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[ “i should be doing commissions” I say as I do exactly not that ]

anyway,,, some gift doodles?? i guess?? things I’ve come across in my recent travels. for @kamy2425, @datacow40, and @amarcia

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pokemon-trainer-kami  asked:

To Kyo-tan and Lubo-Tan Huge fan of your Au. Anyway, have you ever thought of a female adult to help with raising the lambs? or is it Vanya's role as "mama?

“…Why would we need a woman to help me raise these nationkind? What does the sex of the caregiver matter? I am Papa, Papochka, Babbo, Vati, and host of other names to these children. I am just as capable at taking care of them as any woman. I do not like the implication that man is any lesser a provider and caregiver than woman is, or that women are inherently good caregivers. I am not somehow lesser or less capable around children, because of my sex. Is similar to notion of men ‘baby-sitting’ their own children. I am fully capable, that is all there is to it. I do not need a woman to do my job.”

anonymous asked:

What do you prefer? Choroichi or jyushiichi? KamiIchi or IchiKami?

I prefer choroichi! Whilst I’m not opposed to jyushiichi, I see them more as a platonic thing.
As for KamiIchi/IchiKami, I’ve never thought of this ship before! I’ll go with KamiIchi because Ichi makes a cute bottom :>