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so they’ve known each other for 5 minutes… already explicit fucking on screen… but the gay love story can’t have a hug after 7 years of build-up without being labeled ‘bromance’… i’m offended that this porn is in sherlock’s timespot wtf

One day a child will ask in a history lesson “What is the greatest and biggest consipracy theory ever? The Illuminati, Area 51 or the faked moonlanding?” And history teachers will sigh long and deeply and will reply “Have you ever heard the name Sherlock before?”

john and sherlock smoking weed together and sherlock goes like “john john john guess what im thinking” / “umm what?” / “sex with you.. is like…” and john’s waiting with his knee-grope-scene eyes for him to go on, and sherlock giggles and says “… like getting eaten by a wolf” and john lets out a high pitched laugh and goes “what the actual fuck where did you get that” and they both start ugly laughing


Morning sun dyes Fuji by Shinichiro Saka
Via Flickr:
山中湖 平野

BBC One: lol here have a show with basically no plot, it’s just about fucking,  with two characters who have zero personality and chemistry and at the end of the first episode she gets raped as a cliffhanger lol

Also BBC One: we can’t have two main characters who are gay and happy. that will never happen ¯\_(ツ)_/¯