Is Uta dead?

So as of late I have been seeing some people thinking that Uta is dead, yes I will admit after that Tatara fiasco I myself am a tiny bit worried. But after all the set up I can’t see Uta dying even though he does look like this.

I’m going to give you some reasons why I believe Uta can’t possibly be dead yet. My first point is going to be his ghoul powers that he has shown in is story so far. Firstly he is a very skilled fighter and he has demonstrated this many times.

He did so first against Hirako in the Renji flashback as he dodges all of Hirako’s strikes with ease and without using his hands at all.

He did so again when he fought with Hirako a second time once again dodging with relative ease.

Though in my opinion this is the time where he showed how skilled he really is, with how he like always effortlessly dodges his opponents attacks though this time his enemy isn’t Hirako, this time it’s Juuzou who is far more skilled than Hirako and yet Uta still doesn’t seem fazed about the attacks coming at him probably because he is far too strong for Juuzou, and he doesn’t want to fight seriously as it would end to quickly.

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Headcanons for Eiichi and Eiji's relationship as brothers

Requested by @beast-princess

- They didn’t fight often as kids, but when they did it was about something really silly like whether or not Eiichi could perform expirements on their new teddy bear.

- Since their names translate to “prosperous one” and “1st born one” I’m guessing that Raging Otori was pretty detached from them, maybe he only had them so someone could carry out his revenge goal.

- Eiji won’t ask Eiichi for advice anymore because the one time he did, he got a very long lecture. At least Eiichi gave him advice at all I guess?

- I think the reason Eiji is so passive is because of growing up with Eiichi’s over-whelming presence around.

- Even though Eiji is the younger one, he has always acted older and more responsible.

- Seeing Eiichi join Heavens and follow his dreams inspired Eiji to do the same.

- However, it’s likely that they were expected to join the music industry since birth.

- Based on the way they act around raging, they don’t really see him as their father.

- Even though their friendship is rocky, they still care about each other and support one another as brothers.

🚫🚫Trigger warning🚫🚫

A little doodle, still shook over this chapter.
I’m not so good at digital drawing so I couldn’t really do the deranged Haise mask 👺 but here’s Uta and his death by snu snu (i don’t think he’s dead at least I hope not😶)
Yeah Idk about you but I actually enjoyed the new chapter
It’s so dark and twisted I love it

Tokyo Ghoul Alternate Route Game

How many alternate routes can we come up with for the series that make sense within the context of the story? Right now we have the main story being the manga, the anime’s alternate route Root A where Kaneki joins Aogiri to get strong or something then kinda drops it, the draft Root A where Kaneki joins Aogiri to try to find and kill the One-Eyed King, and the various routes of Tokyo Ghoul Jail.

For this game I’ll provide some rules: 

1) It has to take place after Kaneki defeats Yamori.

2) Events prior to it are identical to either the manga (up to chapter 66 or so) or season 1 of the anime. Anything not shown in either of these (like backstories, Yoshimura’s was altered a bit in anime Root A after all) can be changed somewhat (though try to stick the the general idea).

3) Try to keep everyone in character. If characters’ personalities are different there should be a plausible explanation for it ideally.

4) Avoid ship/character hate.

5) Nothing overly explicit please.

I’ll start off with a simple one (feel free to elaborate on it if you want, or just come up with your own, up to you). 

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  • TG fandom after ch113 be like: omG Mutsuki PLEASE be careful! We all know Uta's a dangerous and crazy psycho, so PLEASE WATCH OUT AND BE CAREFUL!!
  • TG fandom after ch114 be like: ...Uta u okay?
My Top 10 Animes of 2016

With every terrible thing that has happen this year (even me personalty) I was so happy to watch these amazing animes that helped me get through this tough year.

1. YURI!!! On ICE

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2. Kiss Him Not Me

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3. Orange

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4. Sakamoto desu ga?

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5. Kiznaiver

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6. Love Live!! Sunshine!

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7. Uta no Prince sama Maji Love Legend Star

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8. Amaama to Inazuma

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9. Prince of Stride

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10. Servamp

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and I can’t wait for Winter 2017 season animes


Tokyo Ghoul Abecedary

↳  P  →  Pierrot

The Clowns (Pierrot) are a group of ghouls with a mysterious goal or purpose. Its members primarily wear clown-themed masks and state their intentions are to “have the last laugh.” There is no data on their member amount, activity area, nor goals in the CCG database. It is stated that the Clowns do not usually group up, but when they do, they demonstrate exceptional teamwork.


I saw this crack theory that Uta was actually a human and I can’t stop thinking about it. Because that really would be the biggest troll of all. Except no one would ever believe him..