Things my friend used to tell me could happen in ACWW/ACCF
  • Leaving flowers in your pockets for too long would make them wilt
  • Raining in your town = all of your flowers get watered
  • Leaving money and items on the ground for too long will allow villagers to pick them up and take them
  • If it rained hard enough for a long time, the river’s water level would rise
  • and your house would flood
  • Outdoor-themed furniture could be placed outside your house, she just never told me how to do it
  • Resetti will kick you out of your house if you quit without saving too many times
  • You can marry villagers, that’s what the cake dress was for
  • Tortimer can die

anonymous asked:

yo any advice for someone who has the biggest exams of their life so far in a few weeks and hasn't started studying? is there a way to learn a few years worth of subjects in a month?? i need help -stressed anon (btw i love your header (?? is that what it's called) he's so beautiful i want to fite)

 … im LITERALLY …  in the same situation as u lmao i hav these exams called gcse in like ? a month and i was supposed 2 use this two week break to  S T U D Y ….. rip all mi ass did was eat sleep & wifi. 

i’ll tell u one thing, personally im that person that crams everything in the last few days like i rly cant be bothered. however i’ll give u one tip that i think is like ??? ? ? da most helpful 

so like i had mock exams right, & obvs ur girl left all the studying till the end. since history was my 1st exam u kno wat i did? my teacher gave me a list of “focal points” to study like the topics u HAVE TO KNOW. there’s this website  that is a GOD SEND. it gives u study material in any form u want like mindmaps, flashcards, essays for ANY subject . its made by students who’ve already done & passed the exams. (if ur from the uk u can even sort it into whichever exam board ur taking !!) 

so like yh i searched the topics i KNEW would come up like for example “the cold war” & its so great because it filters out all the crap u don’t need at all. just gives u what u TRULY need to know. (bear in mind i literally did ALL of this the night before) 

& my grade went from an F to an A*/A+ yeeeeeee boiiiii :o  

i also suggest doing past papers like u’ll kinda get the feel of wat type of questions come up ! 

ok so i know that tv shows are different than books. i Know that and i Know it’s impossible to include everything. but i can’t stop imagining potential scenes and losing all composure.

  • the first time we see 300 fox way. the reading room. blue’s bedroom. You Guys.
  • the first time we see monmouth from the inside. the bathroom/kitchen/laundry room. mini-henrietta.
  • the pig. THE PIG.
  • aglionby uniforms. 
    • and the entire wardrobe tbh. ronan’s dishevelment. blue’s deliberate wackiness. the boat shoes. adam covered in car grease.
  • how are they going to capture noah’s smudginess? what if they do Cool Cinematic Stuff like make him flicker or glitch. What If. 
  • gansey’s journal. Fuck. it’s gonna be real. there’s gonna be a real gansey’s journal.
  • the seasons changing in cabeswater. Imagine. 
    • truly Everything about cabeswater. Imagine.
  • finding noah’s skeleton.
  • also? um. FLASHBACKS. flashbacks? to anything pre-series? noah? gansey? ronan? 
  • the ‘murdered murdered remembered’ scene. Holy Shit. 
  • i’m gonna get to see robert parrish get beat to shit with my own two eyes.
  • adaM’S SACRIFICE. “i sacrifice myself.” spoken out loud in a henrietta accent. words into my ears. 

I haven’t animated in so long??