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So I'm not american, and I've been living in the USA for 3 years now. I have a pretty strong accent and I can't pronounce some sounds right no matter how hard I fucking try. I joke about if, my friends joke about it (i say "three trees" as "tree trees" etc) and it's fine. But yesterday I met an internet friend and holy fucking shit. Every sentence I said was interrupted by him YELLING the words I said wrong back at me and then throwing his head back and cackling. I felt like fucking shit.

Lord that’s awful. I hope he’s no longer an internet “friend”.

Especially annoying because English is one of the least prescriptivist languages out there. Like there are dialects of English that I have trouble understanding, but they’re entirely valid dialects. A lot of Brits think American accents sound very nasal-y (they’re right, we nasalize a ton of sounds). I know Southerners who are embarassed about their accents. Linguistic and accent diversity is a good thing.


Grand Duchess Xenia Alexandrovna of Russia, 1903 by Olga
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Ея Императорское Высочество Великая Княгиня Ксенiя Александровна (Боярыня временъ Царя Алексѣя Михаиловича)

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❤️💛💚💙💜💖🎀 My child, I love you and cry for you and pray for you (even though I don't ever really pray) all I want in life if for you to be okay. For the past few weeks in school we were working on persuasive speeches and I chose to do mine on epilepsy, and performed it today in class."I have a very special friend who has epilepsy and was just discharged recently from the hospital. She is one of the most influential persons im my life and I love her so," I got an A and was crying a lot.ðŸ’–ðŸ’–í ½

This should make me feel better, but it actually saddens me, because I’m this influential person for you , but in reality I’m so goddamn weak I can barely stand myself lately. 

I love you too my friend. I appreciate your words and I appreciate your kindness , because it takes a special kind of person to do what you did for me  💓 🌷 ❤️


“Helpless, weak and at your mercy. Told you, I’d do anything to be locked up in a room with you, where you’ll let me play with your gun. Told you, I’ll raise hell for you.”

AU: Spoiled rich kid with daddy issues who develops an obsession over a cop - a regular at a deli around the corner that he too begins to frequent.

Dear @saucefactory I was planning on a Cop AU for Gradence for a while now, but have been busy mastering the art of procrastination. Then I saw this post and your comment neath it and thought “IT IS TIME!”


“It would be my pleasure.”


“Promise me, Steve. Promise me you’ll give her a life we couldn’t have.”

GIFTED AU where Mary is Steve’s and Bucky’s daughter. And when S.H.I.E.L.D learns about the gifted child of the supersoldiers, they try all things possible to take her away from Steve, who’d given up on all to give Mary a normal life that he had promised Bucky he’d give her before Bucky had gone under.