Grand Duchess Xenia Alexandrovna of Russia, 1903 by Olga
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Ея Императорское Высочество Великая Княгиня Ксенiя Александровна (Боярыня временъ Царя Алексѣя Михаиловича)

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I refuse to believe that robron are over as they have been through thick and thin together and will do anything to make sure they stay together because they love each other more than life it's self Robert would do anything for his hubby Robert loves Aaron more than money, more than life and Aaron is Roberts everything and this is just another roller coaster they just both find it difficult to express this love between each other but by the end of this sl they will be stronger than ever ðŸ’—ðŸ’—ðŸ’—ðŸ’—í ½

I’m sure it won’t be the end. At some point they’ll be allowed to have another conversation. It probably still won’t solve everything but…well…that’s par for the course.