темные моды

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nope nope nope nope nope the g is totally pronounced and it goes with the n, they produce a sound only italians have. it's totally NOT lasanya like you said

so you fully pronounce the G in lasagna like the G in ‘game’ for example?


      ❛   if  you  are  refering  to  small  HUMAN  children ,   i  suppose  you  shouldn ’ t  ,   they  are  annoying  little  things .   but            but ,   but ,  BUT .   maybe  you  could .   after  all ,   i AM  capable  of  shutting  them  up ,   and  i  used  to  be  a  good  mentor  to  fledglings.   once  or  twice .   ❜

            “Right..” There's a quiet, protective move to hold the sleeping, fledgling Gabriel closer to his chest, “No reason y’know, just.. curious.” hes half bouncing on his toes to keep the young archangel in his arms asleep and half doing it out of the sheer awkwardness of being faced with what he is to become.