Chekov Falling In Love

- It would start out like a kind of puppy love, him trailing from behind staring wistfully.

- He is also quite awkward (my poor Russian bby). He would probably accept that your relationship would never be more than his crush so he keeps himself content with glances across the room. 

- He thinks that he has kept his secret well but the reality is that everyone on the ships knows, I mean everyone.

- Once you finally talk for the first time (probably in the mess hall at 2am about Russian vodka or something random) he would begin to develop a crush not only on just your voice but also on your eyes and personality. 

- His accent would get really think around you and he would probably curse at himself in Russian a lot for being an idiot. 

- “ë-moë”

- Finally, after months of small talk on the bridge, he would ask you out on a date. A blush would rise up your face and he would fall head over heels again.

- He would be over the moon (literally) once you became a couple. This was more of a relief than a surprise to the rest of the crew who had been trying to get you together for years. 

- Chekov knew that he loved you from the moment he set eyes on you but he was too scared to admit it to you whilst you were dating.

- You said it first, in Russian to Chekov’s biggest surprise. His face immediately lit up with pure admiration to the three words he had been dying to hear since he first heard you speak.

“Я люблю тебя.”

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To all my non-Albanian followers. Today is a historic day for us I literally cannot wait until the start whistle goes at 7:45pm. Some of you may think ‘It’s just a football game’ but your wrong. This means so much more than a football game. We’re playing Serbia, a country that has for years and years promoted Albanophobia/Anti-Albanian feeling/behaviour. For DECADES they oppressed Kosovar-Albanians, they treated us like second class citizens during the time which Kosovo was occupied by Former Yugoslavia. In Prishtina (Kosovo’s capital) during the 1980/90s when people and students would PEACEFULLY protest against the oppressive Serb government, they sent police to Prishtina to KILL those protesting. In the war from 1998-1999 they drove out ONE MILLION Kosovar-Albanians from OUR LAND! They destroyed our homes and mosques (There were 155 destroyed mosques in Kosovo in August 1999, 40% of all residential houses in Kosovo were heavily damaged or completely destroyed by the end of the war, more than 80% of the houses in Pejë were damaged or destroyed) they raped at least 20,000 Kosovar-Albanian girls and women, they committed numerous massacres. They committed GENOCIDE! Serbia planned the genocide and violated our human rights! Most deny this to this day or act proud. In last years game in Belgrade they booed our National Anthem, they chanted ‘Kill, Kill Albanians’ ‘Slaughter, Slaughter Albanians’ ‘Kill the Croatians so the Albanian doesn’t have a brother’ When chanting these obscene things they didn’t use the Serbian word for Albanian, they used a racist slur referring to Albanians, the hooligans attacked a player with a CHAIR before our captain took him down and punched him (well done Lorik!) They disrespected our flag! So don’t say that this is just a football game because it’s so much more than that! Today is historic for us. And to those of you saying it’s no big deal and that 'It’s only football.’ SHUT UP BECAUSE YOU WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND why! And to my fellow Albanians - Sontë do te jet fitore jo veç per futboll por edhe per Shqiperia, Kosova, Ilirida, Malësia, Lugina ë Preshevës. Për gjithe Shqiperi Etnike! Në jemi Kuq e Zi, në jemi Shqiptar, në jemi Evropian.🇽🇰🇦🇱

anonymous asked:

How does the ë affect the pronunciation of your name?

the umlaut makes my e make the EE sound. techincally zoe is pronouced zo. so with my ë it makes it ZO-EE hope that makes sense ??