• Pike: *Gives a dramatic speech about how the Grounders are their enemy*
  • Lincoln: Somewhere out there is a tree, tirelessly pumping out oxygen so that you can breathe. I think you owe it an apology.
For hun er ikke typen der giver op, selvom hun nogle gange har lyst til det.


- in the scene before, emori kisses murphy’s jaw & we cut over to clarke where she looks away awkwardly. but then flickers her gaze back. i read this as desperate longing for companionship. desperate longing for her lost love.
- we start with the illumination of the gas powered fire. a blue flame. just like the chip. just like lexa. we zoom in on clarke to orient ourselves in relation to the flame.
- pan around the room but we’re behind her– this shows the privacy of the moment– we aren’t allowed to see her first reaction– thats hers to have. the tones of the room are much the same to the tones used in lexa’s chambers.
- she looks at the bed and her eyes are shifting so much, as if she’s recounting memories– the last time she was in a real bed was with lexa when they had sex. especially the fur that’s at the end of the bed. it’s a call out to said moment.
- she touches the comforter & stains it black. this is not only a signifier that she’s dirty– but it is again a call out to lexa’s nightblood. clarke is stained by it. wherever she goes.
- she looks at herself in the mirror & it’s been a while since she’s seen herself. she can’t look at herself in the eye so she looks at her whole form. she has a moment, and then does that small curt smile that shows that she’s aggrieved. it’s a bitter statement towards herself– an affirmation of– yes. you are dirty. you DON’T deserve this. (this being the bed, the nice things, goodness).
- we cut to the power on button & only get a shot of clarke’s hand. this is supposed to show her disconnect. we know it’s clarke’s hand because she’s the only one in the room. but the fact that it’s just a hand, not connected to anything else, is supposed to give us that disjucted feeling that clarke is experience between her reality & her traumatic thoughts.
- we get a shot of the water washing down on us. again, it’s disembodied. there is no body, there is no form. we become clarke in that moment. we’re brought into the disconnect she has with herself.
- the next shot is clarke feeling the water on her. her eyes flicker, as if she doesn’t realize that water is on her. it’s not a moment of peace. it’s heavier, lonelier, and there’s no visbile sign of relief from clarke. she just allows the water to flow over her & loses herself in the feeling of it.
- then we pan out from that & see her in the reflection of the glass. it’s not her, but rather a representation of her. just like clarke right now is not herself. but rather a representation of herself. she is putting on an understood ‘clarke face’. this pans again, over to the blue flame. to lexa. to what’s on clarke’s mind.
- this overlays over clarke pulling her hair from out of her shirt. she’s walking over towards the bed. again, we don’t see her first reaction to it. instead see the shot from the back of her head. it mimics the disconnected feeling.
- we pan to her face. she stares, but her eyes are flickering again. remembering. she lingers at the edge of the bed longer than normal. her mouth moves. in the way that she’s recalling something she doesn’t want to. & then presses it down by closing her mouth & pursing her lips. swallowing by pressing her tongue to the roof of her mouth. it’s distaste. she doesn’t want to distrub the bed. doesn’t want to be swaddled in that moment. so she decides to sleep over the covers. & not allow herself to get to comfortable.
- she’s proven right, that she can’t put her guards down when she hears the noise. it reaffirms that she made the right choice in keeping herself guarded. she cannot afford to relax.

Women of Color Are:


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Multi- Talented

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Clexakru on TheFlop S4 trailer day: a summary

So today didn’t start out so good. Most of us woke up with this news from the previous night:

Well let just say that this tweet brought out reactions such as this:

Because you know… we are still pretty salty and angry :)

Then Blarkes and Be//arke shippers started to trend waiting for the trailer and this happened:

And some Clexas just kept on bringing our salt and receipts :)

They trended WW until the time the trailer was released and hit #7 with the max of 15K (or something around it). So impressive huh?! What a big fandom!

Then we were all like “dude, that’s not how it’s done”, “let’s show them how”… and then the character that has been dead for 9 months and that was not even in the trailer came all like “bitch THIS is how it’s done”!

This was our #7 with 28K, but we actually got more tweets than that:

We probably have more right now, because I’m writing this as people are still trending so….

Then things got even better: bless Variety, what a perfect timing!!!

And Javi…the only person in the writers room and production staff we actually forgave and like

Ok, Javi is a former employee so how about some shade from a current one:

What a great day this ended up to be for Clexakru…who would have guessed?!

And this is what you missed (probably not because we were all watching/participating) on this day of being a Clexakru! 


Some things never change 🙏🏼

Give my new video of The 100 Season 4 (by far) a watch: 


Captain and Siren AU!

“Ever so often, Lexa leaves small things by the edge of the water. A handful of buttons. A silver necklace that used to be her mother’s. Half a pastry. A little box inlaid with mother of pearl.

And slowly, the objects start to disappear.”

[Happy Halloween everyone!! =]


I’ve seen a lot of people ask about blogs that still post Clexa so I just wanted it known that I will be posting about Clexa until my dying breath.

So go ahead and reblog this if you’re still ride or die Clexa so we can all keep following each other.