поне аз не съм видяла


“It would be my pleasure.”


Grand Duchess Xenia Alexandrovna of Russia, 1903 by Olga
Via Flickr:
Ея Императорское Высочество Великая Княгиня Ксенiя Александровна (Боярыня временъ Царя Алексѣя Михаиловича)

✩✰✩ Lucille ✩✰✩

✕ ┊   “YOU bet your ass I just did,she growled, Try me. I DARE you.

          “Now, now kitten I wouldn’t bring out my claws just yet. Humans are fragile y’know, wouldn’t take much t’snap this meat suit I’m wearin’ right in two. Then what would you do? Grief can be such an awful burden, and it’d be all your damn fault cause you couldn’t keep your pretty little mouth shut.”


“Either or both can be arranged. My parties are intended to please all.”

AU where Hannibal is a business tycoon, and Will a business columnist. Both seemingly hating each other’s guts, but secretly crushing on one another. In a ritzy, elitist party thrown by Hannibal, a humble Will looks out of place and lost. And Hannibal comes to the rescue.


(Where Bucky panics if he can’t find Steve next to him when he wakes up in the middle of the night.)

Dear James,

WE FUCKING SAW THAT!  Was that the only way of taking the transmitter? Was it that difficult to do that without stealing a touch? Was it? Was it, James?