Большо́й теа́тр

When the resizing ruins all ur detailing and u crey everytiem

anyway, this started out as an exercise on drawing allll the kids from Glanni Glæpur ì Latabær but then I was like. What IF I drew MORE and added Glanni and îþróttaàlfurinn and I did that too

And then I hand-drew the logo.

And now we are here.

anonymous asked:

nope nope nope nope nope the g is totally pronounced and it goes with the n, they produce a sound only italians have. it's totally NOT lasanya like you said

so you fully pronounce the G in lasagna like the G in ‘game’ for example?


I’m not going to take it back, make nice to save my job.
Because I thought my job…sorry…I thought my job was to tell the public the truth. The facts, pretty or not. And let the publishing of those facts, make a difference…in how people look at things, at themselves, at what they stand for. That’s shame on me. This is the only thing I ever wanted to do.
And for a while…a long while, it was an honor.


Grand Duchess Xenia Alexandrovna of Russia, 1903 by Olga
Via Flickr:
Ея Императорское Высочество Великая Княгиня Ксенiя Александровна (Боярыня временъ Царя Алексѣя Михаиловича)