heard a car pull up and the doors open in front of his house. Brendon immediately ran toward the door. He waited for them to knock before he answered the door as to not appear to have been waiting for them.

When Brendon opened the door (y/n) had her back turned to him facing the rest of her band. The rest of the band smiled at him but she hadnt noticed that the door had opened.

“What’s this guys name anyway,” (y/n) said happiness apparent in her voice.

“Why don’t you ask him.” Emily replied answered gesturing toward the gaping door behind (y/n). She seemed confused at first before turning around and dropping her guitar case in shock. She pulled her hand up to her mouth her eyes glassing over.

“Brendon.” She said as to check if this was all really happening.

“Hey.” He said plainly before being tackled to the ground in a big bear hug. Brendon got the wind got knocked out of him but when he wrapped his arms around the waist of the girl laying on his chest. 

“Welcome Back.” He said slightly squezing her to him.

“Welcome Home.” She said to her self, so quiet that Brendon barley heard her.

Three Hours Later

Both of the bands had left Brendon’s house leaving (y/n) and him alone for about an hour now. The whole time she and Brendon had acted very professional, but once the rest of the people had gone they began to lay fight, cuddle, and just be very fluffy all around.

They had just finished chasing each other around the house before she had collapsed into his arms on the couch. She snuggled into his side and laid her head on his chest. Eventually they had both drifted off to sleep just content with being wrapped in each others arms. She had never felt so happy in her life. This is what she wanted, this is where she belonged, this was home. Her eyes fluttered closed but before she drifted off completely she heard Brendon whisper softly into her hair:

“I’m glad you’re back, I missed you.” He paused “I can’t wait for tour.” She let out a sigh of agreement before falling asleep wrapped in Brendons arms.

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